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Chapter 75- Battle for Gold!

Inside the circle were two main players from <Vanguard> and <Flying Dragon>. Each fighting for the honor of their guild, instead of the so called play fights.



Wan Ren was hit by the Ice Rat magic attack, dealing 448 damage. His physical defense may be strong, but his resistance to magic attack was quite low. However, Wan Ren is a Monk who put 5 of his stats points each time he levels into endurance. Thus, making his health reach 2500 and making it quite hard to kill him.


Taking on the powerful magic attack from the Ice Rat, Wan Ren began to feel troubled. He charges forward with his mace, raising it up high and striking the Ice Rat directly on the head dealing 229 damage. Taking this chance, he summon his Killer Bee and it quickly flew towards the Ice Rat. With his stinger raised, the Killer Bee activated his Lv. 4 [Combo] and quickly dispatches the Ice Rat!



The Ice Rat cries in pain as he fell to the ground. Ice Rats has high magic attack making them hit very hard. Of course, with high attack comes with low defense and health.

Lie Hu looks at the corpse of his pet for a moment before taking his battle ax and taking this chance to strike. With his axe raise, it began to surround itself with fire as he activated his Silver Berserker skill [Inferno Axe]!





The Killer Bee took the fatal hit directly as Lie Hu’s axe seems to cut the bee in half. Even though the Killer Bee is a Lv. 38 pet, it wasn’t able to take one strike of Lie Hu’s axe. It wasn’t a surprise to me, since Berserkers has the strongest strength and damage growth of all 9 classes!


Wan Ren starts to panic as he sees the death of his pet, since his only source of damage now is from his mace. Even worse, his physical attacks only deal around 100+ damage to his opponents.


Lie Hu began to fiercely attack Wan Ren. Standing there blocking with his [Martial’s Shield], Wan Ren takes several damages –







Lie Hu stares in wonder as he sees the damages he had just dealt: “WTF, just how much defense do you have? My attack is at 872 and I can’t even break your defense?”

Wan Ren leap back, raising his [Martial’s Shield] up, smiles: “1045 defense! Sorry to tell you, but I add 5 endurance each level. Your attack of 872 is nothing to me!”

Lie Hu clenches his teeth and continue with his attacks. When the 6 seconds CD for [Inferno Axe] was done, he immediately activates it!



Ah, [Inferno Axe]’s offensive power is strong indeed. It was able to break Wan Ren’s defense.

Sha sha sha….

Wan Ren took a couple of steps back as he struggle to realize what just happen: “Damn, how can the 2nd promotion skill be that powerful?!”

Returning his attention to the battle, Wan Ren strikes Lie Hu with his mace taking off some health. With Lie Hu’s health going below 400, he takes a HP potion to recover back 400 points of health. The cool down for his skill off again, Lie Hu axe’s springs to life with flames.





Wan Ren’s health drops dangerously low as he retreats: “Damn, Monks really have low offensive abilities. How am I suppose to fight like this…”

“Just die already!”

Lie Hu taking this chance to deliver a direct hit, with his axe cutting straight down on the head of the monk!




Light appeared where Wan Ren had resurrected. Kneeling on the floor with his health full, he realize that he had just lost the match. Staring at his [Martial’s Shield] and mumbles: “Heh, I actually lost….”

Lie Hu stands tall triumphant, with his usual arrogance he laughs out loud and says: “So the strongest Monk in <Vanguard> can only do this much. I heard that your shield was a gift from your guild leader, Jian Feng Han, who bought it for 1000 gold coins. I can’t help but think its wasted on you…”

Wan Ren face turns bright red, but he knew that he was weaker than Lie Hu. Thus, he could only clench his teeth and remain quiet.

Lie Hu raises his eyebrows and continues to laugh: “Friends of Ba Huang City, is there anyone else who wishes to fight?”

Nobody spoke up since they know that fighting against a Silver Berserker would only result in a lost and losing face. The one with the biggest regret was Wan Ren for challenging Lie Hu and losing, causing shame to <Vanguard>.


At this moment, a male carrying his sword by his side walks out of the crowd and towards Lie Hu, smiles: “How about I give it a shot….”

Lie Hu: “You… you’re Xiao Yao Zi Zai!?”

Of course it was me since everyone else was afraid of him. If I don’t fight him, who else would step up.

Looking at Lie Hu, I smile: “Yes, that’s me. Isn’t this proof?”

Pointing above my head towards the title, “Ba Huang City Rank 10”.

Lie Hu grins and says: “Alright. I would like to see for myself this legendary healer swordsman. Oh, I see you have changed your job. That’s good, since I don’t want others to say I am picking on a healer. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, if you lose don’t say that I am using my strength to bully you since it was you who ask to challenge me.”

MeL “What do you mean bully? I am here for the 100 gold coins. Do you think I care about beating you? In fact, I don’t even know you like that …”

“Damn you!”

Lie Hu clenches his fist as he fills up with anger.

Laughing to myself, this simpleton is too easy to taunt. Indeed, he lives up to his lable as <Flying Dragon>’s most fierce and simple-minded player!

I slowly took out my [Jade City Sword] from its sheath. At the same time, [Sword Tempest] activates giving me an additional 10% attack making my max attack at 1007!

“I heard that you have an OP pet with 5 stars in attack growth and excellence of 97%?” Lie Hu looks at me, face filled with disdain.

I laugh: “Fine, we won’t use our pet and make this a man to man battle!”

“Just what I wanted!” Lie Hu smirks.

I then ask: “How do you want to fight? Do you want to do a <Technique Fight> or a <Brute Fight>?”

“What is a <Technique Fight> and a <Brute Fight>?” Lie Hu asks.

I slowly explain: “<Technique Fight> is when we take 3 attacks from the opponent without retaliating, but able to defend or dodge. If I die within those 3 attacks then it’s my lost, if I survive then it’s my turn to attack. As for <Brute Fight>, it is the same as a normal fight where the last one standing is the winner.”

Lie Hu nods and saus: “Alright, let’s do a <Techinque Fight>. Who will go first?”

I smile as I extend my hand out towards him: “You may go first and attack me 3 times. I will try to dodge and block and we will see if you’re able to take me down within those 3 attacks.”


Lie Hu laughs: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, prepare yourself!”



I went into my defensive stance as I put my sword up in front of my chest. Just my stance alone shows how strong I have become.

Lie Hu charges forward with his battle axe in his hand. It seems as though he would do a cut, but changes his attack into a sweep during the 1st attack. This type of attack is harder to dodge since its’ attack radius is that of a fan.



Using my left palm, I push my blade towards his axe to block as much of the attack as I can. However, this wasn’t an ordinary attack. It was Lie Hu’s [Flame Axe].



Sparks flew as our weapons clashed and a large damage number appeared –



This guy attack power is really strong!

A look of concern appears briefly in Lie Hu’s eyes: “Such high defense power!”

Side-stepping to my side as he punches me with his fist, it was his [Armor Penetration] skill!

However, this was easier to dodge as I leap backwards!


The Swordsman class has high agility growth rate and this made it easier for me to dodge his attacks. However, even though he did not made contact with me, his skill still takes effect. With his next attack, he would ignore 20% of my defense. This next attack is going to hurt!

The punch was his 2nd strike, following that he activated his Silver Berserker advance skill, [Inferno Axe]!

I wasn’t so cocky as to think I could survive that easily. I immediately raised my hands and used [Heal]. I was back to full health as I try my utmost to dodge his attack. However, due to the games limitations with movements, I was not able to dodge in time. It probably had to deal with my level, technique, and agility.



His axe strike directly on my shoulder as I felt an immeasurable pain, a large damage number appeared –



I was shock as I took in the damage I took from [Armor Penetration] + [Inferno Axe]. Sure enough, this chain combo of Berserkers is fatal. Luckily, I had upgraded my equipments and my total health is at 1558. Otherwise, I would had died on the spot!

Sha sha sha….


My boots glided along the grass as I was knock back almost a full 5 meters by his last attack. Shocked, Lie Hu eyes flash with anger: “Damn you, how did you not die. I’ll kill you!”

Seems like he blew a fuse so he decided to ignore the rules and attack me again after the 3 attacks….



Although it was a normal strike it was still pretty fast

I tilt my body sideways as I dodge his attack. With a quick side-step I manage to move behind him. At this moment, I immediately activated my Lv. 4 [Combo]!

Bam bam bam!








With just one combo I manage to take a large portion of his health. Lie hu’s face turns green: “What! What kind of attack is that, each hit from [Combo] is dealing above 300?!”

Quickly drinking a health portion, Lie Hu does a sweep as he turns around to attack me.

Following the direction of his attack, I manage to face his back once again. Laughing to myself, I summon energy from beneath my feet!

As the crowd was watching the fight, seeing the animation of my next attack they were are surprised. Some even cover their mouth and with widen round eyes: “Omg, is that.. is that the starting animation for a custom combo attack? Xiao Yao Zi Zai has his own combo attack!”


Pah pah pah, as I strike Lie Hu several times!







Lowering my body as I ran into Lie Hu, knocking him backwards. With his health bar depleted already, his body still stands. Before turning to soul form, he must have a taste of my final attack, [Wind Blade]!

Ka cha….


The strike tore apart his armor and a large damage number appeared –



The attack wasn’t a fatal blow so it was lower compared to Lie Hu’s skill. Lie Hu body sank as he took on the final blow, blood gushing out. He had lost the match.

Resurrecting outside the dueling ring, Lie Hu lowers his battle axe. With his arrogant attitude gone, he stares at me, bewildered: “You… who the hell are you?!”


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus

Donation: Chris Franc. *Thank you very much for making monthly donations!


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