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Chapter 60- Borrowing a Knife to Kill!

I spin around and run towards the Hellhound. While running, I punch the ground and cast [Binding Chains]!


As my fist reaches the ground, Feng Han shifts a few meters sideways, and a huge “MISS” pops up next to him. At the same time, his pet Hellhound also wags its tail as it backs away a few meters. Such coordinated control! Both player and pet moved at the same time to dodge my skill!


I need to kill the Hellhound first, or else Baby Bobo’s HP can’t keep up!


I raise my sword, and slash towards the Hellhound. But I wouldn’t have thought that Feng Han kept on pulling the Hellhound back, making me unable to catch up to it. At the same time, I feel a chill behind my back, Feng Han’s [Combo] is coming!


Before turning around, I sink my body downwards, and block my back with my sword. I couldn’t block such a strong attack, and my entire body sprawls forward. But I spin my sword around, and I heavily slash Feng Han!






Looking at my attack damage, he seems a bit surprised. He takes his sword and backs away, and drinks a health potion. After taking 3 [Combo] hits, my HP is near empty. I wait for the cooldown of [Heal], and with a wave of my hand I recover 600 HP. But at that time, Baby Bob cries out, and dies from the attack of the Hellhound.


I can’t chase Feng Han, so I can only spin around and chase the Hellhound, since Bobo died, its only fair that Feng Han’s pet also dies. But I never would have thought that the Hellhound waved its tail and ran, giving me no chance to attack. Feng Han on the other hand recovered to full HP and immediately takes his sword and attacks!


My custom combo is still in cooldown, so I can only use [combo], and pray for the best!




Within 3 steps of me, Feng Han suddenly stops. A golden hexagram starts to appear on my sword, the start of my [combo]. I can’t let it go to waste, so I hastily rush forward to attack!


Who would have thought while he was backing away, the Hellhound attacked me from behind, and interrupted my [Combo]!


“I’m done for…”


My heart goes cold, and watching the glow of his golden hexagram flicker, his sword strikes my shoulder 3 times in succession, and I die!






I appear at a nearby graveyard, and check my equipment. I didn’t drop anything, but I stand there expressionlessly. It’s not that my skills isn’t up to par with him, it’s…it’s my gaming knowledge isn’t up to par. This loss, it is really because of the tactics that Feng Han employed…


After thinking for a full 5 minutes, going through what Feng Han did; controlling both himself and his pet, and continuously changing his opponent’s focus while grinding down their HP. Even if I have [Heal] I still got killed easily. Although his tactics are very clear, but I can do nothing about it, his reactions are too quick!


Whatever, I’ll return first!


After 10 minutes, I reach back to my corpse. From a distance, Feng Han holds his swords, and sits under a pine tree, He’s staring at my corpse, obviously waiting for me to revive. He wants another round?!




I don’t hesitate to revive, and because of dying I lost a level. I cast [Heal] and my HP becomes full again. I take my sword, and [Turmoil Sword] automatically activates. I also summon Bobo out. This time I need to counter-attacks, or else I would lose again.


Feng Han looks at me from afar, and smirks, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai. You’re not bad eh, I felt a bit of pressure. It’s really hard to find these kinds of opponents, Looking at Ba Huang City, there are probably only 10 people who have a strength like you!”


I silently listen, “And?”


“I quite admire you, how about you join [Vanguard]?” Feng Han smiles.


I point my sword at his chest, and say, “Admire me..is it? Let me kill you first!”




I step on the ground with my Silver-Locked boots, and rush towards him. I raise my sword and attack.


Feng Han laughs coldly  as he slowly unsheathes his sword, it seems like he has already calculated my path. With a clang, he takes his sword, and with a jump, he’s on his feet. The leaves crunch under his feet, and suddenly he extends his leg and kicks!


My body is in the air, but I grab onto the chain armor on his shoulders, and my entire body changes it’s original path. Going around Feng Han, a nearly perfect “MISS” pops up for his kick. At the same time, I roll on the ground, and punch the ground with my left hand. With a clang, I cast [Binding Chains]!


Sadly, Feng Han is very sharp, and he completely figured out my tactic. He slipped back a few steps, and “MISS” pops up for the [Binding Chains]. His sword starts to glow, and he slashes at Bobo but at the same time, Bobo’s [Combo] also starts!




After the rapid strikes, Feng Han’s HP dropped over 500 points after Bobo’s two attacks! But, Bobo’s HP is only around 100 points now. The Hellhound growls, and prepares to take his life!






I wave my hand to cast [Heal]. I need Bobo alive, or else I will lose against Feng Han and his pet!




I command Bobo to back off, stretching out their firepower. Bee Overlords are very fast, and immediately Bobo backs off a few meters. Both the Hellhound and Feng Han’s attack end up slashing air, and two beautiful “MISS” pops up. At the same time, I rush forward, raise my sword, and use [Combo]! My target: the Hellhound!








Sadly, after three strikes the Hellhound still hasn’t died and has around 50% HP.




The Hellhound growls, and it jumps pounces at my chest. I twist my body, and my sword’s edge skims the Hellhound, taking away 200+ HP. But within a moment, my HP is below 50%, from its attack. I immediately back off, and get Bobo to attack the Hellhound!




Feng Han suddenly smiles in self-mockery. He never would have thought the tactic he just used would be copied and used by me.


With a bang Feng Han kicks his Hellhound away, and at the same time he uses his level 4 swordsman skill [Haste]: Increases attack speed by 8% and movement speed by 4%. After he kicked the Hellhound, his sword also aims straight at Bobo’s head!






In a blink, Bobo goes into critical condition again. Feng Han’s recovery and reaction time is extremely scary. In addition, this guy’s ability to adjust to the situation is very strong as well, he is a very scary opponent, or else Yan Zhao would have been able defeat him!




I can only get Bobo to run for his life, and I also grab my sword and get as far away from Feng Han as I can. He calmly gulps down a health potion, and returns to full health once more. With him and his Hellhound, I could be killed in a single strike!


But, as fast as I can go, his speed is way superior to mine, and I can’t escape!




Feng Han lowers his sword, and it bounces against the ground, cutting the grass with every bounce. His smile is full malice, and he laughs, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai! You know, you’re quite unique. But do you really think that you can survive when I want to kill you? You’re better off dreaming!”




I don’t stop moving. My attacks and tactics have been seen through by Feng Han so I have no way out. To be honest, if my gaming skill wasn’t so bad, previously in [Conquest] I wouldn’t have been ranked over 3 millionth place.




Behind me, Feng Han comes closer and closer. I can almost feel Feng Han’s sword on my back, its a really bad feeling, but I can’t do anything about it. My pet control isn’t impressive, and Bobo’s attack patterns are quite foreign to me. I really can’t see any chance of winning. [Combo] and my custom combo are really easily broken or dodged by him, and I can’t land a sure attack!


I scan around me, and within the forest, I see 3 level 39 Ice Rats scuttling around. An idea pops up into my mind, and it seems possible. Should I try it out?


Holding my sword, I get Bobo to follow me. A few seconds later we reach the hill, and with a jump, we disappear into the forest!




I step on some turnips, and my entire body rolls towards some bushes. The 3 Ice Rats immediately start to chirp, and within 10 yards in front of me, they start casting [Ice Cone]!


Behind me, Feng Han smiles arrogantly, “Don’t pointlessly struggle Xiao Yao Zi Zai…”


I turn around, and as those 3 Ice Rats fire their [Ice Cones] at me, I put away my sword, and I punch towards Bobo! At the same time, after Bobo receives my punch, he also raised his stringer, and stung my chest. We exchanged attacks!




“Damn!” Feng Han’s face goes green, “Damn it, how did I not think of it…”


That’s right, aggro diversion!


Aggro diversion is a rule for wild monsters. Originally the 3 Ice Rats’s aggro were on me, but since I was attacking something else, their aggro immediately changes, and also Bobo attacked me, so as a result the aggro landed on the player behind me, Feng Han, who wasn’t attacking anyone!


Rustle rustle…


The three [Ice Cones] fly out, and they bring three damage numbers——










Feng Han’s HP is nearly gone, and his entire body is coated with a layer of frost from the attack, lowering his movement speed. At the same time, that Hellhound growls as it pounds towards me. He’s decided that if he dies, the Hellhound to kill me as well!




I hold my sword and dash towards Feng Han, and with a low yell, and 0.2 seconds of preparation, I release [Wind Blade], aimed at Feng Han’s neck! He’s been slowed so it doesn’t matter how powerful or quick he is, he won’t be able to dodge this!


“Gah, I don’t accept this…”


Feng Han only says that, and then his body goes limp, and falls on the grass.






The Hellhound also disappears with him and I return my sword back to the sheath. Feng Han dropped a couple of health potions and nothing else. I immediately run out of the Ice Rat’s attack range. After running a few hundred meters, I finally got rid of the aggro.


I take a deep breath. At least I killed him once in revenge. I should switch areas to grind, this isn’t a place where I should stay…


Through the night, on the other side of the forest, I kill countless Ice Rats, and I return to level 32. Feng Han also hasn’t appeared again. He was level 37 originally, and pretty close to Yan Zhao in the leaderboard, but with my [Wind Blade] he went back down to level 36 so is probably monster killing to get his levels back.


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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