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Chapter 65- Addiction to Money!

“Damn it…..”

I took a deep breath and grabbed onto the [Jade City Sword]. Lv. 40 [ Jade Tiger], looks like his attack will be much higher than the [Chimera Bear]. In addition, [Jade Tiger] looks way cooler compared to [Chimera Bear]. [Chimera Bear] looks just like a giant half-human, half- bear lying on the ground, while [Jade Tiger] is in the form of a human solder with characteristics and traits of a tiger.

“Killing it will complete my quest by 0.1%! ”

As I ran towards the monster, dragging my [Jade City Sword] along the ground; thinking to myself that I will have to take my time with this one. With a golden hexagram appearing on my blade, I activated my Lv. 4 [Combo]!

Bam bam …..

A series of 3 continuous attacks, all 3 attacks landing. I would imagine that the damage I dealt would be pretty high –




WTF! He took on my full [Combo] and I only dealt just a little more than 700 damage, is my [Jade City Sword] broken? I don’t think so, or does it have 100% durability?

Suddenly [Jade Tiger] stood up, smiled in an evil way, and raised his claws: “ Ignorant human, you invaded into my sanctuary, prepare to die!”


His claws grew 2-3 yards and did an AOE physical attack.

I couldn’t dodge his attack and blood started gushing from my shoulders.


Combat Notification: You were hit by [Jade Tiger] {Fury Swipe}, you lost 311 HP!


Its not even a critical hit and did 311 damage, what kind of attack is this?!

Baby Bobo swayed slightly and repositioned itself. I quickly side-step toward [Jade Tiger]’s side, energy forming underneath my boots I unleash my custom combo, [Ikkitousen]!







A series of damage numbers came up, that gave me the confidence I needed. Using [Ikkitousen] and [Wind Blade] seems to be more reliable. Even though this [Jade Tiger] has high defense, it still cannot with stand my [Wind Blade] skill!

At the same time, there was pain on my shoulder as [Jade Tiger] was able to counter-attack with two quick strikes. [Jade Tiger] also roared which was his skill to intimidate his opponent.



Using [Heal], I immediately recover 600 HP. I always survive these close situations. The only way [Jade Tiger] can kill me is if he can one hit me or I don’t have my pet!

Gradually, as I study Miss Wan Er’s 12 step to <User-Pet> Commands, I begin to feel an in-depth understanding of this game. The mechanics, functions, real world to virtual world movements, and the senses of the human body in a virtual world; I have become stronger within this made up world where my strength is improving tremendously.

Due to this insight, I slowly begin to grasp why Jian Feng Han was able to stop my [Ikkitousen]. Why he was able to break the 4th strike of [Ikkitousen] and cause it to Miss. Looking back at the fight, the biggest reason was that even though [Ikkitousen] is a 1.2 second attack, within those 1.2 seconds, each strike have a short time gap in which Feng Han was able to interrupt and cause my attack to Miss. Jian Feng Han’s abilities are top notch to be able to do something like interrupting my [Ikkitousen].


At the 3rd strike of [Ikkitousen], I flew close to [Jade Tiger] and at the 4th strike of [Ikkitousen], [Jade Tiger] did not have time to react. I lagged for about 1 second, but the time between 3rd and 4th strike was shortened. At the same time there was a ringing sound in my ears.


System Notification: Player successfully improve skill [Ikkitousen], enhance by 0.9%!


“Wow, it actually increase?!”

My mouth was opened as I stared in awe. I finally accepted the fact that in <<Destiny>>, there has to be several skilled Martial Artist Masters who help design this game. Otherwise, it would be impossible to create your own skill and even improve upon it. This game is getting more and more interesting!


Another [Jade Tiger] falls dead on the floor. I picked up the coins and looked at my quest, 14/1000. Seems like I am going to spend the rest of my day here. The [Jade Tiger] really is an impressive monster, such strong attacks and also have the skill [Tai Shen]. This skill increases its defense by x10, which is why it takes awhile just to kill them.

Sha sha sha!

I continue to kill [Jade Tiger] until 10:00am. When I had slay my 419th [Jade Tiger], besides getting the same old {Black-Iron} and {Green} tier equipments drops, out came something that really got my attention. A dark red illustration card had dropped, I picked it up to reveal an illustration card of the [Jade Tiger]. I burst into tears thanking God for it.


The illustration card disappeared from my palm and into my collection. I can finally seal [Jade Tiger] now!

【Jade Tiger】

Attack: ★★★★ ☆

Defense: ★★★★ ☆

Life: ★★★ ☆

Agility: ★★★ ☆

Magic: ★★ ☆

Skills: [Fury Swipe], [Tai Shen]


As I inspect the stats of the [Jade Tiger], I can now confirm that this monster is definitely strong. Having 5 points in strength and 5 points in toughness to maintain both a powerful attack and defense. In addition, its 4.5 stars in attack growth and defensive growth will increase its basic stats nicely. This pet is truly invincible, in which it is an offensive and defensive type of pet!

At this stage, Yan Zhao and Jian Feng Han’s pets are all attack based. So once they fight [Jade Tiger] which is both offense and defense type, they are asking to die! Not only that, [Jade Tiger] has the skill {Tai Shen} which increases his defense. Even Baby Bobo and Cerberus can’t compare to [Jade Tiger]!

He he he, [Jade Tiger] you are awesome!

However, these type of physical attack and defense pet still have a major weakness. That is a magic attack pet, for instance, Yue Qing Qian’s Bulldozer. {Tai Shen} can resist physical attacks, but it cannot stop magic attacks.

I happily continue to kill [Jade Tiger] to complete my quest while carefully examining each one for a Lv. 1 [Jade Tiger]. If I can find a Lv. 1 [Jade Tiger], it will be the best day ever!


I continue to kill [Jade Tiger] until around 11:30am, killing a total of 600/1000. I almost clear out all the [Jade Tiger] in the jungle and also leveling up to Lv. 33. If I kill 400 more and hand in my quest I should level up to 34 easily without a problem.

At this point, a Ding sounded and out appeared a message from the beautiful Lin Wan Er: “Li Xiao Yao, go offline and take us out to eat for lunch! Remember, you lost to Feng Han so you have to treat us today…”

I stared blankly, speechless. I suppose I should own up to my loss and pay up! Also, Miss did take me out to eat at Pine and Crane Restaurant. A Man must be a person of dignity.

“OK, I’m going offline now. Are you guys getting off too?”


[Jade Tiger] respawn time is three hours, just in time for me to go to lunch. When I come back, they should have respawned and I can continue to kill!

After going offline, I grabbed my coat and begin heading out the door.

Pop! My arms was grabbed by a fat hand, I turned my head and it was glasses, Tang Gu.

“Li Xiao Yao, do you eat with the two beauties Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue every day?

“Yes, why?”

Tang Gu look at me with envy, jealousy and hatred: “WTF, what kind of relationship do you have with them? Lin Wan Er rejected so many boys who asked her to dinner, but you have lunch and dinner with her every day. How are you better than us?!”

I looked at him and pointed at a mirror “Brother, look at the mirror and tell me how u are better than me, if you make a good point I will treat you to dinner…”

Tang Gu look at the mirror and scratched his head: “Looks like I am not…”

“OK, I am going to lunch now. When I come back, I will continue to level!”


“What now?”

Tang Gu ran up to his bed and picked up a pile of discs and said: “ Help a brother out, this is Lin Wan Er’s Heart of Time album, its genuinely the original CDs. Can you ask her to sign every single disc with her name on it please! Help me with this and I’ll be your brother for life!”

I glanced at him, very contempt : “What are you going to offer?”

Tang Gu face is red and said: “I don’t have anything to offer, all my life I don’t have many crushes only Lin Wan Er. The CDs, I want to give to my friends.”

“Well, how about each signed CD is 100 Yuan or else don’t even think about it…”

“You little sly B*&@h!”

“Do you want the autograph or not?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Tang Gu took out 10 bills from his pockets, I happily snatched it from his hands and laughed “EASY MONEY…”

“Buzz off, you better get me 10 autographs or else I will kill you!”

“Relax I will”


I ran with the discs in my hand as I entered the school’s garden. Standing in front of the female dormitory were two girls in mini skirts waiting for me. Lin Wan Er saw the disc, surprised and said: “what are you up to…”

Dong Cheng Yue: “Heart of Time album? Wan Er, isn’t this your album from a few years ago?”

Lin Wan Er: “….”


As we were waiting for the food in the cafeteria I smiled as I pulled out a pen and said to Wan Er: “ The beautiful and graceful Miss, will you please autograph my CDs?”

Lin Wan Er, noticing something is wrong: “ You are not my fan, I know it!”

I nodded: “Yes I am!”

Lin Wan Er: “How much are you getting for each autograph?”

Shocked: “You … You have mistaken, I am not that kind of person!”

Lin Wan Er: “ You think I don’t know that you’re a money-hungry person? How much are you making? Give me 50%, wait no, 70% or else!”

I was stunned! Damn it!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Icarus


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