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Chapter 63- Walking Around Elegantly

“What’s the matter now?!”

Dong Cheng Yue looks at me and then looks at Wan Er, “Is this Liu Ying guy looking for trouble again? Xiao Yao, why does he hate you so much?”


I spread my hands, “I have no idea, but I would really like to have a talk with him and dissipate any hatred, but sadly he doesn’t want to. What else can I do?”


“Whatever, it’s better to ignore people who want to take revenge all the time. These kinds of people, if you can’t make peace with them then you can at least hide from them.”


I nod, “Mm, well said!”




I still have classes in the afternoon and it’s the most annoying class of all, calculus. Who would have thought that in the Chinese department, we still have to take calculus! What matrices, what sequences, I don’t understand it at all!


After eating dinner, I escort Wan Er back to the dorms. She needs to continue level grinding and I also return to my dorm to grind for 4 hours straight until 11 at night!


Toot toot…


Beside me, my cellphone rings. I accept the call in game and it’s a number that I don’t know. After taking the call I hear a sweet voice——


“Hello, is this Li Xiao Yao?”


“Yep that’s me. Who is this?”




“Ru Hua?”


“What!” The caller is angry, “You little Li Xiao Yao. Now you’re all carefree accompanying some wealthy kids at some wealthy University and you forgot about your old colleagues eh?”


I think for a while, then I say, “Oh, I know! Shen Bing!”


“Hehe, finally remembered me?!”


I laugh, “Of course…”


Shen Bing is an employee at the Public Security sub-bureau’s technology branch in Xihu District of Hangzhou city and she should have been promoted to bureau leader now. She is an expert in all kinds of technology and acclaimed by the leaders to have good potential. Also she is extremely beautiful and is at least a good 7 points. Her body is tall and she is the princess of the police. She is also the ideal person for many of her male police colleagues. If she wasn’t skilled and didn’t hold a high position. I think she would have belonged to someone a long time ago. Of course I left the police team for so many years. I don’t even know if she is single or not.


“Haha, it’s Shen Bing. Need me for something?” I continue asking.


Shen Bing’s tone becomes serious, “That’s… Leader Wang told me to be in charge of staying in contact with you. Remember this phone number because in the future I will use this line to communicate with you. But now I have news for you.”


“Oh, what news?”


Shen Bing says, “You’ve offended someone called Liu Ying in Liu Hua University right?”




“Liu Ying has contacts all over the place in Xihu District. That…I just got news that stated Liu Ying spent 100 thousand Yuan (~$16000) to recruit a mysterious expert. I think tonight they will make a move against you. I hear that as long as the hitman doesn’t kill you, anything else is fine. So watch out, you might get beat crippled…”


I’m stumped for words, “Damn, what is this.. he found an expert to deal with me?”




“Who’s the expert? You should know right?!”


“Hehe…” Shen Bing laughs lightly, “I’ve hacked Liu Ying’s phone and email and painfully got the information about this expert…”


“Who is it…”


“Thunder Hands, Wen Tai Lai!”


“Ha!” I almost spit up blood.


Shen Bing continues, “Wen Tai Lai, this person throws very hard punches. I hear that  he once broke a person’s 5 rib bones with only one punch. He has quite a few cases in the police office. But now he’s been hired in a bar called ‘No Returns’ and he’s there as a muscle. Usually he’s responsible for the safety of the bar at night and prevent any fights in it.”


I nod, “Mm, I got it…”


“What are you going to do? Don’t go crazy now…”


“Don’t worry…”




I end the call and I raise my head and look.I’m under Dragon City, so I immediately leave the game.


I take off my gaming helmet and I take a deep breath.


To prevent any troubles from happening, I don’t want to make a huge scene. Since Wen Tai Lai is coming to take care of me, then I’ll just take the initiative and attack first. I can’t let him make a huge mess in the school or else Wan Er’s safety would also be threatened. That’s something that I don’t want to see happening.


I open up my suitcase and take out a huge black coat. Metersbonwe, this coat is great!


After that I find some sunglasses and I put it in my pocket and prepare for battle.


After leaving the dorms it’s already 11 o’clock in the night. The school’s gates are already closed. If I want to leave then I would get investigated heavily and they would even dig up my ancestor’s information.  If not I won’t be able to leave from the school gate.


I stand in the corner of darkness and look into the distance. Yep, I can’t leave from the school gate.


I put power into both my legs and my body rises. I swiftly step on a stone stool and crawl up the school’s walls. With a flip in the air I reach outside the school. I raise my hand calling a taxi, “Master, go to the No Returns bar on Xixi road!”




The taxi arrives on Xixi road with lightning speed and I see a road full of bars. No Returns bar can be considered fairly famous. People from foreign places usually come here because the bars usually invite some famous stars to talk about the place. So the business is exceptionally good here.


I arrive in front of the bar only to find out that I didn’t bring any money. Also I don’t know anyone here, so it seems I can’t enter. Which means I won’t be able to find that “Thunder Hands” person…


I look around for a moment and look around. In front there are some little vigorous girls chatting.


I immediately walk up and say, “Hello beauties~”


A girl wearing a blue shirt looks at me and says, “Oh? What’s up handsome?”


I smile, “Well…My friend hasn’t come yet, but he said he was going to treat me today. Can I come in with you all? It’s a bit cold outside…”


She smiles, “Sure! We’re going in right now. You’re coming right?”


“Yep, thanks!”




I follow them into the bar and before I even sit down the blue shirt person hooks my arms and gives a flower-like smile, “Since your friend hasn’t come in yet how about we stay here and play for a while?”


I frown, but I look around and see a fat guy staring at me. To avoid suspicion I nod and smile back, “That’s fine, I’ll play with you guys for a while!”


“Then we’ll roll a dice and whoever loses will drink a glass alright?”


“Mm, okay!”


The dice rolls around in the bowl and the girl loses. She immediately drinks a glass of wine. Quickly after that I lose, so I also lean my head backwards and drink a glass as well. Damn I wonder if it’s because they saw my coat, they called me “handsome”..


After drinking a few wines, the girl starts to become attached to me. Her body waves around with the music. She’s drunk.


I push her shoulder away and smile, “Excuse me for a second, I need to go to the washroom!”


“Ohh, quickly go and quickly return…”




I turn around and enter the washroom. An uncle holding a tower is wiping the mirror and I ask him, “Uncle, do you know where Wen Tai Lai is?”


He looks at me shocked, “What do you need him for?”


“Oh, I’m his cousin.”


Hatred flashes through his eyes. It seems like Wen Tai Lai is indeed notorious. He points upstairs and says, “Second floor, in the security branch chief office.”




I spin around and leave and go straight to the second floor. It seems like there’s nobody on the second floor. The security is too lax.


I reach the office and I put my ears on the wall and listen. I can hear a girl’s laughing voice inside.


Knock knock..


As a well-mannered person I knock.


“Who is it?” A rough voice comes from inside.


I put on my sunglasses and push the door and enter. I see a pretty and flirtatious women on the desk and Wen Tai Lai is embracing her. Both of his hands is on her thighs and I see calluses on his fists. He is indeed a person who boxes.


I raise my hand and turn off the lights and instantly the room goes dark. Luckily the outside light comes into the room through the window allowing some basic vision.


“Who are you?”


Wen Tai Lai angrily glares at me, “Why’d you turn off the lights?”


I lightly say, “Oh, I heard about you, so I wanted to check out your ‘Thunder Hands’..The woman can leave first, it’ll be done quickly…”


Wen Tai Lai couldn’t help but laugh coldy, “What’s this? You want to mess with me on my territory? Dear, you go out first and close the door. 3 minutes later get security and be ready to see a half-dead corpse!”


The woman nods and walks past me.






Tai Lai yells and prepares his fists. He kicks away the office desk and a few hundred kilograms heavy office desk falls just like that. With that kind of strength no wonder he can do whatever he wants here.


I raise my hands and clench my right fist and smile, “It’ll be decided in one move!”


“Ha! I’ll slaughter you today!”


Tai Lai bellows and runs forward and punches!


I leap forward and gather energy in my right fist. The speed suddenly increases and I punch at him.. A shapeless air circles my fist and with a bang I blow open Tai Lai’s heavy punch. With a violent force it dislocates his shoulder!




The sound of his bone breaking can be heard and Tai Lai stumbles towards the corner of the wall. With that, the bones in his arms broke. With his face full of cold sweat he looks at me, “You..Who are you?!”


“Don’t you want to deal with Liu Hua University’s Li Xiao Yao?”


“That..So what? If I beat him up, what does it matter to you? Who the hell are you?”


I turn around and leave a sentence——


“Don’t you dare do anything in Liu Hua University or else I will cripple you. Also, I am the brother of Li Xiao Yao, Li Xiao Sa!”


(T/N: “Xiao Sa” means “elegant” in Chinese)




I exit the door. Although I defeated him in one strike, I don’t need to be too arrogant. I take off my sun glasses and pull up my sleeve. I enter the washroom to wash my hands and on my pure white shirt I splash a trace of water. So it will seem like I’m a student that mixed into this place and it won’t raise any suspicions.


Under the fluorescent light the blue shirt girl is looking left and right for me.


I bend over and secretly leave through a crowd of people. After getting outside I take a breath of relief, “That was dangerous, but at least I got it done!”




After returning to Liu Hua University it’s already 2 o’clock at night. I take my key and open the door, then immediately go to sleep!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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