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Chapter 66- 100% Excellence!

After lunch, the three of us walked side by side on a path covered in maple leaves. The smell of fresh osmanthus flowers were really refreshing.

“Oh by the way Miss, did you catch any pets this morning?” I asked.

Wan Er: “None at the moment”

I said: “Have you thought of what pet you want to capture?”

“Hmm, I would like to capture a Firefox. They have very strong magic attack. I like something fierce, but also adorable like that…”

“Since you’re at such a high level, have you encounter a Lv.1 Firefox?”

“Not yet, I don’t even have the illustration card…”

I spit the coke out of my mouth.


Lin Wan Er looked at me: “You still owe me a favor. The favor from the other time I still have not claimed it.”

Me: “What favor?”

Dong Cheng Yue reminded me: “The other time in the classroom. Lin Wan Er held your arms in her as she pretended to be your girlfriend, so you wouldn’t be embarrassed by Liu Ying and his woman.”

Me “………”

Dong Cheng Yue laughed: “So what are you going to do now?”


Under the shade of a tree, a group of boys had gather around to admired Lin Wan Er. Like an Angel that had descended into their midst, they could not help but shake their heads at the thought of someone this beautiful to be on their campus.

As for how I will return the favor…

I put the stack of CDs next to a trash can and walked slowly towards Lin Wan Er side. I reached my hands out and held her soft white hands in mine. It felt like a pillow of clouds. The most beautiful girl in Liu Hua University that is driving people crazy!

“Does this count as a favor…?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er stood there with her seductive looking lips. She was stunned at my action and just stood there in silence, like a beautiful mannequin. Boys who were walking around immediately halted, staring at me with a fierce look.


“Li Xiao Yao…” Lin Wan Er said after awhile in a soft gentle voice.

Me: “Yes….Miss?”

Lin Wan Er raised her left hand, exposing her fingers which were white as snow. Clenched her fingers and shook it. With her beautiful eyes staring at me and whispered : “Do you know what I really want to do now?”

I withdrew my hands quickly and grabbed the pack of CDs : “Miss hurry up and go level when you get home, I have to go…”

Without hesitation, I swiftly left.

Lin Wan Er gritting her teeth with a red face saying : “Hmph, this asshole. I will fix to get him next time!”

Dong Cheng Yue held her hands and laughed: “Are you really?”

Lin Wan Er: “……”


Flashing lights, I appeared back on the south side of the jungle. Immediately two [Jade Tiger] had aggro me. WTF , both of them came running towards me. This is very stressful.

Raising my hands to pull out the [Jade City Sword] with [Sword Tempest] activating, I quickly unleashed three skills as fast as I could. I slam the ground with my fist as the Lv. 4 [Binding Chains] ensnared the first [Jade Tiger]. While rushing towards the second [Jade Tiger], I prepared my [Jade City Sword] to activate [Combo]. At the same time, I summon Baby Bobo to attack!

A golden hexagram appeared as I quickly strike the [Jade Tiger] 3 times. During this time, I was also attack by [Jade Tiger] {Fury Swipe}. I side-step and activated my skill, [Ikkitousen]. Instead of slashing on my 3rd attack, I chose to cleave downwards and attack him with a thrusts on my 4th attack. For my 3rd attack, I must be at point blank to have a high success rate. Even if its Feng Han’s top notch abilities, it would be hard for him to dodge my attack.


Knocking back the [Jade Tiger], I immediately activated [Wind Blade] and took off 600 HP. It was a successful combo and at the same time I hear a –


System Notification: Player successfully improve skill [Ikkitousen], enhance by 0.7%!


Skill level up is getting slower and slower. However, in one morning, I already increased its efficiency to 14.9%. I don’t know what kind of upgrade it will have after it hits 100%. Will [Ikkitousen] level up?

As I thought of it, I smiled. Poor Jian Feng Han, self proclaim strongest warrior and losing to me. He must regret it to death for challenging me. If only he knew how strong I was, he wouldn’t go to <Flint Canyon> to bother me. Although he only lost one match, it really helped increase my reputation. Jian Feng Han cannot duel me again because then everyone would know that he just wants his revenge. So he just has to deal with his own personal problems.


I continued to grind in the jungle. Just as I killed my 797th [Jade Tiger], the goddess of fortune decided to bless me. A little ways ahead under the shade of a tree, stands a [Jade Tiger] in glowing blood red armor. A line of words on top of his head had my heart pounding –

[Jade Tiger] [Normal Monster]

Level: 1

Status: sealable


Holy crap, it finally appeared! A Lv. 1 [Jade Tiger]!

I am so happy that I was in tears, I commanded Baby Bobo to be on defense mode. Taking out my 3 stacks of sealing cards totaling 297 cards. I begin this heart pounding task, come on!

Raising a seal card toward the [Jade Tiger], I can see that the success rate is at 7.7%. This success rate is abnormally shitty!


Throwing my first card at the [Jade Tiger], a hexagram appeared at its foot and in seconds, disappears. Failed!

I continue to throw the seal cards out, 2nd , 3rd card used; I kept on swiping like a credit card. Until the 19th try I finally sealed the [Jade Tiger] and a white light flew into my pet inventory. I opened to check, yup its really there!

[Jade Tiger]

Level: 1

Attack: ★★★★ ☆

Defense: ★★★★ ☆

Health: ★★★ ☆

Agility: ★★★ ☆

Magic: ★★ ☆

Skills: [Fury Swipe], [Tai Shen]
Excellence: 81%


Just a quick look at this [Jade Tiger] and I can assume it to be worth at least 500 gold!

Excited, I closed my pet interface and continue to level along with Baby Bobo!

While grinding to level up, I start to train on my attack strokes; Making sure every stroke was striking at optimal efficiency. I also began to train my dodging skills. If you let the enemy continuously hit you as you fight more powerful enemies, it will get a lot harder.

I continue to kill until 3:00pm in the afternoon. Already completed my killing quota of 1000 [Jade Tiger], I can see that my [Jade City Sword] is low on its durability. Also, I was able to pick up these green gemstones; probably can sell them for a couple of gold. Seems like an efficient afternoon.


I got a message from Miss Cang Tong: “Li Xiao Yao, how much is your Charm?”

“29 points, why?”

“Wow, did you just say 29 points?”

“Yes… why do you ask?”

Cang Tong: “You … How did u get it up to 29 points? I only have 19, do you know what its use for?”

“I do not know myself …”

“Stupid, Charm determines the intimacy between Players and NPC. Also, it determines the player’s attack and burst damage potential. Charm is definitely a good thing to have.”

“Well, now I know. Ha ha ha…”

“Laugh all you want, I am continuing my leveling …”

“Ok, bye Miss!”

I closed my chat and went on my way to hand in my quest. I open my character interface: Lv. 33 with 74%. After I hand in this quest I will definitely be Lv. 34 because this is a grade A quest. Maybe with a little luck I might get some gold as well, but the possibility is low.


Sha sha sha …..

Moving along the tall grasses, I heard a roaring sound. I didn’t pay much attention to it, must be a [Jade Tiger] that just respawn right?

As a breeze blew pass me and moved the tall grasses away. I can see from a little ways ahead of me a Lv. 1 [Jade Tiger]!


Excited, I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my throat. I walked towards it with a seal card in my hands, two Lv. 1 [Jade Tiger] in a day? What kind of luck am I having today?


The seal card disappear, I continued with the 2nd seal card!

After throwing out one after another, I wasted 77 seal cards in a span of 14 minutes!

As I was holding onto the 78th seal card, a deadly thought came across my mind. Sweating from my forehead, if I continue like this, will I run out of seal cards? Am I going to regret it? However, according to past experience, the harder the seal the higher chance I am able to get an Elite Pet. Maybe this might be the first Elite [Jade Tiger] ever!

As I was thinking this, I threw out my 119th seal card.


[Jade Tiger] flashed into my pet inventory and I immediately opened to reveal a [Jade Tiger] with 81% Excellence. Could this be the same one I had?

Whoops, I was looking at the previous one. There’s another one in here!

As I look at the properties of the newest [Jade Tiger], I felt a bright light shined down on me and my beating heart almost came to a stop –

[Jade Tiger]

Level: 1

Attack: ★★★★ ☆

Defense: ★★★★ ☆

Health: ★★★ ☆

Agility: ★★★ ☆

Magic: ★★ ☆

Skills: [Fury Swipe], [Tai Shen]

Excellence: 100%


WOW, it’s really a [Jade Tiger] of 100% excellence. This is going to make me very rich!

I carried my [Jade City Sword] and hurried out of the jungle. Walking up to <Beast Tamer Da Ling>, I submitted my quest. He slapped my shoulders with his big hand, saying: “Good job boy. Here take this gold, Ba Huang City tavern is calling out to you!


System Notification: You completed <Rank-A> quest, [Jade Tiger] extermination. Reward:                 +19,000 experience, +50 gold. Increase fame in Dragon City.


A bright light shined on me as I leveled up to Lv. 34. This speed of leveling up is great!

At the same time I sent a message to Lin Wan Er :”Miss, have you caught your pet?”

“Not yet …..” as she replied in frustration.

“Party up with me!”


Soon I received an invitation to a party and I accepted. It was Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s party. Dong Cheng Yue said: “Hey, why is Xiao Yao here?”

I didn’t say anything, but just showed them my newly acquired [Jade Tiger] pet. The both of them were in shock.

“[Jade Tiger] …..100% Excellence, this ….”


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus


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