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Chapter 76- Vanguard’s Invitation

Looking at Lie Hu’s bewildered face, I sheath my sword as I say: “I am the guy who is going to take the 100 gold coins from you!”

Extending my hand out: “You said whoever defeats you would receive 100 gold coins as a reward. Don’t tell me you intend to go back on your words. Hurry up and give me my prize money….”

Lie Hu’s face went blank since he didn’t expect anyone to defeat him and thus losing 100 gold coins.

A short while later, Lie Hu opens up his inventory to take out the 100 gold coins and throws them towards me.


As I felt the heavy weight of the gold coins reaching my hands, I was happy and turned around to leave.

At this moment, a man carrying a long sword step forward blocking my path. With his arms stretch as to stop me and a smile on his face, says: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I would like to discuss something with you!”

I lift my head up to see that it was none other than the leader of <Vanguard> – Jian Feng Han. Wan Ren was besides him, I guess after losing he ran to get his leader for revenge.

Wetting my dry lips, I laugh: “What does the Guild Leader of <Vanguard> wish to discuss with me?”

Jian Feng Han crossing his arm in front of his chest, says: “Let’s go to somewhere more private, come with me….”


There was nowhere in Ba Huang City in which I dare not enter. Follwing Jian Feng Han, a crowd of stunned and speechless players were left behind. The fight they had just witness was something to marvel about, with the victor being decided within seconds!


Around 5 minutes later and 3 kilometers away from Ba Huang City, we had arrived at [Pear Blossom Forest]. It was a peaceful area filled with chirping birds and the fragrance of the flowers. Its main resources are herbs and Killer Bees. At this stage of the game, the Killer Bee have the highest attack. Most players would gather here to farm Lv. 1 Killer Bees and sell them for at the market for about 10 gold each depending on the excellence rating.

Following behind Jian Feng Han, I notice many players from <Vanguard> appearing. Jian Feng Han, walking towards the center of the crowd, laughs: “Brothers, I have brought him here!”

Looking at my surroundings, I guess that there were at least 200 players from <Vanguard>. Were they planning to gank up on me and kill me? I don’t think it would be necessary, since Jian Feng Han and Wan Ren was more than enough ….

Grabbing onto the hilt of my sword, I quickly unsheathe my [Jade City Sword] and [Sword Tempest] activates. A small amount of energy appears underneath my feet as I ask: “What is this…?”

Jian Feng Han turns to face me, laughing: “Brother Xiao Yao, calm down. We mean you no harm… This is only a temporary meeting place for <Vanguard>.”

I nod and sheath my blade, looking around at the mini-map: “Just a few days ago this area was bustling with players fighting over for Lv. 1 Killer Bees. It would seem now that your guild took control of this area, right?”

Jia Feng Han smiles: “Killer Bees are currently one of the most demanding pets for players at this level. It is necessary that I took over this area, but we rarely use force to kick players out. We merely use encouraging words to persuade them to leave.”

“Well, it has nothing to do with me. Let’s get back to why you drag me out here for?”

Jian Feng Han nods: “Actually, I would like to do some business with you!”

“Ah, what kind of business?” I ask, surprised.

Jian Feng Han smiles brightly and laughs out loud, says: “It is nothing much, I would like to invite you to temporarily join our guild and help us create the first official Guild!”


I couldn’t help but laugh. Leaning against one of the pear trees with arms crossed: “Are you joking? <Vanguard> is one of the top ten guilds in China server. Something like killing bosses, I don’t think you would personally need a Swordsman like myself?”

Behind Jian Feng Han, a beautiful mage walks towards us. She had a beautiful figure with two rack, as though threatening to burst out of her robes. She carries a gold-tier staff and on top of her head –

ID: Lv. 38 Jian Dan Dan Mage


I seem to recognize this woman’s name. When I was looking over <Vanguard>’s list of players, there was a vice-guild leader name Jian Dan Dan. I didn’t expect that the vice leader was a woman and to look this good too!

Her real name is Murong Yun and she is Jian Feng Han’s older sister in real life, this is all that I know about her.

I look at her while she stares back at me, her face devoid of any emotions.

After a short time, Jian Dan Dan laughs: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I know you. I have watch you in battles many times through the online videos. However, I still can’t fully comprehend you. Just as you said, <Vanguard> is filled with many talents and we don’t exactly need another attacker or tanker. But Jian Feng Han and I still want you to join our guild, do you know why?”

I smile: “Why?”

“Because…” She bits her lips, thinks for a moment before looking back at me: “It’s quite simple. Although you may not be the top healer nor the strongest tank or the highest damage dealer. You are the best combination of a healer, tank, and a damage dealer. If my guess is correct, after changing your class you manage to retain the strongest healing skills of a Healer, which is [Heal]!”

She nods to herself and continues: “We want to defeat the Lv. 50 gold-tier BOSS, but our main tanks won’t be able to last that long. Even if we keep heal on the tanks, the BOSS would agro the healers since they would be attracting a large amount of aggression. This would destroy our formation and make it difficult to defeat the BOSS. One of the solution we came up with is recruiting you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai as a tank. You have high damage, high defense, and is able to heal yourself. Thus, reducing aggression towards the rest of the healers. In the whole Ba Huang City, there is no one else that could do what you do!”

Laughing: “So that’s how it is. Saying all that, you make me feel that I am more important than I realize.”

I thought for a moment: “However….”

“However what?” Jian Feng Han sounds a little nervous as though afraid that I would reject his offer.

Staying silent, I finally spoke up: “I like the freedom of being a solo player and dislike the restrictions that accompanies being in a guild. Even more so, I hate being used by other people.”

Jian Dan Dan chuckles: “That won’t be a problem. We won’t impose any restrictions upon you, you will be treated as a VIP in <Vanguard>. Also, as long as your able to equip anything the BOSS drops, you’re welcome to it. Our main priority is to establish the first official Guild.”

Talking in a stern voice: “First, I am not joining <Vanguard>. Second, I refuse to do favors for free nor will I accept empty promises. Unless we establish a business connection as Employer-Employee, I refuse to join your battles.”



Wan Ren takes out his mace and angrily yells: “Screw you, you arrogant brat! Our leaders are speaking to you politely and you still say crap like you will absolutely not join <Vanguard>? Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think you can do whatever you please?”

I glance at him and laugh: “Sheath your weapon you sore loser. I don’t wish to argue with you over anything. I have already stated my position clearly, it is up to Jian Feng Han to decide whether to accept or not.”

Jian Dan Dan was about to say something, then decides it’s better to let Jian Feng Han talks. Since he is the Guild Leader and not her.

Jian Feng Han clenches his fist and after thinking for a moment, says: “Fine, we can establish a Employer-Employee connection. You are hire to help us kill BOSSes and then you will receive compensation for each kill. We will provide you with the necessary potions and such. Also, you will have priority in choosing the BOSS drops. So, the only question I have now is how much is your compensation?”

I laugh as I raise a finger.

“1000 gold?”

“No, 1000 Yuan.. I am not that bad of a person…”

Jian Feng Han excited, smiles and say: “Sure, 1000 Yuan per fight is acceptable. However, we still have things to prepare before taking on the Lv. 50 BOSS. Give us around 24 hours to prepare while you take this time to level up to Lv. 40. This will allow you to get an additional 10% attack damage for welding a sword and you can also learn [Flame Blade] or [Frost Blade].”

I nod my head: “Okay, I understand.”


Turning around, I took my leave.

Standing alone at the borders of Border Huang City, I couldn’t help but felt a bit uneasy. Being employed for 1000 Yuan a fight is a good thing, so why do I feel bothered? If only I didn’t fight Lie Hu for the 100 gold, Jian Feng Han wouldn’t have seen my attack and defense potential. Oh well, since it’s come to this, I will just do my job.



A message appear in front of me from the beautiful Assassin Cang Tong: “Li Xiao Yao, are you joining <Vanguard>?”

I was surprised: “Why? Wan Er, how did you know about this?”

“Hehe, Jian Feng Han just posted on the forum saying that <Vanguard> is currently preparing to challenge Lv. 50 BOSS and above. Also, they had invited the supposedly strongest Healer, Xiao Yao Zai Zai to join the guild…”

“Oh….” I tried to explain: “I am only helping him to fight the bosses, not to join <Vanguard>.”

Lin Wan Er giggles: “Okay, I am not too concern on whether you join <Vanguard> or not, my only concern is that Dong Cheng and I are hungry now. Come take us out to dinner?”

“Okay, wait for me downstairs!”



Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus

Donation: Chris Franc.


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