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Chapter 72- Death to His Highness

With a swift cut from my [Jade City Sword], I free the two captive women from their bindings.

The two women stood up, each holding onto a staff. Suddenly, one of them cast a healing spell and I realize that the NPC I saved is a [Healer] and a [Mage].




At this time, the flaps of the tent flung open and in came a dark fellow carrying a tomahawk. With a sinister laugh: “I figure it was some hero from the village who came here to rescue the two beauties, but it turn out to be a small timid boy. Uncle is back now and we can finally begin ….”

I look at the two NPC beauties; their clothes were torn and their body mark with bruises. I have been leveling for 10 hours. 10 hours, all so that I could come here to rescue these two women?

Puffing out my chest, Bobo flying next to me buzzing with anticipation. I took a closer inspection at the Dwarf Prince. Covered in gold plated armor, long beard, and seems to be carrying combs and scissors to groom his beard with. Judging by the look of this dwarf, he must be quite a powerful aristocrat in his tribe. My eyes turn away from his body to look at his name –

[Sinister Dwarf Prince · Ming Jie] (BOSS- Gold Tier)

Level: 43

Attack: 750-880

Defense: 700

Health: 400,000

Skills: [Smite] [Death Fire] [Dark Axe Dance]

Description: Ming Jie, Prince of the Sinister Dwarf tribe in the far East. Vicious and lustful creature. His vice is his love of women. Capturing humans and moon elves, he store them all in a cave to wait on him. More than 100 beautiful moon elf and humans are being held captive in his cave, fearing he come by every night ……


Reading the description I felt a sense of anger; this “beast!”

Ming Jie look at me as he was playing with his tomahawk: “Damn kid, came out of nowhere and try to steal my two beauties. Well, prepare to die for your action!”

Raising my [Jade City Sword] up high as I prepare to attack. A shimmering light bounce off the golden emblem on my sleeves, accompanying a new title – Ba Huang City Rank 10!

Ah, not many people have the honor to be in the top ten rankings. I shall not put shame to the top ten name and will do so by slaying this Sinister Dwarf Prince!

Behind me, the two NPC beauties looked at me and said: “Young man, fight till your heart’s content. We will be your support you….”

It seems that you can get help from NPC and receive healing from them too. There is much I still need to learn!



Deciding to strike first, I thrust straight with my [Jade City Sword] towards the dwarf’s neck; as a result, he took 247 points of damage. This BOSS defense sure is tough. However, I did not stop there nor hesitate to unleash my next move, Lv. 4[Combo]!




Taking the [Combo[ head on, the Dwarf Prince shouted out loud with pain and anger. With his Tomahawk, he proceeds to use the Lv. 40 skill, [Death Fire]!

I quickly tried to side step to dodge the attack, but the BOSS was too quick and his axe landing straight on my shoulder. Cutting straight down my body as I feel the burning pain –



I shiver as I saw the astounding damage he had afflicted on me. I immediately cast [Heal], +600. At the same time, I punch the ground with my fist as I activated [Binding Chains]!



4 chains flew out of the ground and locked on tight to the Dwarf Prince. Having been ensnare, he could not do any action for 2.1 seconds. BOSS have high resistances towards “CC” effects, otherwise he would had been ensnared for at least 3 seconds or more.

*CC = Crowd Control. Ex: Slow, Stun, Ensnare, etc…..

While all this was happening, Bobo immediately flew towards the BOSS. With his stinger up, he prepared to unleash both of his skills, [Combo] and [Stinger]. At the same time, I quickly move to the side of the BOSS to surprise him with my own combo. Gathering massive amounts of energy under my boots, I activated [Ikkitousen]! The skill took 1.2 seconds, on the 4th attack I did not make a direct hit which resulted on a lower damage for my final attack, [Wind Blade]. Taking the final attack, the BOSS lost 409 health. In front of me is a (Gold Tier) BOSS so the damage is not so bad.

2.1 seconds was over and immediately Ming Jie raised his Tomahawk, facing Bobo, activated his skill [Smite]!



Bobo shivers as he took the blow head on, but fortunately he’s Lv. 38 so his Health is pretty high. Otherwise, he would die within seconds!

I was worried about Bobo until the healer at the back cast her healing spell and he was back to good health. At this moment, I rush towards the boss thrusting straight then a sweep, Pah pah, two cuts and the BOSS loss 400+ health. Again, I had anger the dwarf prince as he counter attack with his war axe and slash right at my body. Thankfully, the beautiful healer responded immediately by healing, recovering 750+ Health.

The BOSS however did not stop there and attack with a flurry of slashes!



The small tent ripped open under the wild swings of the dwarf prince war axe to reveal a bright night sky with the moon light shining on us.

“Roar! Die!!”

Ming Jie rushing towards me as his boots crush the rocks underneath. Swinging his axe in a fury!





Blocking and striking as much as I could against this BOSS furious attacks. I notice that he usually does a sweep attack along with [Death Fire]. My Health can not hold on much longer if this continues.

Even worse, I have been keeping an eye on the two NPC’s mana. It seems like they would only last for 5 more mins before they ran out of mana themselves!

I wouldn’t have been able to last this long if not for the [Mage] constantly casting good CC spells on the dwarf prince. Lowering Ming Jie’s attack speed and movement speed.





Healing myself for +600 as I look at my surroundings. At last, I see behind the dwarf prince a meter wide crevice between two large rocks. Yes, this is how I will achieve my win against this Lv. 43 Gold Tier BOSS!

“Boy, I want to skin you slowly and painfully!

The Dwarf Prince came rushing at me with his Tomahawk, releasing the same sets of sweeping attacks. Using my surroundings, I was only able to do thrust due to the narrow passageway. But thanks to this, the BOSS wasn’t able to use most of his attacks. My thrust only dealt 200 damages, but this was fine because Bobo was attacking alongside with me and we slowly wither his Health down with this tactic.

The two NPC ran up to me as I was fighting in between the rocks, keeping me alive. Thanks to this, I can save some mana.

“Damn it all, go to hell!”

The Sinister Dwarf Prince Health was around 10% when he decided to cast a deadly spell, it was his final attack – [Dark Axe Dance]!

Bam bam bam ….


The rocks were not able to stop the aggressive strikes of the dwarf prince!

At this time, I had no other choice but to lift my sword up to my chest and block as much damage as I can!

Keng keng ….


Axe on blade making sparks fly, I did not have time to heal myself when the damages appeared –











In that moment, I started blacking out as I see my soul leaving my body. I guess I was killed?

However, just as my soul was leaving my body, a notification appeared in front of me –



Combat Notification: Healer Karina uses [Revive], do you accept?


[Revive]? This must be the Lv. 40 Healer skill!

I immediately hit confirm as a bright light shined on my body and my soul returned back to the dwarf prince with 50% Health and Mana. Healing myself, I quickly gather energy and unleashed [Ikkitousen]!

The BOSS is now at 10% Health and his ferocity dwindles with the coming of his death. Meanwhile, we’re still stuck in the crevice so his attacks were limited and his [Dark Axe Dance] is at least a 5 min CD. That’s enough time for me to take the remaining 10% Health!

While thrusting away at the BOSS health, I notice that the Ba Huang City golden Emblem for top ten was gone. Ah, to gain it and lost it all within one day, that is so sad!

My heart beating fast as I get closer to defeating the Lv. 43 Gold Tier BOSS. Your highness, I wonder what kind of good drops are you going to give me?

Within 2 minutes, my curiosity was answer when I used [Wind Blade] to destroy what was left of the Dwarf Prince’s Health. Ming Jie, falling to his knees, eyes filled with despair: “Boy, you may have kill me, but my father will lead an army in the name of revenge. Just you wait and see…”



The BOSS finally died. I broke a few of my own equipments, but manage to receive enough experience points to level up again to 38. Also, the golden emblem reappear on my shoulder accompany by the title of “Ba Huang City Rank 10”!

I move towards the corpse of the dwarf prince to see what he had dropped. A Blood red necklace, looking like it was on fire, an iron shield made of cold metal, dozen of gold coins, and one flawless translucent star gem. I don’t know what it’s for, but the Gold Tier BOSS drops are certainly splendid!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus


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  1. ahuor
    March 4, 2015



    • ahuor
      March 4, 2015

      Lovin the chapter. Will this be the last one for today?


  2. belegorn
    March 4, 2015

    thx for the chapter, theres any chance of another one for today?


  3. athi
    March 4, 2015

    2nd huh


  4. athi
    March 4, 2015

    3 rd


  5. jbjhova
    March 4, 2015

    Thank you for another amazing chapter. I do have a couple of issues. Not about you Icarus but the story. I’m pretty sure Xiao improved his custom combo to below 1.2 seconds. The second thing is the benefit of Xiao’s alchemy is to have an abundance of mana pills on him at all times; so he could afford to himself, the NPC mage, and NPC healer up on mana throughout the fight. Guess I’m just being picky.


    • icarustranslation
      March 4, 2015

      No, he didn’t improve the 1.2 seconds, he improve the efficiency of the skills. Ex: Lv. 1 [Ikkitousen], last author wrote was at 14.7%. He doesn’t know what exactly will happen after 100%. Also, mana pills have cd to use. And I don’t believe any kind of game you can trade items to npc and they use it lol. Maybe if you had like a mana restoring skill you could use on NPC but not give them pills to use.


      • jbjhova
        March 4, 2015

        Cool, I forgot Zhan Long has traditional MMORPG rules. Sometimes I get influenced by the VRMMORPG rules of novels like Ark and LMS.


  6. Belzee
    March 4, 2015

    The first heal was his and not the healer since its only +600 which is his level 4 heal and not the npc’s +750 which is probably a level 5 heal


    • Belzee
      March 4, 2015


      I shiver as I saw the astounding damage he had afflicted on me. Luckily, the healer immediately cast a healing spell, +600. At the same time, I punch the ground with my fist as I activated [Binding Chains]!


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  8. Belzee
    March 4, 2015

    Only 1 chapter in march 3 :c. Gravity has BTTH and zhan long so they can only produce that much. I do admit that I like these chapters which are a lot more better quality than before but I also missed those speedy translations


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