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Chapter 64- Halt!

Reading the newspaper early in the morning while drinking a cup of soy milk.

Next to me I can see the beauty Wan Er sipping on her soy milk and taking a bite off of her bread while her shoulders basked in the morning sun. Dong Cheng Yue, with a stack of books: “You guys are skipping class this afternoon?”

Wan Er nodded her head and smiled: “I already have a passing grade in this subject. Also, I heard from other classmates that this professor is really nice and doesn’t take attendance. Today, I want to check out the surrounding vallets of Fan Shu City and see if I can seal any strong pets. It would be great if I could get an excellence above 90%!”

Dong Cheng Yue clenched her fist and said: “Hmph, so this is how our school idol behaves! Li Xiao Yao, what about you? Are you going to class with me?”

I couldn’t help but smile: “No thank you. I just reach Lv. 32 and planning to rush to Lv. 35 today. Yan Zhao, Wen Jian, and Jian Feng Han are close to Lv. 40 right? If I am too far behind I would surely get picked on … Oh yeah, is there anything in the school news today?”


Dong Cheng Yue curious: “Nothing out of the ordinary, why?”

“Ah, nothing….”


I lowered my head and continue reading the newspaper. My surprise attack on Wen Tai Lai last night has yet to spread. This is good, but I should be more cautious next time. He works for the underground world, so this embarrassment to him shouldn’t surface. Plus, this university is surrounded with rich kids who’s trying to make something out of themselves. They wouldn’t even both with news like that. Ah, I can enjoy my game now.


… …


At last, after unsuccessfully trying to persuade Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue gave in and skipped class to help Wan Er with finding a new pet. As for me, I’m going online and see what quest there is for me in Dragon City.

At my dormitory, I had to take a shit before i went back online.


Appearing in game next to <Beast Tamer Dalin>’s tent, I head inside. Looking up, I can see many holes in the tent. However, I knew the Master didn’t care about such things like that. I just hope he doesn’t have a Orc Wife that shares his tent….”

Opening my skills interface, I’m happy to see 2 new skills. My trip to Ba Huang City wasn’t in vain after all. Not only that, I manage to make 15,000 yuan! Looking at my two new skills –

Lv.1 [Haste]: Mana cost: 10, Increase attack speed 2%, movement speed 1%  Duration: 15 seconds.

Lv. 1 [Defense]: Mana cost: 50, Increase defense 1%




These skills will come in handy. A Lv. 10 [Haste] increases attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 10%, making it very important for chasing or retreating. A Lv. 10 [Defense] increase defense by 10%, the drawback is that you must be standing still to use this. So its like a tanking skill, very good for surviving.

Both skills were only Rank C.

The other skill swordsman were able to learn was [Heavy Strike], but due to my prerequisite of the [Wind Blade] skill, I’m unable to learn it. Oh well, [Wind Blade] has 3 times the damage making it so much more worth it.

Today, I should focus on grinding [Haste] and [Defense] to Lv. 4.



Carrying the [Jade City Sword], I steadily walk towards <Beast Tamer Dalin> and say: “Master, are there any quests for me today?”

<Beast Tamer Dalin> was using a large tree branch to pick his teeth. Spitting out a 5 cm bone, he laugh and says: “Boy, you are getting stronger day by day. How about this, help me chase away the Orcs from the southern forest of Dragon City. These Orcs are in the form of half tiger, half man. They have marauder our supplies line 3 times already. Go and find their camp and exterminate the [Jade Tiger]. Kill at least 1000 of these [Jade Tiger] and I will reward you handsomely!”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes, Master!”


System Notification: Received quest 【Exterminating [Jade Tiger]】!(Quest Rank: A)


Quest Description: Go to the southern forest of Dragon City in search of the [Jade Tiger] sanctuary. Kill 1000 [Jade Tiger] and report back to <Beast Tamer Dalin>. However, do be warn, these [Jade Tiger] are extremely agile and viscous. Hundreds of adventurers have taken the quest and lost their lives.




(Quest Rank: A), this should be quite difficult. Also, with this rank difficulty the monster levels should be quite higher than mine. At least my equipment and skills will balance the difference in levels out.


I summon Baby Bobo out and with a cheerful buzzz, he flew happily and rest on my shoulders. Together with my big yellow bee, we began our journey!

As I got closer to the green forested area south of Dragon City, a new zone appeared in front of me and with that triggers a system notification –


System Notification: The area ahead is classified as a danger zone. In recent times, the Orc tribe began a large scale migration from the wilderness and a large group of orcs are currently resting at the forest ahead!

Raising my head, I took out my [Jade City Sword] and command Baby Bobo to attack mode. As we were about to enter the forest.


I can see the thick bushes part ways as a large heavy monster came rushing my way. After a short time, out came a monstrous huge bear that looks to weight about a ton. The bear was covered with thick fur, but upon closer inspection I can see a disfigure human head where the head of a bear was suppose to be –

[Chimera Bear] (Normal Monster


Level: 39

Attack: ? ? ?

Defense: ? ? ?

Life: ? ? ?


Skills: ? ? ?

Description: A brethren of the Orcs. The [Chimera Bear] have powerful strength equal to those of real bears, but also having human intelligence. Rumors about these [Chimera Bear] is that humans who had lived in the mountains and jungle found a way to transform using a secret technique. Thus, the first human who figure out the technique begin teaching it to his tribe.





The [Chimera Bear] looks at me, drooling. He laughs: “Such smooth skin and succulent meat. You will taste great!”


I drew my sword out and begin casting [Defense] and [Haste]. With this, my defense is increase along with attack speed and movement speed. Time to attack!


I rush forward with my sword glowing bright. A golden hexagram appearing in front of the bear as I actived my Lv. 4 [Combo]. My sword strike directly on the [Chimera Bear]’s head.





Wow… this [Chimera Bear]’s defense is no joke, its almost tough as Jian Feng Han…..


In anger from receiving the hit, the [Chimera Bear] took a swipe at me with his large paws-



I immediately felt the pain surging through my arm. Despite the pain, I continue with my assault and starting gathering energy beneath my boots as I activated, [Ikkitousen]!


I slash continuously and ferociously, as I near my 4th strike I did a body slam. Stunning the bear, I charge up for my strongest attack, [Wind Blade]. With my last powerful strike, blood came gushing out of the [Chimera Bear]’s neck. Along with Bobo, we continuously assault the Lv. 39 monster.



As the [Chimera Bear] attack again with his paw, I instinctively move as the bear swipe with his large paws.



Perfect! Dodging his attacks is a lot easier than I expected. Due to the Swordsman having 0.9 growth in agility, they have better movements, which helps with evasion. That’s why within the 9 classes, Swordsmen are the top body control classes.




After dodging the [Chimera Bear]’s strike, I immediately side-step and slash. With only 5% HP left, the bear fell and drop a Lv. 33 Wild Bow [Green]. I can’t use this, but I can sell it for some money.

Picking up the dropped silver coins, I proceeded to walk through the bush where the bear came from. I see an open area and several other [Chimera Bear] walking on all 4 feet. Looking at my map, I see that this is the [Chimera Bear]’s tribe and that the [Jade Tiger]’s tribe is a little ways further.
Continuing my journey to the [Jade Tiger]’s tribe, I finally reach it and what I saw amazes me. It was of a human wearing blood red armor. However, this “human” had golden fur growing where the skin was suppose to show. It stood on two legs instead of on four like an animal. It gave off a dangerous and vicious vibe –

【Jade Tiger】(Normal Monster)

Level: 40









Description: A brethren of the Orcs. The [Jade Tiger] have powerful strength equal to those of real Tigers, but also having human intelligence. Rumors about these [Jade Tiger] is that humans who had lived in the mountains and jungle found a way to transform using a secret technique. Thus, the first human who figure out the technique begin teaching it to his tribe.




Author: Shi Luo Ye



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