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Chapter 68- A Huge Offer

This bracer gives +23 agility, very suitable for classes that depends on this stat. In addition, it also gives the user +30 attack; a dream equipment for Assassins, Musketeers, and Archers. After all, the classes who uses agility are looking for attack speed, critical hit rate, critical damage; all of which requires agility. They don’t waste any attribute points on strength. For these leather classes, Agility gives them a small ratio of attack damage. This 30 attack damage will at least give 42 points in attributes, so in total 90 points in attributes.

*Note: 25 Agi + 23 Str + 42 = 90, because agility doesn’t give a 1:1 attack damage ratio, having pure +30 attack is actually more, which the author puts it at 42 points.


The players I know: Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, and Lin Wan Er are all Assassins. All can use this bracer, It is hard to choose who to give it to. Yue Qing Qian is a very good friend of mine, but is in <Prague>. Lin Wan Er goes to school with me, leave school with me, and eats with me. Most importantly, she is my employer. If I do not give this to her, will she be upset?

But if I just give it to Lin Wan Er out of the blue, it could cause a misunderstanding? We just have a normal friendly relationship and I give her a precious equipment. People will think I am interested in her. Okay, the best way to solve this is to sell it to her cheap and it will be just a business exchange!

If I take it to the market to sell, will it be a good choice? Not at this point. People with the ability to buy this are either, Prague or Wrath of the Heroes. Very powerful and rich guilds. However, they are not my friends. If I sell this to my opponents, they will only get stronger and that is a big mistake. At this point, I am not powerful enough to beat them.


After I made up my mind I threw the bracer into my bag, pickup 1 gold coin and grabbed the <Porcupine Prince> by his tail. With a cheerful smile I said: “Come my plump pig, let’s go back to the coldness of Dragon City and cook you into crispy bacon!”


I pulled too hard and the tail broke off…..

As I stood there to figure a way to get this pork back, I scanned my surroundings. Looking at the fences, I can see thick vines growing around and along the edges. I head over and begin tearing a long patch of vines to make a rope and tie it onto the pork’s fangs. Putting the vines on my shoulders, I began my journey back to <Dalin>!

Using all my strength, I begin dragging the pork back and decided to sing a song!


“Little sis you sit on the top of the boat and big brother will sit on the back end…”


As I came out of the wilderness, with all the strength of a small knight. I drag the porcupine along with me step by step. I am moving very slowly for it is big and heavy. Good thing I have 350+ points in strength!

I have been dragging the porcupine for a long time. About 60% finish with the journey when Lin Wan Er messaged me on our team chat. I can hear her sweet voice: “Hi Li Xiao Yao, where are the pets? Dong Cheng and I are waiting for you in Ba Huang City.”

Me: “Sorry Wan Er, I accepted a quest and I am currently handing it in. It will take me around 30 minutes, please wait for me!”

Lin Wan Er replied angrily: “You fool! You know we were arriving and you still accepted a quest. Did you deliberately do this so we could wait for you here while people look at us like we’re eyecandy?”

I couldn’t help it but laughed. It is true, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng are top grade beauties. Both of them can really attract attention, I bet they are surrounded by a group of lustful players by now. Especially Lin Wan Er, looking extremely hot in her Assassin’s leather armor. Long slender legs, plus a full on 34D breast. I can’t even imagine how many people would die for that….

Now that I think of it, it gave me motivation to pull this porcupine back to the city! Damn it, I cannot just let people feast their eyes on those two beauties and let them see all they want, definitely not!

In order to keep them occupied, I showed them the bracer in the chat: “Lin Wan Er, what do you think of this bracer?”

Lin Wan Er screamed in excitement: “Wow, this bracer has really good stats! You must have gotten it from a BOSS? You alone can kill a gold tier BOSS? That is incredible…..”

I was speechless: “Of course not, I got this from an elite level boss ….”

“What kind of luck do you have ….? Lin Wan Er was speechless.

Dong Cheng was laughing: “Xiao Yao, hurry up and come back. Don’t keep us here waiting! Are you going to give that bracer to Lin Wan Er?”

I quickly responded: “No, that wasn’t my intention…..”

Lin Wan Er replied laughing: “So, you intend to sell it to me …..?”

Me: “Yes, that is a possibility!”

“I am not buying it!” Lin Wan Er flatly refused.

My heart fell to the bottom as I replied: “Wan Er, this bracer has so many additional stats …. do you really not want it?”

Lin Wan Er saw the anxious look on my face and laughed. After awhile, she showed me an item description on the group chat. I opened it and looked, I was shocked –

[Dawn Breastplate] (Gold)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 125

Strength: +29

Endurance: +25

Additional: +40 defense to user

Level Required: 35


A Heavy armor equipment with +125 defense, +25 endurance, and also an additional +40 defense! This [Dawn Breastplate] is everything I need!

“Uh ……………” I didn’t know what to say, looking like a speechless idiot.

Lin Wan Er replied with confidence: “How about that? Little Xiao Yao, I will exchange this for the bracer you have. Gold item for another gold item, you won’t lose out ……”

I quickly checked the equipment rankings. Among all the servers, Lin Wan Er’s breastplate is ranked 9th and my bracer is ranked 24th. If I do make the exchange, I will be getting more out of it ….. Am I a person that will take advantage of pretty girls? Not me!

So I said: “Your breastplate is worth more than my bracer. How about this, I will give you additional 100 gold on top of the bracer for the exchange. So you will only have to give me 500 gold for the [Jade Tiger] pet ……”

Dong Cheng Yue chuckled: “Oh that’s good, Lin Wan Er saved a little bit of money ……”

Lin Wan Er replied: “Okay, I respect your decision!”

“Ah, Wan Er, where did you get this [Dawn breastplate]?”

“Long story short, Dong Cheng and I, plus a couple of Healers and Archers went to fight a Lv. 40 BOSS together. We all rolled for it and I got it …..”

“Why didn’t you have a knight or monk with you?”

“Idiot! if I grouped with them, would I have the chance to roll and then found this item for you!?”

“Ah …. Miss you are a genius!”



After a long time of dragging the pork, I finally stood in front of <Beast Tamer Dalin>’s tent, I went inside and dropped the port next to his feet: “Master, I have finished your quest. This is the corpse of the porcupine. Hopefully when you turn him into sausage or bacon I will get a piece of my share …..”

<Beast Tamer Dalin> laughed: “No problem! Boy, you sure do not disappoint. Here, you deserve this reward!”


System Notification: You successfully completed [Hunt the Wild Boar] <Quest Rank: B>. You received +14,000 experience and +10 gold coin. Your fame has increase in Dragon City!




A bright light spilled down towards me as I level up to 35, awesome! I can wear the [Dawn Breastplate] now. Taking out a {Teleport Scroll} and smiling at <Beast Tamer Dalin>: “Master, see you soon!”

<Dalin> wave his giant hands as I disappeared from the tent!

I appeared in the city and there were two orange dots on my mini-map. That’s where my teammates, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are located at.

I jogged quickly and saw the two ladies leaning against the wall in boredom. There are many players looking right at them as if they have never seen a pretty lady before. It is like two goddesses that had descended onto their mortal realm and they are now in shocked.

I walked directly to them waving my hands: “Hi you two, sorry for the wait ……”

Dong Cheng was looking at me and smiled: “Xiao Yao looks pretty good now doesn’t he? Like a legendary hero in his armor, it’s as if he upgraded into his 2nd class. Actually, Xiao Yao in battle armor looks very handsome, what do you think Wan Er? He looks like a mercenary hero doesn’t he?”

Lin Wan Er just glanced at me for half a second, with her head down looking at the wooden floor. Her legs swaying side to side in half step. Finally, she looks up and yells out: “Trade me already!”

I opened the trading system and click on Lin Wan Er. I then put the [Jade Tiger] with 100% excellence together with the bracer in the box. Lin Wan Er proceeds to move the breastplate and 500 gold from her inventory to the trade box. Bing! Trade success!


I immediately open up <Treasure Grove> and auction my 500 gold for money. Gold’s price seems to be dropping, you never know what will happen. At the same time, I took out [Dawn Breastplate] and equip it. I immediately felt energized and the breast plate was glowing with a golden effect. So this is what it feels like to be on full defensive mode –

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Scavenger)

Level: 35

Attack: 610-816

Defense: 601

Health: 1176

Magic: 430

Charm: 29


My defense had reach 600 points. Whether it’s pvp or pve, I should be able to block a lot of damage. The most intriguing stat is that my hp is now 1100+! [Dawn Breastplate gave an additional +25 endurance. A Swordsman Health growth is 0.8 per point, which means that I got 200 HP from the additional stat. With this much HP, I won’t get one hit by anything or anyone!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus


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