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Chapter 74- Private Challenge!

Jian Feng Han is determine to buy this [Martial’s Shield] (Gold). He knows that in order to raid Lv. 50 BOSS and above, you must have a strong tank to survive. In order to get ahead of every other guild, the most important class is the Knight and Monk. Without a tanker, the whole guild would fall to a strong BOSS. So with this purchase, he gains an overwhelming advantage over the other guilds. Creating a heavy defense tank is a priority, thus helping his guild more attractive to other players to join.

Having an established guild with the strongest tank, all of Ba Huang City’s 1st class players will soon join him. Jian Feng Han already thought of this clearly.


“Xiao Yao Zi Zai, wait for a few minutes.” Jian Feng Han smiled and says: “I need to collect the 1000 gold. It’s not a small amount so it will take a couple of minutes….”

I nodded: “Ah, it’s no problem.”

Soon after, a total of 7 guild mates of his came up to him and traded with him. Jian Feng Han then turns to me and opens a trade request. I accepted and he proceeds to put in 1000 gold while I put the [Martial’s Shield] in the box ready to trade. We both clicked confirm and the trade was successful!



My inventory just got heavier with the 1000 gold!

Excitedly, I quickly open up <Treasure Grove> and put on sale the 1000 gold for 10,000 Yuan; a 1:10 ratio. Numerous guilds are needing a lot of money to buy advance potions, pills, equipments, skill books, etc. I am sure there will be plenty of buyers.

“Ah, thank you ….”

After receiving the [Martial’s Shield], Jian Feng Han smiles at me, his hand out towards me: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you’re a very interesting person. Do you have any interest in joining <Vanguard>?”

I shook my head: “I am just a soloer, I like to be by myself.”

“Well, good bye then!”

Jian Feng Han turns away and traded the [Martial’s Shield] to the Monk name Wan Ren. Wan Ren excitedly equip the shield and whispers: “Thank you Boss!!”

“My brother, you must train hard and level up fast. The day we start raiding Lv. 50 BOSS I will be counting on you. Don’t let me down!”

“Yes, Boss!”




A message from Yue Qing Qian: “Xiao Yao, have you sold the [Martial’s Shield] already?”

“Yes, I sold it to Jian Feng Han. You’re quite informed ….”

“We have spy units all over the city…” Yue Qing Qian, smiling: “Yan Zhao knew about the [Martial’s Shield] being sold to <Vanguard> and was quite upset with it. He says you should have contact <Prague> first, giving us the priority to buy it.”

I smile back: “Did Yan Zhao really have the nerve to say that? After kicking you out of <Prague> and defeating me with his powerful combo, did he think I would forget? Qing Qian, you can go tell Yan Zhao that I promise I will personally defeat him sooner or later!”

Yue Qing Qian: “Xiao Yao, you really made up your mind about this?”


“Okay, but why?”

“Because Yan Zhao had wronged you and you are my friend!”

“But I do not wish to see you and Yan Zhao fighting….”

“Rest assure, I just want to beat him not destroy <Prague>… Also I am just one man, I don’t have the power to uproot your huge guild <Prague> alone.”

“Well, Xiao Yao I am cheering for you. I …”

Looking at Yue Qing Qian’s face through the transmitter, I can see that she is turning red: “I will be waiting for you ….”

I chuckle: “Waiting for me?”

Yue Qing Qian bit her lips, says: “I am waiting for you to be strong enough to take me away from <Prague> like you promise ….”

I was silent for a few seconds, smiled and said: “Of course, I will as soon as possible.”


I stayed for a little while more at the market selling the rest of my goods. Some bronze and green equipments. I made a lot of money today and I also feel so much stronger than before. The higher your level, the harder the monster. Thanks to my awesome equipments, I will be able to take on these advance territories. In addition, with my 30+ Charm there will be better loot drops and money drops.

I stay at the market till 10:00 pm and still haven’t heard any news or messages for dinner. I open my friend’s list and saw the beautiful Assassin, Cang Tong, is already at Lv. 41 so I sent her a message: “Wan Er, you’re leveling like crazy today and forgot to eat dinner?”

Wan Er took a few seconds to reply: “I am fighting with a Lv. 37 BOSS right now. I’ll message you back in 10 minutes!”



By now, all my stuff has been sold. Carrying my sword with me, I decided to take a stroll around the pavilion. Suddenly, I see a huge number of players rushing outside. There seems to be a commotion of some sort, so I decided to join in and watch!

Sure enough, outside in the grassland there were many players forming a huge circle. In the middle of the circle was a Berserker, welding a Frost War Axe. He looks to be around 27 year years old and face full of confidence. On his shoulder was a golden emblem and the title “Ba Huang City Rank 7”. Underneath the title and above his head was the name –

ID: Lv. 40 Lie Hu, Berserker


It’s the second strongest Berserker in our city!

Lie Hu, in the middle of the huge crowd with his Frost Axe on his shoulder, laughed and says: “Dear friends of Ba Huang City, I am Lie Hu of the <Flying Dragons>. Today, I have come to challenge anyone who wishes to have a fun fight. Anyone who’s interested to join <Flying Dragons> may apply too. Also, if anyone can beat me, I promise I will pay 100 gold. So, who wants to give it a try!”

Suddenly, the crowd exploded with conversations –

“Damn it, this is the top ten ranking Lie Hu huh. Bastard, he’s quite full of himself huh?”

“Obviously, this is just <Flying Dragon> trying to recruit players!”

“100 gold coins, that a lot!”

“Ah come on guys. 100 gold is only 1000 yuan, that’s about a week salary. Not even a big deal!”


Soon, a Mage came out of the circle, carrying a staff. Lv. 37 Mage smiling, says: “I’ll give it a try, you will really pay 100 gold coins?”

Lie Hu: “Do not worry, I will do what I said!”


The fighting begins, the Mage’s staff charges with energy as she releases her [Chilling Wind] spell to slow down Lie Hu’s advance. Next, the Mage release two spells one after another, [Rock Spikes] and [Icicle]! In less than a minute, Lie Hu’s health is almost gone. He quickly drinks a HP potion.

When everyone thought the fight was going to be over, with Lie Hu dying. He instead had sacrifice much of his health to close the distance between him and the Mage. When he was within range, activated the Berserker’s flaming axe skill and slices the Mage’s weak body!



Everyone was shock at the fatal blow!

The Mage resurrected, with a face full of shame: “You are indeed a master level player. I was a fool …..”

Lie Hue with his Frost Axe, laughs: “Who’s next?”

Out of the crowd appears a Lv. 36 Swordsman, smiles: “Let me have a go at it!”

Berserker vs. Swordsman, this will be interesting!



The match starts with the swordsman activating his Lv.4 [Combo], directly hitting Lie Hu’s chest –





Unfortunately, this Lv. 36 Swordsman had very low attack. He was not able to completely break Lie Hu’s high defense!

“Now it’s my turn!”

Lie Hu roars as he active his Lv. 4 [Berserk] which increases his attack by 8%. He then raises his fist and punches the little swordsman right in the chest. Using the Lv. 4 [Armor Penetration] skill, his next attack would ignore 20% of the targets defense!


Flames swirling around his axe as he begins charging up for his next attack!



Lie Hu swung his ax and completely destroys the swordsman armor, one huge damage appears –



Without waiting for the swordsman to react, he raises his ax again to deal the final blow of 400 damage!

Two wins in a row, the fierce Lie Hu smiles and says: “Next!”

The whole group was scared and no one was willing to stand up.

Just then, a high pitch voice behind me spoke up: “A Berserker with a Lv. 32 gold tier Ax huh… why don’t I give it a try?”

The crowd moves out to reveal none other than the Monk with my [Martial’s Shield] – Wan Ren!

I feel that this Wan Ren is quite ignorant though. Monks are tough and have very high defense, but they lack any offensive power. How will he even able to damager Lie Hu? The disadvantage is too high, right?


Lie Hu looks at Wan Ren, laughing: “Oh, you are number 1 Monk of <Vanguard>. Ok, good. This will be a good fight.”

Wan Ren lifted his Mace, with a smile: “Good luck to you….”

Lie Hu starts the fight off aggressively, charging with his Frost War Ax!

Wan Ren smirks as he backs away while casting a spell, Lv. 4 [Cease Attack]!

Suddenly, Lie Hu’s attack was decreased by 8%. Wan Ren then continues to buff up his defense with his skills. Increasing his defense by another 12%!



Lie Hu attack made contact me with Wan Ran’s shield, taking only 117 damage from his fire axe skill!

“How is this possible!?” Started, Lie Hu quickly summon his pet. A golden hexagram appear next to him as an Ice Rat appeared. Very smart, a magic type pet whose attack ignores physical defense. Magic attack pets are the nemesis of tanks like Monks and Knights.


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus


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