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Chapter 69- Hope


A hexagon formed on the ground next to Lin Wan Er which highlighted her beautiful small face. She stood there in excitement as [Jade Tiger] stood up slowly. Wearing leather armor which was showing the muscles on its arms. It was kneeling next to Lin Wan Er; her tiger pet resembling an human-like figure!

Everybody surrounded the [Jade Tiger] with amazement on their faces, because no one has ever seen a pet with a human-like figure. Although this [Jade Tiger] IQ isn’t high, it is definitely strong. High in defense and toughness, absolutely a strong pet.

Lin Wan Er was happily prancing on the spot, the wind blew and her cloak flew up showing her pair of snow white legs which were partly covered by her high leather boots. The spotlight was immediately directed back to the [Jade Tiger]’s beautiful master.

I then exchanged Dong Cheng Yue her 81% [Jade Tiger]. She was quite happy as well as she immediately summoned the pet. The outcome was two beautiful girls with exactly same pets that immediate caused an sensation on the streets.


“You guys better leave Ba Huang City immediately, or else you guys will cause some kind of chaos……” I said as I was leaning against a wall, hugging onto the [Jade City Sword].

Lin Wan Er nodded: “Dong Cheng Yue, lets hurry up and leave to level up our [Jade Tiger]? How are you going to distribute the attribute points?”

Dong Cheng Yue replied instantly: “My [Jade Tiger] has low degree of excellence. To preserve the defense, I plan on doing 4 strength and 6 on endurance. That way the defense will not be less than yours, what do you think Lin Wan Er?”

Lin Wan Er laughed and said: “Then I will do 6 strength and 4 defense. That way I will still be able to maintain good defense and my attack power will not be reduced by much……”

“Ok, that 100% [Jade Tiger] is so overpowered…….”

“Ok, lets go!”


The two girls turned around and smiled at me, Lin Wan Er said: “Li Xiao Yao, it is getting late. Dong Cheng Yue and I are going to Fan Shu city to train our [Jade Tiger] to level 15, then we are going offline. That will be around an hour. Later on we are going out, why don’t you join us?”

Me: “What are we going out for?”

“We want to go to Ying Xiang City to shop, buy some spring clothing (Chinese new year clothing)……”

“Lin Wan Er, don’t you have a limit on your bank card? How can you afford to spend more money?”

“The limit is for game spending, this is for buying clothes…..”

“Ok …….. I will wait for you guys downstairs, should I eat first or?”

“Lets go there first then eat!”



According to the agreement (contract) wherever Lin Wan Er goes, I will have to follow. So I guess I cannot level up at tonight. My duty is to accompany them, but its fine with me. Playing games too much isn’t good anyways.

Xi hu district’s Yin Xiang City near Wei Yi Xi road, I’ve been to, but obviously Lin Wan Er knows that place better than me. Driving the Audi TT under the city lights, Dong Cheng Yue sitting in the back seat said, “[Jade Tiger] growth really made me stronger. My Lv. 15 [Jade Tiger] has 400 points in defense, once it reaches Lv. 40 it will probably have 1000 points in defense……”

I turned back and said: “Distribute your attribute points strategically, you do not want your [Jade Tiger] to barely have any damage. Otherwise, it can’t break through the armor of creeps and players. That would be sad……”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled: “Ok, I will take a note of that. Oh yeah, why are you not driving and letting your boss drive…….?”

I shudder.

Lin Wan Er was concentrated on driving and said: “With his intelligence, I can understand …….”

I clenched my fist and said: “Next time, I will do the driving ……”


Thirty minutes later, we reached the 3rd floor of Yin Xiang City shopping district, the food court.

A big bowl of spicy meat skewers soaked in soup, as I was grabbing skinny mushrooms with my chopsticks, I said: “Lin Wan Er is paying for this right?”

“Yes” Lin Wan Er nodded

“Sir! 10 more beef skewers please!”

“You stinky freeloader!”

Spicy meat skewers and yogurt drinks, that’s the best combination ever. It is like watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona……

After eating, we bought some clothes, then went to 4th floor. Dong Cheng Yue making a fuss that we must watch a movie. We all already watched Transformers 5. In the end we watched a love movie called Zai Ai Wo Yi Ci (Love me one more time) .

As we walked in the cinema, I noticed everyone in there were couples. Both Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er were holding a box of popcorn walking on my left and right. Dong Cheng Yue and I are pretty close, so we were having a good conversation as she was leaning against my body. Lin Wan Er was twirling her hair as she smiled and said: “Li Xiao Yao, where were you leveling up that you were able to find the golden bracer you got me?”

I thought for a bit: “Master’s Sub Quest!”

“Oh, which Master?”

“I cannot say, or else that one person will kill me……”

“Boo you……..”

Lin Wan Er stomped her feet, with a rich girl pouty face. Every guy walking into the cinema was staring at her. They turn to look at their girlfriends next to them feeling a sense of dread. Then most of the guys are looking at me in hatred, because I have two girls by my side. Heaven have mercy on me!

I knew this would happen, but what can I do? These two girls are friends only. Never mind, I do not want to mention it anymore. If it’s not for this comfortable seat right where the air conditioner is, I wouldn’t had been able to disregard the matter…..


Movie has started, another modern love story. 100 minutes went by very quickly, but in the end, the male main character was waiting to die in a cave. Seeing a bright light near the entrance,he got up and jumped off the cliff…..

Next to me Dong Cheng was tearing up, she was moved…..

When the lights came back on I saw Lin Wan Er’s eyes also puffy and red. She then quickly put on sunglasses and asked me: “Li Xiao Yao what do you think?”

I replied proudly: “Oh nothing at all!”

She was startled by my answer and said: “Do you believe in love like that? Are you able to give your life for another, would you die in the name of love for your girl!?”

I replied: “Well in modern society like what we have now, everyone is busy trying to make money. Who has time to be in a relationship like that. Evil lurking about and justice needs to be serve. I don’t have the heart for a girlfriend like that!”

Lin Wan Er chuckled with her head down: “Maybe it’s because there isn’t a girl who likes you?”

I grinded my teeth, wow such poisonous words!

Dong Cheng Yue said: “Its 10pm, we better hurry or else the school’s gate will close.”



As I was driving, almost reaching school the doors were closing. I floored the pedal and rushed in, a few of the guards dragged me out of the car and wanted to beat me up to teach me a lesson.

After I walked both of the girls to their dorms, I decided to stroll around the garden and give Chen Bing a call.

“Hello, Li Xiao Yao!”

“Hi Chen Bing Sis, is there anything special regarding the Ben Lei Shou?”

“Nope, how are you, yesterday nothing happened right?”

“Uh…..” I was thinking and said: “Last night around midnight, I went to a bar where I shouldn’t have gone to and broke his arm. Looks like Wen Tai wanted to spread the news, but he didn’t after all.

Chen Bing laughed: “Yes it should be like that, he got totally destroyed by a unknown kiddo. That must be embarrassing, he couldn’t shame the Ben Lei Shou’s sign by letting the news out. Oh right, are you fine?”

“With that kind of skill, it’ll be difficult for him to harm me. Chen Bing sis, be careful of our phones. Lets be more discreet about it. We must encrypt our phones or else we might be tapped.”

“Ah, I know. From the first conversation we had, I already encrypted our calls. Don’t worry!”

“Ok, are there anything going on? Wang team has not been contacting me recently.”

“Nothing at all, just keep Lin Wan Er safe. Oh yeah ….. is it true? I’ve heard from rumors that she is very pretty.”

It took me a few seconds to respond: “Uh….this, I don’t know what to say…..”

Chen Bing laughed and said: “Look, if she could make you hesitate, then she must be something. Okay, I’ll stop making fun of you. Stay safe and keep close contact with Lin Tian Nan to ensure him that Lin Wan Er is safe.”

“I know …..”


I hung up the phone. I’ve been on this job for a week, nothing major happened. Somehow I don’t feel safe, something has ought to go wrong. When it comes, I have to be sure that I can handle the situation.

I went back to my bedroom and sat by the desk. Flipping through the contents in class these past few days. So freaking boring I just want to die. All these poems and ancient languages. I don’t understand any of these. Finally, I decided to just open the game main website. On Ba Huang City’s main page, there are many hot topics on the discussion page.

[Top] <Vanguard> challenges <Prague>, Who is the King of Ba Huang City?


Content is from two days ago. <Vanguard> and <Prague>, the two guilds are having non-stop conflicts. It seems to be developing into a huge war involving hundreds of players. Both guilds are rank in the top 10 biggest guild in China Server. There cannot be two tigers in one mountain, there will be war eventually!

I took a gulp of tea and couldn’t help but smile. These two guilds want to fight? Then fight, it has got nothing to do with me. I just hope Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang are not in too much trouble. To be honest, I only care about the two beautiful twins.

There are a lot of things that happen in Ba Huang City. For example, players have uncovered a Lv. 50 BOSS. A group of 100 players went over and got totally annihilated by the BOSS. Players also have found the level 7 herbs. They searched the whole city, but no one have Lv. 7 Alchemy to craft the pills. Also, people have rated Ba Huang City’s top 10 beauties. However, I don’t recognize any one of them. I always thought in Ba Huang City, the most beautiful girls are the two I know, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang. Even though they don’t have nice breast or butt…..


I was thinking to myself when Tang Gu woke up: “Li Xiao Yao, why are you not sleeping? We still have class tomorrow morning….”


I went towards the comfort of my bed and laid my head down. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I must rush to Lv. 40 to get my class promotion or else I will be consider nothing to these other high level players. Also, with class promotion, you get to learn two very powerful skills!


Author: Shi Luo Ye


Donators: Vi Nguyen and Ken Higa


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