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Chapter 67- Transparent Bracer

“Li Xiao Yao, where did you get this Lv. 1 [Jade Tiger] with 100% Excellence? Don’t tell me you cheated someone for this?” Lin Wan Er look at me with distrust.

Dong Cheng Yue also added: “Yes, such a good pet at this stage is definitely a legendary monster …. what are those two skills?”

I said : “[Fury Swipe] is an attack skill similar to [Heavy Strike], but way more powerful. [Tai Shen] is an defensive skill. It multiply its defense x10 by the Lv. of the pet. For example, a Lv. 40 [Jade Tiger] will have an extra 400 Defense using [Tai Shen]. I just caught this pet along with another [Jade Tiger], but with 81% excellence. Are either of you interested?”

The two girls were silent for half a minute.

Finally, Lin Wan Er replied: “Since you caught this pet, I will buy it …..”

I said : “ It is very expensive, Miss your bank card can only withdraw 50,000 right? This is a 100% excellence [Jade Tiger]. It will cost at least 1000 gold coins, you do know that right …..?”

Lin Wan Er: “Actually, I have another bank card with millions in it …..”

“That’s great then!” I was clapping in happiness; here comes another opportunity to make money.

Dong Cheng Yue quickly said: “Don’t be in a hurry to buy it Wan Er, it is only a 4.5 star attack growth [Jade Tiger]. It may not be as good as you think it is ….. or you can have Li Xiao Yao give you a discount, after all we are all friends right ……?”

Lin Wan Er chuckled: “Xiao Yao, what do you think?”

I was thinking for awhile and replied: “Well, Miss and I are currently still in a employment relationship. You still won’t let me address you by your first name, I still call you Miss …..”

Lin Wan Er chuckled: “That’s fine, then from now on you can address me in the same way as Dong Cheng Yue ….”

“Okay, Wan Er……”

“Wait, I’m still not ready for it!”

“So, do you guys still want the [Jade Tiger]?”

“Yes, of course! Dong Cheng and I are coming to Ba Huang City immediately!”


Dong Cheng continue: “Ok, the 100% excellence sell it to Lin Wan Er and the 81% excellence sell it to me. Also, give us both a discount. How about that?”

I smiled and said: “Sure! I’ll give you both a 40% discount. I’ll sell the 100% at 600 gold to Wan Er and 300 gold for the 81%.”

“So expensive!” Dong Cheng said expressing her dissatisfaction: “The [Jade Tiger] isn’t that good …..”

Lin Wan Er couldn’t help it but smile: “Dong Cheng, I don’t think you understand the usefulness of this pet. It’s not for leveling, but rather for PKing. Currently, most of the players pets are all offence type pets. Every level you get 10 points distribution in which they put it all into strength to level up faster or 5 points into strength and 5 points into endurance to ensure that you have an equal amount of attack and survivability. So if you split the 10 points distribution on the [Jade Tiger] with 5 points on strength and 5 points in endurance, at Lv. 40 its defense will reach 500 points. In addition, using the skill [Tai Shen], it increases the defense to 900 points. Most players and their pets at Lv. 40 can’t even dream of reaching 900 points of defense at that level.”

Dong Cheng Yue said in excitement: “Okay! No wonder! I will use my bank card to buy some gold, Li Xiao Yao, wait for us at Ba Huang City for about 90 minutes!”

“Yes, I will be waiting!”



After negotiating the prices, I thought to myself, I have nothing to worry about. I do not need the 100% excellence [Jade Tiger] because what I need is explosive pure damage, not durability or survivability. Baby Bobo has no problem surviving unless we are fighting enemies like Jian Feng Han who can kill Bobo in one hit. Other than that it is fine, Bobo has high attack growth and helps me level fast.

In this wilderness I am wondering how many people want to kill me. If it wasn’t for Bobo helping me to level fast, I think I would still be stuck below Lv. 30. I should focus on rushing to level 40 so that I can upgrade to a tier two class. Plus, I don’t want to be a <Dragon Scavenger> picking up monster droppings for the rest of my life ….

Anyways, it will take awhile before the two ladies reach Ba Huang City. I will just go level up for the time being.

Dragging my [Jade City Sword], I walked into the tent of the <Beast Tamer Dalin> and said: “Master, long time no see! Is there anymore quest for me to do?”

“Yes there is!”

As <Beast Tamer Dalin> stood up, the chains followed his movements, he smiled at me and said: “Hey kiddo, you seem strong enough now for the quest “Hunting food for winter”. I will entrust it to you. Winter is five months long and without enough food we cannot survive through the winter. Not long ago I received a message from one of my old acquaintance. Outside Dragon City’s southwest gate, there is a farm owned by Malin. Malin is an experienced hunter, but a wild Boar too strong for him is occupying the farm preventing him from farming. Go to his farm, kill the Boar, and drag its carcass back to me. That way Dragon City can survive for three more days.”


System Notification: Do you accept the quest, [Hunt the Wild Boar] <Quest Rank: B> ?

*Note: Yes, the top says hunting food for winter, but this quest is hunt the wild boar. Not a typo.

I quickly accept the quest. Seems like this will be an easy quest. Just head to the farm, kill the pig, and bring that pork back.

I open the world map to find the location of Malin’s Farm. Looking towards the southwest gate of Dragon City, I see his farm and it looks like the travel time is around 20 minutes.

Immediately I headed out towards the farm, bypassing a bunch of goblins along the way. As I continue walking through the jungle and passing the wilderness. I can see less than 20 minutes away, a log cabin with smoke coming out its chimney. The log cabin is surrounded by fences which encircle the whole property. Inside the property, I can see spinach heads poking out of the ground. Sadly, most of the spinach has been trampled on by a monster.

As I was looking from far away, I wanted to puke. This isn’t just some wild boar, but rather a group of pigs that are disgustingly merged together to form one gigantic pig! Also, it seems to be wearing a plate of steel armor?

Rumble ….

The ground was trembling as I walk towards the farm. Looks like there is at least five tons worth of pigs merged into one, rolling on the field. There are spikes all over the pig’s body and it looks like its reinforced with a thick steel armor that even swords can’t pierce. The pig is two meters in height and look like a tank rolling around.

I was clenching onto my [Jade City Sword], observing what was in front of me; Mutated Giant Porcupine Pigs —

[Porcupine Prince · Qiu Fu] (Elite Monster)

Level: 40

Attack: 420-550

Defense: 700

Health: 10000

Skills: [Earthquake] [Combo]
Description: Qiu Fu is a ferocious porcupine. He is one of the leaders of the Porcupine Tribes nearby. Evil as can be; His favorite hobby is to destroy farmland and is on the most wanted list in Ba Huang City.


Damn, this elite monster 550 attack is something I can deal with. His 700 defense will be a threat since I only have 500+ defense myself. I don’t even know if my [Jade City Sword] can pierce his armor. Screw it, attack first, ask questions later!

With a wave of my hand I summon Baby Bobo out. Using Lv. 2 [Defense] to increase my defense by 2% and also Lv.3 [Haste] to increase my attack speed by 6% and movement speed 3%. I’m ready!


I leaped over the fallen fence, holding my [Jade City Sword] tightly; Rushing towards the backside of Qiu Fu, my sword began to light up as I prepared to use [Combo]. Keng keng, as my blade touch the hard steel plate of his. Damn, this Pig Prince defense is rock solid!




Yep, I cannot pierce his defense. With a defense of 700, I am unable to break his defense using only 800 attack. If only I had 20% more attack power, it would definitely make a big difference!

Oink oink …..

The porcupine turned around and showed his fangs. Bending his head down, he recklessly charges towards me and thrust with his fangs several times.

I lifted my sword to block against his charge as much as I could. It was all in vain, my 505 defense could not defend against his 550 attack. Especially when the monster is 6 levels higher than me, the difference in level is too much!

Bam bam bam …..

My chest hurts. Bombarded by his fangs, the pain is unbearable. I look up to see the damage numbers appearing –




What an incredible attack!

I quickly command Bobo to take agro off me and tank the BOSS as I healed up. Good thing my HP is 966 or else I could have died in one round of attacks. What kind of B grade quest is this?!

The [Jade City Sword] continue to slice the porcupine with the maximum damage being 200. How long till I get rid of his 10,000 HP?

This isn’t right, the game shouldn’t be so dumb. There must be some part of the body where it is weak… like his eyes!


I prepared to test out my new strategy as the Porcupine Prince charged at me. Quickly, I took a step to the right and attacked his eyes!


Yes, I was right! I was able to break through some defense.

I was beginning to regain my confidence to win this battle as I ran around Qiu Fu. Due to his large stature, it was hard for him to move quickly and harder to make turns. Using this strategy, I was able to kite the BOSS and heal Bobo at the same time.

As I ran around in search of weak spots to attack, I see his small curly tail whipping around in the air. Underneath his tail was an exposed tender pink skin ….. where his anus is located. This should be a weak spot right?

As I thought of this, I got excited. A wave of energy begin to form underneath my boots as I activated [Ikkitousen]. Aiming for the Prince’s anus, I strike multiple times!


Qiu Fu cried out in pain as 5 successful damage appeared –







The final blow was fatal!

As a result of the attack, Qiu Fu was stunned and I quickly finish him off. With the last of my strike, a final loud roar from Qui Fu and he fell over, dead. My experience bar shot up a lot as well! WTF, I got like 40% experience by that one monster, Elite monsters are great!

Peng ….

As the porcupine prince fell onto the ground, out came his drops. A shiny bracer and a golden shiny item. I excitedly ran towards it to pick up the drops. So this is what 29 points of Charm can do for you! Wow, this is really extraordinary! –

[Transparent Bracer] (Gold)

Type: Leather

Defense: 45

Agility: +25

Strength: +23

Additional: gives additional 30 attack

Level required: 35



Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus


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