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Chapter 58- Battle Between Sword and Shield!

There were a total of 7 players. The two berserkers were level 31 and the party consisted of another healer, archer, musketeer and mage. In addition to this, there was a level 32 monk with heavy armor. Overall this team combination is perfect for targeting bosses. Also to level up to 32 as a monk certainly isn’t an easy task, which shows how well of a player that monk is.


The captain seemed to be the berserker carrying a shining axe, above his avatar are the words, “Mu Tain”, and judging by its looks, the axe should be a silver tiered item; its attack damage surely wouldn’t be low. Though the biggest problem was probably their long ranged attackers, since I had no way of blocking or escaping it. A single round of attack from the entire team would probably be capable of killing me.




Under a tree I smile and ask: “I’m simply walking around collecting Indigo Seaweed, doing nothing to you. Why would you want to kill me?”


Mu Tain waves his axe and laughs: “By killing you, we would earn a thousand gold. So of course we want to kill you. Do you have any last words before you die?”


I stayed silent for a second, before I said: “This Deep Cold Forest is my domain, if you aren’t afraid, you can come and try to kill me.”


Immediately afterwards, I rushed into the Forest and since it was nighttime the visibility for everyone was poor and I disappeared out of their sight.


Mu Tain pauses before saying: “Release your pets, we will let them find him for us. Today is the day that Xiao Yao Zi Zai dies!”


Moments later a few bats, goblins, and other pets were summoned. None of them had a truly outstanding attack force, therefore being a limited threat.






As my battle boots steps on the moist grass, I slowly walk through the forest. I’m kind of scared of facing a 7-member team, if they came at me all at once, I would definitely die. But if I focused my strengths and pinpointed their weaknesses, I would have a good chance in killing them. I’ll use Baby Bobo’s mobility to assassinate their healer before moving on to the squishies: the mage, archer, and musketeer.


I began to flank to the side of their party and raising my hand, I summon Baby Bobo. He flew towards the healer as quick as a bolt of lightning and breaks through their defense line and uses his LV4 [Combo]




The healer immediately moves backwards and first hit of the combo misses, but Baby Bobo continues with his combo and two solid damages flew up.






Damn! The healer didn’t die. He must have added at least 5 points to endurance each time he leveled up in order to gain such a high health. While thinking this, Baby Bobo does a basic attack and the healer drops to the ground

Mu Tain quickly turns around and shouts loudly: “Musketeer and archer target and butcher his pet!”

The bullets and arrows almost immediately locked on tos Baby Bobo and even though Baby Bobo’s defense was decent it wasn’t enough to stop their high attack power. They dealt a little over 500 damage and in addition, the mage cast a [Rock Spike] and [Chilling Wind] on Baby Bobo



I stay in the dark while while I cast the Heal on Baby Bobo. Afterwards, I command Baby Bobo to retreat from the battlefield. If he stays there, he’d be a target practice for them!


“Monk, use [Lower Your Sword] on his pet!” Mu Tain yells as he makes a vicious attempt to hit Baby Bobo, but his attempt is futile as Baby Bobo is simply too fast.


A golden light emits from the monk’s staff and hits Baby Bobo. Baby Bobo’s attack got reduced by 10%! His 610 damage has become 549 in a split second. This fight isn’t in my favor anymore.


“Fucker, you want to leave?!”


The other berserker charged forward with his battle axe. On the axe are flickering flames and it looks like he wants to use his fire axe skill to kill Baby Bobo.

I can’t stay hidden anymore!


I quickly surge forward and use my Lvl 4 [Combo] with my Jade City Sword and as his focus is elsewhere, 3 numbers pop up.






His face shows a glimpse of his panic and he immediately retreats. I followed him closely since he must be almost dead after being hit by my [Combo], even if he have added a lot of stat points to endurance. When my attack was ready I make an extremely fast vertical slash.


“Fuck,how is this possible?”


The berserker is shocked at my speed and before he can recover his stance, his chest starts sprouting out blood. He drops to the ground and his battle axe drops!


Before I get the chance to grab the spoils, I immediately retreat. Just a second later, the spot that I was standing at before is hit by two arrows and a bullet.




Carrying Baby Bobo in my arms as I retreat. I wait to heal both me and Baby Bobo back to full health. When we finally get back to peak condition, I approach again knowing that the graveyard where the players respawn is far from here. I have approximately 10 minutes to kill the rest of the party. I firmly believe that I must kill all those who dare to attack me, so no one believes they can push me around.


As I peek around, I see a furious Mu Tain yelling: “Damn two people have already been killed and what have you been doing? You guys have barely reacted and your pets are useless!”


The monk quietly said: “Our vampire bat are simply unable to keep up with the bee’s speed.”


“Just keep defending this area until they respawn. Then we will continue the hunt.”





Even though they can afford to wait, I can’t. I command Baby Bobo to circle around to the other side. This time our goal is to kill the mage and archer.



The humming Baby Bobo flies towards the mage as quick as lightning.


“He’s here again!”


The mage was very observant and quickly manages to cast [Icicle Shot] onto Baby Bobo, which slowed him greatly. This enabled the mage to continue moving backwards, he’s using the hit and run tactic.


As they were distracted by Baby Bobo, I approached the archer from behind. Using the Jade City Sword I used [Combo] to strike at his left shoulder and at the same time, I swung my fist at the ground.




The [Binding Chains] was a success and the mage is rooted to the ground. In two strikes Baby Bobo, kills the mage. Mages are unwilling to put points into endurance like healers, since a mage’s only job is to do lots of damage. So a mage must put every single point into Magic Power, otherwise he wouldn’t have enough mana to keep up his lethal attacks.


As the archer dies, his vampire bat squeaks and disappears as well.


In seconds, two players have been killed and only 3 are left.




A combination of pain and heat emanate from my shoulder as I got hit by a [Fire Axe].






Mu Tain takes advantage of my temporary stunned state to perform a normal attack for 154 damage. His eyes open wide, in shock: “What is that defense?!”


I didn’t bother responding and tilted the edge of my sword to hit the abdomen of the musketeer. On the other side, Baby Bobo activates his LV-4 [Stinger], even with the 10% debuff on attack, the damage dealt is extremely impressive and the musketeer slowly falls to the ground.






The monk hits me again and I almost feel like laughing as 49 points of damage pop up. A monk might be incredibly tough and have enormous amounts of health. But what does it matter if he isn’t a threat in combat, such a shame.


“Its your turn now.”

I make a quick step sideways and a big MISS appears as I successfully dodge Mu Tain’s attack. His eyes are filled with anger as he realizes that I might annihilate his entire team. He uses his LV 4 [Penetration], his next attack will ignore 20% of my armor.


I see that my skills are available again and quickly decide to take his attack head on, and immediately afterwards use [Combo] on him. The tip of my Jade City Sword glows golden hexagrams and I viciously make 3 continues attacks.







Mu Tain’s health instantly drops to zero and he clenches his teeth as he dies.


Behind the team leader is the monk, who silently stood as he casted his spells. First, he casted a LV 4 [Regen] which improved his regen by 4% and afterwards a LV 4 [Golden Defense] which improved his defense by 12%.


“Come on!”


The monk exclaimed loudly: “Lets see you break my defense. Lets see the limits of a close-combat healer. Either you or me will die today.”


I continued staying silent, directing Baby Bobo to kill his pet goblin.



The Jade City Sword flips as I move forward in a smooth motion. In a single moment, I appear in front of the Monk with my sword ready to attack. He was horrified at my speed. Before I began my attacks, I took advantage of his surprise to crash into him. The defensive stance of the monk instantly shatters and he takes staggered steps backwards!


A glow emerged from my feet as I quickly used my S-Class combo [Ikkitousen]!










As I let out my continuous attacks, the Monk keeps losing his balance, stumbling backwards. Under the effects of my ram, he completely lost his balance, perfect for the 0.2 seconds delay for my [Wind Blade]. This would be the final hit.




A huge number appeared when [Wind Blade] connected with the Monk.




The monk is surprised and stunned as he said: “That was…. was that a custom combo?”


I remain silent as I finish him off.





The level 32 monk died.


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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  1. xiachenliang
    March 2, 2015

    3rd Win! Xian Chen Liang was here!


  2. xiachenliang
    March 2, 2015

    hellraiser I’m good, take over for the rest mate!


  3. Belzee
    March 2, 2015

    idk if im going to read all these new stuffs,, its kinda late since i reread gravity’s chapters 3-4 times each while waiting for your release ;c


  4. Belzee
    March 2, 2015

    oh ok thanks, i didnt noticed that.. 😀


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