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Chapter 73- Martial’s Necklace

Necklace in hand, I can fill a strong killing aura within this accessory. The strength and power of the necklace surging out onto my palm, this is definitely an incredible item!

Using inspection on the necklace to see its stats. It didn’t disappoint me one bit –

[Martial’s Necklace] (Gold)

Strength: +27

Endurance: +25

Additional: +70 defense to Wearer

Required Level: 38


Holding the [Martial’s Necklace], I froze a full 10 seconds at the incredible stats. I took a deep breath, +27 strength and +25 endurance as well. Everything a Swordsman want in their equipment. Not only that, +70 extra defense! I have to add at least +60 points to endurance to be able to match the same defense as the additional stat, this [Martial’s Necklace] is too powerful!

Pata! sound as I equip the necklace, shining on my neck….

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City’s Scavenger)

Level: 38

Attack: 639-852

Defense: 675

Health: 1356

Magic: 470

Charm: 29


My original necklace only gave me an extra +50 health, but the [Martial’s Necklace] with its +25 endurance gave me +200 health. Even better, with the boost in health I also added +70 defense making my total defense to 675. Already, I can come close to matching the same defense as Monks and Knights!

My defensive equipments are looking really good: [Steel Bracer], [Silver Locked Battle Boots], [Dawn Breastplate], and [Martial’s Necklace]. I now have high defense, incredible attack power, plus the ability to heal myself. I am sure not many of the top ten in Ba Huang City can match my stats.

Picking up the other drops that Ming Jie had drop, I see that it is a shield. It was quite heavy as I lift up to inspect the giant shield in front of me.

[Martial’s Shield] (Gold)

Defense: 170

Strength: +25

Endurance: +20

Additional: +0.9% defense to Wearer

Required Level: 38


I stood staring at the shield’s stats and I was petrified… 170 defense! Out of the 9 classes in the game, only Monks and Knights can equip a shield. With just a shield alone, it had better defensive stats than my [Dawn Breastplate]. This shield alone can make a huge difference for these two classes!

Picking up this incredible shield is indeed a fortunate event. None of my friends can equip it, so I should be able to sell it for quite a handsome price!

I then proceed to pick up the rest of the drops. Collected a generous amount of gold coins. What was left is a striking lavender gemstone. As I pick it up to inspect –

[Soul Gem]: This gem is use to upgrade a weapon’s level!


[Soul Gem]?!

Holding the lavender stone in my hands, I had a thought that there should be a weapon enhancement interface. Sure enough, as I said weapon enhancement out loud a screen open up before me. Placing my [Jade City Sword] in one box and the [Soul Gem] in the other box. It gave me the option to upgrade the sword’s level — 90% success rate!

I never heard of weapon enhancement from anybody till now, this is too great!

After confirming to upgrade, the ding! sound rang in my ears.

System Notification: Congratulations! Your [Jade City Sword] successfully upgraded to +1. Since you are the first player to use the enhancement system, you are rewarded with: +2 Charm!


Nice, Charm is now at 31 points. But that’s not the most important thing right now; I can’t believe that you could upgrade [Jade City Sword]’s level!

I quickly took the weapon out of the box and re-equip it, looking at the stats –

{+1}[Jade City Sword] (Gold)

Attack: 210-300 (+21-30)


Omg, with just a {+1} upgrade, it gave an increase of 10% attack power?!

Still staring at the stats, I can feel a bit of extra power flowing into me. It seems pretty good, but since I was the first person to use the enhance system I did not know it’s true potential. Maybe it was a waste to have use it on the {Jade City Sword] …..

Oh well, time to hand in my quest!

The two beautiful women NPC bid me farewell as I left. With tears in their eyes, I can imagine them saying: “There are too few brave warriors nowadays. For just one night, if this brave warrior could embrace us….”

I quickly left as I see the two NPC in tears. With sword in hand and Ming Jie’s skull in the other, I departed to hand in my quest. The Prince’s skull is so I have proof of killing one of the Sinister Dwarf’s leaders!

Running all the way back, I finally arrived at the <Beast Tamer Dalin>’s tent. Just as I arrive I can see the master doing some trivial task. Such a strong person, but fate have him hunting food for winter or picking up dung.

Walking towards him, I said: “Master, why don’t you tell someone else to do such trivia matters…”


<Beast Tamer Dalin> laugh loudly, patted my shoulder and said: “Boy, you don’t seem to understand. There are talented people in Dragon City, but we don’t have many available. A total of 100 elite solders and servants, total of 200 slaves, plus the supplies team, etc. We have a total population of less than 1,000 people. These “trivia” chores I don’t mind to do, since no one else have time to do it.”

I nodded, understanding his situation. Finally, taking out Ming Jie’s skull: “Master, I have completed your quest to kill the sinister dwarfs and also I have this….”

Pata! as Ming Jie’s head rolled along the grasses. Dalin stood with a shock expression: “This is … this is a young sinister Dwarf Prince … you! My god, what have you done boy, you actually killed a Dwarf Prince!?”

Me: “Yes, what’s the problem?”

“No… nothing, I was just surprise you chose to kill a dwarf prince out of all their leaders. Its good since we can’t let the dwarf do whatever they want within our borders, or it could be bad …. Well, no matter. You have completed your quest and you shall receive your honor and reward ….”

System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the main quest [Sinister Dwarf Extermination] (Quest Rank: A). You are rewarded with: +50,000 experience, +100 gold coins, +3 Charm. Your fame has increase in Dragon City. In addition, you obtain an equipment! [Cloak of Fire and Ice]!


My heart pounding as I quickly open up my inventory. Looking in it, I see a cloak laying quietly in the corner. Shifting between fire and ice, I clicked on it –

[Cloak of Fire & Ice] (Gold)

Defense: 150

Strength: +28

Endurance: +24

Additional: +50 defense to Wearer

Required Level: 39


I felt dizzy as I held onto the cloak, this is absolutely powerful! A cloak with 150 defense is not that rare, but to have an additional +50 defense, plus a total of 52 attribute points is dominating!

Immediately removing my old cloak and equipping the [Cloak of Fire & Ice]. I can feel a wave of defense energy coming into me as my defense once again increase substantially –

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City’s Scavenger)

Level: 39

Attack: 689-916

Defense: 845

Health: 1558

Magic: 480

Charm: 34


Offence, defense, and health have completely upgraded. I can absolutely confirm now that at least one of my attribute should surpass that of Yan Zhao. I can even fight toe to toe with Jian Feng Han now, but for the time being I rather not try ….

Looking at my new stats, I can now happily go back to Ba Huang City to sell my old equipments and also the shield that I picked up. Ah, I am going to be rich from selling all these equipments!

Pulling out a [Teleport Scroll], I activated it. Go!



Appearing back at the North Gate Pavilion of Ba Huang City.

Immediately I set up my stall and putting up the [Martial’s Shield], [Brave Necklace]. Yelling at the top of my voice: “Selling extremely OP equipments, Lv. 38 [Martial’s Shield] (Gold) with 170 defense, plus strength and endurance stats. Also, Lv. 30 [Brave Necklace](Bronze) +50 health and +21 strength! Highest bidder gets the items!”

Good thing the market is always packed with people, soon my booth is crowded with potential buyers. A player bid for the necklace with 11 gold and I sold it immediately. Necklace at those level are easily replaceable since people are raising their level fast. However, it was tougher to sell the shield because it’s such a strong equipment at this stage of the game.

After a couple of minutes, a large group of well-equip guys appeared in my field of vision. A man in front of me with the title, <Vanguard’s Guild Leader> – Jian Feng Han!

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai?!”

Jian Feng Han’s eyes wanders toward my shoulder with the golden emblem of Ba Huang City’s top ten, he frowned and says: “I didn’t expect Ba Huang City to have the rank 1 shield on sale!”

I smiled: “Boss, did you want to purchase the [Martial’s Shield]?”

Jian Feng Han nodded: “Yes, how much will you sell it?”

“You bid!”


Behind Jian Feng Han I can see a player wearing heavy armor, ID: Wan Ren, Lv. 38 Monk carrying a bronze shield. Whispering to Feng Han: “Boss, do not spend too much. I don’t need such a high-end shield…”

Jian Feng Han shook his head: “Don’t talk to me, I will buy it!”

Then, Feng Han looks at me: “Xiao Brother, how about 500 gold for the shield?”

“500 gold?” I frowned: “That’s a bit underpriced, right?”

“This equipment is replaceable when people level, it’s not worth much…” Jian Feng Han tries to reason with me.

I laugh as I argue back: “It may be replaceable, but once players reach Lv. 40 and go deeper into high level maps to kill the Lv. 50 Gold BOSS and above. Imagine the potential this shield can do for a guild who’s fighting those high level BOSS. Your <Vanguard> guild don’t want it, then I can sell it to <Flying Dragons> or <Prague>. I am sure <Prague> will be very interested in this shield and I am sure you don’t want <Prague> to get ahead of you, right?”

Jian Feng Han stared at me coldly, clench his fist: “1000 gold!”



Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus


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