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Chapter 70- Sinister Dwarfs


~ Morning, in the class of Introduction to Chinese Character ~

Holding a heavy textbook, the professor is reading the with a sing-song voice.

sha sha sha …..

With the sound of bird singing and pen scratching, I am leaning against the window and taking a little nap. Suddenly, my head slip off my hand and almost hit my head on the table. Turning my head, I find that Lin Wan Er is staring at me sourly, “What did you do last night?”

“Nothing, just watch a movie with you and went home to sleep.”


I cast a curios glance at Lin Wan Er’s Notebook; she is drawing a pet which has humanized shape. Oh, my god! It is her pet tiger in the game. What an aggressive tiger! Just like real! Wow~ She really is an multitalented beautiful girl!

“Very nice drawing, just like real one!” I turn my head toward her and smile.

Lin Wan Er gave a little chuckle, “It’s nothing, just for fun…”

Dong Cheng Yue holding her phone, said: “ Big news, the first level 40 player appeared just 10 mins ago.”

“Who?” Lin Wan Er and I asked at the same time.

“I am not going to tell you…”


“All right, all right, it is Wen Jian who is from Fan Shu City. He will also be our leader in the future.” Dong Cheng Yue chuckled, “ I can’t believe that, as a swordsman, Wen Jian level up faster than me, a Mage.”

“Cheng Yue, what is your level?” I asked.


“Then, how about you Wan Er?” I asked again.

Lin Wan Er is staring at me with her big beautiful eyes, taking a while to realize that “Wan Er” is her. Looks like she is still not used to being called by me like this: “I am level 39 now, 17% experience points. I don’t have class this afternoon, I think I can upgrade to level 40 with little effort. However, we are all full time students and can’t play like Wen Jian.”

“Yes, you are right. But why did Wen Jian level to 40 in such a hurry? What is his purpose?…”

“There are many advantages being the number one in rank. First, you can improve your reputation; second, you can also accumulate your popularity, which is very useful to attract talented players after building a guild in the future.”

Lin Wan Er checked the website through her phone, and said: “Actually, the most important part is, after 2nd class promotion, the skill of level 40 is very powerful. Let me see, occupation—Swordsman, after level 40, studies the specialized sword skill: the attack damage of sword weapon will improve 25%. Besides, you can also learn one of the two skills: [Death Fire] and [Ice Blade]. [Death Fire] can improve the power of attack by 3%, while [Ice Blade] can improve attack power by 2% and also adds a <Slow> effect.”

Suddenly, Lin Wan Er turned towards me, “ Li Xiao Yao, your class is also a branch of Swordsman, which one do you plan to study?”

I answered without hesitation, “The [Ice Blade], of course. It has <Slow> effect, which belongs to the {Crowd Control} aspect of PK. Even though the [Death Fire] is more powerful in attack skill, I already have enough attack power. My [Wind Blade] can also improve 3% of attack power. The [Death Fire] is not that special to me.”

Dong Chen Yue chuckled again, rubbed her hands, smile with some unknown meaning, “Haha, I will try my best to upgrade to level 40. Finally, my time is coming!”

Lin Wan Er smile, :”Mage 2nd class promotion is very difficult. You still need to learn Fire and Ice Roar in order to qualify for a promotion!”

“Yes, sure, sure!” Dong Chen Yue answered with hope in his eyes.

After lunch, the two ladies quickly ran towards their dorm. Their purpose? To level up of course. While I saunter into my dorm because there is a long journey to level 40 as I am still level 35. The best scenario would be to Lv. 37-38. It is impossible to level up to 40 today.


Under the city wall of Dragon City, <Beast Tamer Dalin> is roasting a Boa on top of a huge bonfire. The boa’s length and thickness is incredible and its body is pure gray. It is a species of sand snake. With the roaring hot flame, the boa is twisting its body to try to escape. However, Dalin is not an ordinary fellow. He slapped the head of the boa and roared, “Stay still, otherwise, I will braise you!”

Looking at him, I am trembling all over. Master Dalin is really amazing and unbelievable!

Holding [Jade City Sword], I walk over to him: “ Master Dalin, I am here again. Do you need me for anything?”

Dalin threw back his head, “Ah, boy, finally, you are here. Early this morning, Master Shang visited our campsite. She told me that there are a group of sinister dwarfs appearing at the east of Dragon City—Firestone Canyon. These disgusting dwarfs used to live in crypts. They are greedy by nature and are great enthusiast for gold. Someone passed a rumor, saying there are abundant gold and diamond underneath Dragon City, 1000 meter below the ground. Damn it, these dwarfs are now assembling in Firestone Canyon. They must be coming here for the gold and diamond!”

After that, Dalin stood up suddenly and slapped my shoulder, “Boy, you don’t have to say anything. Go to <Firestone Canyon> right now, punish these greedy sinister dwarfs!”

A golden parchment appears in front of me with two big characters “Hunting Reward”. An energetic ray of hope shone in Dalin’s eyes, “Boy, go to <Firestone Canyon>, kill at least 2000 sinister dwarfs, the magical scroll will record all of their names. Besides, you must kill at least one sinister dwarf leader. After that, you will finish your mission!”



System Notification: You have accepted (Quest Rank: A) [Sinister Dwarfs Extermination]!

Description: Go to <Firestone Canyon>, kill at least 2000 sinister dwarfs and at least one sinister dwarf leader. Also, you must take caution. These dwarfs are born with power, greed, and brutality. If you were caught by them, you definitely will be killed. Even though you have unlimited life, you would rather kill yourself before they catch you.


A big smile appears on my face, I received an [Rank A] quest. The reward for [Rank A] quest must be very amazing. Of course, I know this mission is astonishing difficult too. Whatever, I should get there first!

I turned around, asking the blacksmith to fix my equipments and retrieve some Indigo Pills from the storehouse. OK, ready to go!

As I head pass the marsh and straight towards <Firestone Canyon>. I can see the level of players are higher than before. While passing the marsh lands, there are some players in teams grinding there in order to level up. There is a new and small player camp ground that appeared at the edge of forest. That is a temporary campsite where NPC of Ba Huang City set up camp. It has blacksmiths and Store Keeper everywhere. Based on the direction of players, NPC of Ba Huang City will make some related adjustment. This is the advantage of the game.

“Hi, men, level 35 Swordsman! Come join us to kill water snake! We need a Swordsman!”

Nearby, a player team send me an offer. Unfortunately, I don’t care for water snake anymore, my target is the sinister dwarfs in <Firestone Canyon>!

Shaking my head and smile, said:” Thank you, but I have an quest now. I need to go to another place. Have fun and good luck!”

The big guy nod his head, chuckled, “Ok, good luck. The level of monsters further ahead is really high, take care!”

“Sure, thanks!”

With the blessing of a stranger, I start on my quest to level up. Obviously, the level of monster in the road is higher than before. Compared to last time I was here, all of the level 37 monsters are upgraded to level 39. I can see, it is the intelligence of game control centre of <Destiny>. The level of monster will change according with the change of the level of main players.

When I arrived at the edge of Firestone Canyon, it is freezing windy. There were no other players around. There are some level 40 monsters hovering beside the rock. Level 40! It is a very high level. For most of players with only level 32 to level 34, killing these monsters will be very difficult.

Standing on the hillside, I summon Baby Bobo and leap off towards <Firestone Canyon> . Opening the world map, I can see Deep Sea Forest. I don’t believe there is another level 1 Ice Rat there for me. It is better to go directly toward my mission. leveling up is much more important! On the east side of the map is a bloody red area with mission marks. That should be the temporary campsite of sinister dwarfs.

Holding my [Jade City Sword], I fumbled toward that area. Walking about 10mins, the ground in front of me starting sloping downwards. Looking down, I can see a huge basin. That must be the [Killer Basin] where the dwarf camp is located.

There is another map inside the map, this must be the entrance to a [Dungeon]. Standing at the edge of basin, I looked far into the distance. Smoke is curling upward from kitchen chimneys, millions of simple and shabby camps spread all over the basin. All of the sinister dwarfs are very busy. Some are making weapons; some are skinning wild prey. Also, all names are red marked which means they are my mission monster. In other words, I have to kill all of these sinister dwarfs to finish my mission!


With my Silver Locked Battle Boots, I begin to descend towards the camp. At the same time, wearing the bright Dawn Breastplate that I receive from Wan Er. I looks more like a high level soldier.

As I got near the entrance, there is a small camp fire nearby. Four sinister dwarfs stood there, two are cooking around the soup pot; one is skinning wild goat; the last one is holding a war axe. The dwarf who is skinning said, “damn it, these goats smell really disgusting. I like the smell of human women much more. Last night, we ransacked the whole human village and killed all the women after we raped them. I think…the prince is too cruel and heartless, why can’t we keep some of those women?”

The dwarf holding the war axe laughed loudly, “Suo An, shut up! How dare you question the Prince’s decree. You are acting in a foolhardy manner, shut up now. Otherwise, I will cut your head off, just like what we did to those human!”

Holding my sword, I checked the distance. Monster agro starts about 20 yards. The dwarf handling the goat is barely outside of the 20 yard. Ok, get rid of him first. Otherwise, it is too stressful to fight 4 dwarfs at the same time.


Author: Shi Luo Ye



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