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Chapter 71- Dwarf Prince

Three golden stars appear on my [Jade City Sword] as I activated my Lv. 4 [Combo]. This allow me the insight that it will be a 3 strike attack. The number of stars that appears correspond with the number of attacks. I have learn this little trick thanks to my attentiveness..


My blade hit directly on top of the sinister dwarf’s head, three damage points appeared —




Nice, just one skill and I dealt close to 1000 damage to the dwarf. For a level 40 sinister dwarf, there is a total of 2000 health. Bobo flew around us as he prepared to use his own skill, [Stinger] which decimated the dwarf. With one straight thrust from my sword the 1st dwarf fell!

Ah, it was a successful sneak attack, the Lv. 40 sinister dwarf died within seconds.

Along with Baby Bobo, I ran toward the 2nd dwarf who was holding onto his war axe. I was correct to assume the 20 yard distance agro. As soon as I agro the dwarf with the war axe, the other two immediately agro as well. Looks like it’s going to be a 1v3 fight, oh well there’s no other way around this!



My [Combo] still had 6 seconds CD, as I initiate the fight with the second dwarf. At the same time I slam my fist towards the ground, using [Binding Chains] to ensnared the other two while Bobo prepares his [Combo]. However, as I was getting ready to strike, the 2nd dwarf had reach me with his flaming axe. I soon realize that he was able to use the Lv. 40 specialized skill – [Death Fire]!




The axe made contact with my heavy armor and made a deafening sound. Damn, that really hurts! The attack power of [Death Fire] is no  joke. I realize now why this was counted as a Rank A quest.

I stepped back quickly to avoid any other strike. Bobo attacked the 2nd dwarf with a couple of blows and the dwarf fell to his knees. Immediately, Bobo flew towards the 3rd dwarf to attack, but was hit by his [Death Fire]. Ka cha!, the axe hit Bobo directly on the head, taking 447 damage. Damn it!

I rush forward, forming energy underneath my boots as I activated my custom combo, [Ikkitousen]!

Consecutive strikes against the 3rd dwarf and high damages appears—






I see now. The sinister dwarfs have very high attack, but their weakness is having low defense. With just [Ikkitousen], I was able to take down most of his health. Two more hits each from me and Bobo was all that was needed to take him down! During this time, the 4th dwarf broke free of his chains and activated his skill [Death Fire]!


A fatal blow!

Oh, my god! I can’t believe with my 1176 Health I’m down just to 1 Health left!

I waved my hand quickly, [Heal]!


Wow, this is an incredible rush! I better not underestimate these monster. [Death Fire] is really too powerful. Most players can barely afford to take 1 hit from them. Next time, I should pay attention and defend or dodge their attacks. I can’t be just standing still and taking it head on! Otherwise, I will surely die with just two of their attacks.

With the help of Bobo, we quickly made work out of the 4th dwarf. When I had finish all four dwarf, my heart was still racing from the adrenaline rush. However, checking out my experience points I found that it increased by 1%. Just by killing 4 dwarfs I gain 1% experience is amazing. That means if I can kill 400 dwarfs, I can level up right away. It seems that it is possible to level up to 38 after completing my quest.

I have to say that these Lv. 40 dwarfs are quite generous for dropping 3 silver coins each. That means, killing 2000 dwarfs, I will earn 60 gold. Man, I will be quite rich if I grind here killing these dwarfs!

While killing the dwarfs, I also made time out to check the online forum. Sure enough, there were multiple post of people recruiting for large and small guilds and studios.

[ Recruiting (publisher: Wan Shi)]: Wan Shi studio is recruiting now, only the player with strong pvp combat ability, such as wizard and swordsman; food and housing provided. Requirement: at least 5 gold daily, payments negotiable!

[ Recruiting (publisher: Dark Fire)]: Ba Huang City, Dark Flame guild is recruiting now. All kinds of players level higher than 32. We will organize hundreds of people to attack the level 50 Golden Boss seven days later. Our goal is to build the first Faction Guild! *Meaning everyone in Ba Huang City is in the same guild*

[ Recruiting (publisher: Xiao Lin Wolf Spirit)]: Never Lost Studio is recruiting now. We need a high level Healer! Must be at least Lv. 30+ with [Heal] skill. Main mission is supporting and cooking for studio. Base salary is 5000 yuan. Prefer female, good looking female provide higher salary!

Lol, I can see this is not recruiting. They are looking for a girl friend, very creative…


Suddenly, a round iron helmet dropped onto the grass where a sinister dwarf died. I picked it up to see that it is a bronze tier helmet. Very nice defense, but no extra effect and only mid-level equipment. In the three main cities of China server, it seems everyone is comparing their level rankings. Every good players in each main city are rushing to level up. Therefore, lots of good equipments also appear.

After killing the dwarf for awhile, I check on my quest progress to see that I had completed 87/2000. I was able to kill that many dwarf in a short time because they usually come in 4s. Even though it is quite a risk fighting 1v4, I can use [Heal] to replenish my health. Plus, I have Bobo who is such an OP pet! Without him, there is no way I could complete this quest.

It is 4:00pm now and I have obtain 74% experience at Lv. 36. As for my quest, I have complete 741/2000, a lot faster than I expected. I may be able to level up to 38 after all. Hmm, if I am fortunate enough to have Dalin give me very high experience reward for completing this mission I can level up to Lv. 39!

Usually, the higher the quest, the better the rewards! There’s also the Charm attribute that I get once in awhile from these quest. I can already imagine how strong I will be after completing this quest! Of course, the thing I care most after leveling up to 40 is the two specialize skills: [Death Fire] and [Ice Blade]. These two skills will be very important!

I logged off, ate a quick dinner with the two beauties and rush back online!

At 10:00pm, my quest completion rate is very close to 2000/2000. I had reach Lv. 38 with 58% into the level. Just one step away from level 39. Even more exciting, this is the first time I become top ten of Ba Huang City ranking!

  1. Lv. 40 Yan Shao: Swordsman
  2. Lv. 39 Jian Feng Han: Swordsman
  3. Lv. 39 General Li Mu: Swordsman
  4. Lv. 39 Yue Qing Qian: Assassin
  5. Lv. 39 General Bai Qi: Berserker
  6. Lv. 39 Yue Wei Liang: Assassin
  7. Lv. 38 Fei Long Zai Tian: Mage
  8. Lv. 38 General Wang Jian: Swordsman
  9. Lv. 38 Lie Hu: Berserker
  10. Lv. 38 Xiao Yao Zi Zai: Dragon City’s Scavenger

The most gorgeous man finally on the Ba Huang City ranking. Finally I am on the rankings, even though it’s still 10th place. I still have some reputation in Ba Huang City. Still alive under the chase of Wrath of the Heroes. No ordinary person can do that!

After clearing most of the dwarf, I went deeper into the encampment to see a Blood Red Tent on top of a mound. There are two dwarf guards standing in front of the camp. This must be the dwarf prince’s tent!

One of my quest requirement—kill one of the dwarf leader. Ok, my target is him!

With a wave of my hand, I command Bobo to take agro from the two guards who are Lv. 42. I am now Lv. 38, so 4 level difference is no big deal.

After swiftly felling the two guards, I prepare myself for the main battle!


However, when I entered the tent, I was shocked…

I see in front of me two human woman tied to the bed. They look like mages or healers because there are two staffs besides them. Their mouth were gagged with a cloth. When they saw me, they struggled to ask for help.

No dwarf prince! What a disappointment! Besides, why are there two human woman here anyways?

Walking towards them, I remove the cloth from their mouths. Amazing, they still show signs of normality in this condition. Looking at the crest on my shoulder, one of them said: “I can’t believe a warrior from Ba Huang City really came to save us!”

“Who are you?” I asked.

The other woman said, “ We are missionaries of Ba Huang City, teaching children of near town and village mage skills and healing skills. However, we were lost on our journey and these sinister dwarfs came and kidnapped us!”

“Hurry up…” The woman on the left side, said, “the monster is back, you better run. Otherwise, he will kill you.”

“What kind of monster?”

Puffing out my chest, as I look towards the entrance of the tent, smiled and said: “Watch how I kill this monster….”


Author: Shi Luo Ye


Supporter: Sai Pal.


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