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Chapter 59- Jian Feng Han

Looking at the ground, I see that Mu Tain and the monk both dropped some equipment. Mu Tain dropped a green-ranked armor, but my Armor of the Earth  is obviously better, so I don’t need it. But the monk dropped a shiny leg guard, so I pick it up and check it out. It’s bronze-ranked and it’s not too bad. My cloth leg guard conveniently dropped  when I was fighting the Generals.


【Feral Bear’s Leg Guard】(Bronze-rank)


Type: Armor


Defense: 65


Strength: +15


Other: Increases users defense by 20 points


Level Requirement: 30




I’m almost in a full suit of armor now, and my defense also rises to another level, breaking 500 points. Even if I meet Mu Tain and his gang again, I may not lose 200+ HP when I eat an axe. I scan around the area to check for any other drops, spin around, and go into the forests to continue searching. After wandering around for a while, without finding anything new, Wan Er sent a message, “Want to go out for a midnight snack? We’re hungry…”


“Mm, I’ll be there immediately!”




I disconnect and take off the helmet. I turn around, and I notice that a pair of eyes are staring at me. It’s Glasses, aka Tang Gu!


“Oi, what do you want?!” I frown and ask.


Tang Gu continues to stare at me, “Xiao Yao, I hear you fought with Liu Ying and his gang and that you even beat all four of them by yourself! Is that true?”


I smile, “Where’d you hear that from? Don’t joke around.”


“Was that really not you? Liu Ying won’t admit it, but students saw it…”


“I’m going for a midnight snack, you think what you want!”


I put a coat on and leave. I arrive at the girls’ dorm and two beauties wearing skirts are waiting for me. With their skirts fluttering in the wind revealing their attractive long legs, I can’t help but let my imagination roam.


“Where are we going today?” I ask.


Wan Er smiles, “Today you’re treating so you can decide!”


I slap my leg, “Woops, I didn’t bring money today. Can you cover for me today? I’ll pay you back tomorrow…”


“You are shameless…”


“Cough cough, Miss is the best…”






In the restaurant, we order a few dishes and a hot soup to get us through the night. Of course, having two beautiful women sitting in front of me is a blessing as a bodyguard. Looking at these two happily eating, I can’t help but remember my previous experiences as a bodyguard.


The first time, I was the bodyguard of some foreign executive and drove him around all day. I also helped bring him all kinds of women. There was one time when, as I was driving, I started hearing moans in the back. That marked the end of that job.


The second time, I was the bodyguard of some bigshot drug dealer. I got paid 5000 Yuan (~$800) everyday. During the drug deals, he killed a few innocent people in front of my face. Later on, when his enemies sent people to kill him, I did nothing as I saw his head got blown apart by an M9 pistol. After that, I dismissed myself…


My third employer is Ling Wan Er or rather, Ling Tain Nan. This is the first time I didn’t want to kill my protection target. Mm, I better cherish this.




“Li Xiao Yao, what are you thinking about?” Wan Er suddenly raises her head and looks at me.


I smile, “It’s nothing, just…”


“Just what?” She blinks with her pretty eyes and asks.


I go silent for a moment, then say, “I’m just worried that so many people in Ba Huang City are chasing after me, and because of that I might not be able to increase my level. I’m always getting killed, and if my level doesn’t go up, I won’t be able to resist. The bounty hunters will only get stronger as they come at me.”


“How can that be?” She smiles lightly and says, “I was just looking at the forums, and I saw that you 1v7’d an entire group. It was pretty good, and a lot of people are calling you Ba Huang City’s Border Zone’s Death God…”


My face goes red, “What are you talking about? That was only a struggle for survival…”


Wan Er purses her lips, and stares at me, “Still, you really need to be careful…”


“You’re talking about Jian Feng Han?”




Wan Er nods, and says, “Jian Feng Han. I dueled him some time ago. He is a person who understands battles very well and specializes in using his pets to lure others into a disadvantage. Also, he’s somewhat of a battle maniac, and he won’t allow anyone to be stronger than him. Think about it: virtually everyone in Ba Huang City knows you, and the bounty for you is so high as well, so its not possible that Feng Han come and challenge you!”


Cheng Yue is sipping her tea on the side, and suddenly smiles, “I feel that instead of challenging you, he wants to teach you a lesson.”


After saying that, she sits up straight and says, “Xiao Yao. How about Wan Er and I go to Ba Huang City to protect you for a few days? I haven’t seen this Feng Han, and I really want to see his strength. How about it?”


Though I know she offered it to protect me, I shake my head, “Nah, it’s fine. I’ll deal with whatever happens by myself. I’ve already been making preparations against the people Liu Ying sends after me. If Feng Han really comes, then that’s fine. Even I get killed by him, I make sure he pays. Just you watch…”


“Then we’ll be expecting more meals from you…”






After eating, I return to the dorms, but I can’t sleep, so I grab my helmet and go online. Might as well grind a bit more and quickly get to level 40 for that second promotion. After I learn some new skills, I’ll feel a little safer. If I meet a really skilled player now, I may very well be helpless.




I appear back in the forest while holding my sword. I summon Baby Bobo, and I carefully check the area around me. Some level 39 Ice Rats scuttle around, but there are no players. Mu Tain and his gang got completely wiped out by me, so I’m guessing he gave up on the bounty. Of course, losing a level is quite an impact, and without a certain way to kill me, no one would risk it.


Everyone thinks that in the area near the border, this Xiao Yao Zi Zai is an extremely skilled player, but it’s nothing but a false rumor. Even though in these past few days I’ve killed quite a few skilled players, I know how much I’m worth. I may have done some damage to the Generals, but if I dueled Yan Zhao right now, I’d only have around a 40% chance of winning. Yan Zhao Warrior has been leveling insanely fast and keeps getting better and better equipment. In addition to all that, he has [Prague] backing him up; I can’t fight against him.


Whatever, I’ll continue level grinding until level 40, and then I’ll see what skills Beast Tamer Dalin has for me!




During the night, I continue killing Ice Rats until around 12 o’clock. I have a ton of Indigo Seagrass, so it’s time to return to the city and create a batch of level 5 Seagrass pills.


As I was thinking of leaving, I raise my head, and feel a chill. Rather than being actually cold, the chill was more like an aura, an aura of killing spirit. Behind me, at the end of an open ground. 20 yards from me, I see a young man wearing black armor and leaning on a rock. His eyes are full of provocation, and over his head there’s a row of words——


ID: Jian Feng Han LV-37 Swordsman




It’s the guildmaster of [Vanguard], the extremely strong person that Wan Er talked about. This guy might even be above Yan Zhao!


He silently stares at me, and after a few seconds, he raises his head and smiles, “Oi, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you’re pretty interesting. To be able to resist bounty hunters trying to get that 1000 gold coin bounty, and single-handedly surviving in this high level forest. You live up to your name!”


I say lightly, “Friend, do you need me for something? I don’t recognize you.”


“The world has many heroes, why know them all? If I came here, of course I need you for something. That’s…”


His eyes suddenly go cold, and yells, “My only goal for coming here——To defeat you!”




I don’t say anything more. I raise my hands, and pull out my sword. Feng Han definitely came, so I probably can’t run away. Either I get killed, or he dies!


Feng Han smiles, and quickly reaches for his sword. At the same time, a hexagram appears under his feet, and he summons his pet. It’s a huge blood-red cyberus. It prowls, looks at me, and growls.


As if he could read my mind, Feng Han smiles, “Don’t be surprised. This is a Hellhound, 4.5 stars attack 4.5 stars agility. It’s slightly inferior to your Bee Overlord, but that’s not important. Whether or not a pet is strong is determined by the owner! Come, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, and show me the strength of Ba Huang City’s players!”


Stepping along the cold, grassy ground, Feng Han quickly dashes forward. At the same time, the Hellhound also rushes towards me from another angle. He’s controlling both his avatar and his pet at the same time!




The edge of my sword slices through the air and receives Feng Han’s attack. With a clang they collide. His strength isn’t too high and surprise sweeps across Feng Han’s face when he gets pushed back, but he quickly recovers and his face becomes calm again. His feet slip backwards and he stops himself from falling at a seemingly impossible angle. But before I could consider his awkward moment, his arms are spread, and his sword is already slashing down!


Without thinking, I activate my LV-4 [Combo]!




Our swords collide again, but Feng Han’s moves just like a big ape so even though I have a higher strength than him, he still has an advantage. Before I regain my posture, he starts his attack again.






I get hit and with that, Feng Han stops my combio. I feel a wave of heat from behind as the Hellhound bares its fiery claws and pounces towards me!


Bobo immediately intercepts him, and he fights against the Hellhound. At the same time, I slide along the ground, and a huge “Miss” appears from Feng Han’s third attack. He retreats a few steps to prevent any counterattack from me, and whoosh my attack hits air.


Damn it! If I continue this then I’ll die from Feng Han’s continuous attacks!




I take two more hits on my shoulder, but I kick my feet out!







I retreat a few steps and awkwardly stop my fall. Suddenly, something becomes clear, I raise my head and look at Feng Han, muttering, “This pattern…This is from the 12 strikes in Extension Boxing?!”


Feng Han pauses, “You actually figured it out…Heh, but you’re still going to die!”




I cast [Heal], and recover 600 HP, following up with a health potion, I’m back at full HP!




Feng Han’s body is like a shadow. He dashes towards me in an arc. He extends his arm and stabs towards me!






I stand still, and focus. I suddenly lash out with my sword, and with a clang, I knock away my opponent’s sword. At the same time, I step forward, and my left fist heavily hits the chest of Feng Han!






The ground around me starts to glow as I activate my combo, [Ikkitousen]!


“Oh crap…”


Alarm flashes in Feng Han’s eyes, but under my rapid strikes, his hip and chest get repeatedly attacked.But when he gets hit by the fourth strike of [Ikkitousen], he bends his body and his palm mercilessly pats the ground, and then with a flip, he backs away a few yards!




[Wind Blade] slices the air, and a huge “MISS” pops up!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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