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Chapter 57- Pardon Card


A gold beam fell upon me and I once again reach Level 32 after killing a Cloud Water Snake. I am close to tears, Damn, if not for the 2 consecutive deaths this afternoon, I would already  within the Top 10 of Ba Huang City. To miss such a rare opportunity…


Suddenly, “Sha Sha”, the grass by the shore moved. A few seconds later, a beautiful silhouette appeared, Level 34 Assassin beauty, Yue Qing Qian.


“Qian Qian!”


I walk forward, “You’ve come a long way, what is it that you want to give me?”


Yue Qing Qian smiles as she stretches her hand into her waist-pouch and pulls out a card, “Look, I somehow managed to acquire this from an auction, I’m sure it’ll be useful to you…”


I reach for it and take the blood red card.


[Pardon Card]: After using this card, for 12 hours, the user will not receive any penalties for killing other players.






Shocked, I continued, “Qing Qian, this should be pretty expensive right? I really do need it though…”


Yue Qing Qian laughs and shakes her head: “Not really, it’s only 5 gold because not many people want it. Everyone is more focused on rushing to Level 40 for their second class upgrade. Nobody has the time to spend on killing people all day, Of course, Tyrant of Western Chu is an exception…”


Yue Qing Qian looks at my equipment from head to toe as she speaks.


“Eh? Brother Xiao Yao, you…why are you wearing heavy armor? Aren’t you…aren’t you a healer?”


I pat the Dragon City Scavenger insignia on my shoulder, “Nope, I just changed my class to Swordsman.”


“Wah, no wonder you could withstand the attacks from the Generals and even kill 3 of them…”


“I still died though, my level was insufficient…”


“Hmm.” Yue Qing Qian blinks and continues, “I suggest you stop training here, your current location is pretty much an open secret and is sure to attract endless players to try and kill you for the 1000 gold bounty. The temptation is simply irresistible!”


“I know, Qing Qian, you can return first, I’ll change my training spot right away,”

“Okay, Brother Xiao Yao you must be careful!”



I watch Yue Qing Qian disappear into the distance, and then open the map of my surroundings. I do have to move from here, many players are going to come here looking to kill me soon. So it won’t be possible for me to level in peace. Liu Ying wants to buy my doom, but I won’t surrender so easily. I have to be as tough and difficult to kill as a cockroach, and bide my time for the perfect moment to strike back.


Yue Qing Qian sends yet another message: “Brother Xiao Yao, one more thing!”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Have you heard of the [Vanguard] guild?”

“Of course, they are Rank number 3 in China, second only to [Legends] and [Heroes Tomb]. How can I not have heard of them?”


“Well…” Yue Qing Qian sounds worried: “[Vanguard] guild left Jiu Li City towards Ba Huang City this morning. Their leader, Jian Feng is also on the way over, they will reach Ba Huang within a day. The whole Ba Huang City’s balance of power is going to change, even [Prague] is feeling the heat. Half an hour earlier, I heard that Jian Feng saw the video of you PK-ing the Generals and is interested to exchange a few blows with you…”


I clench my teeth: “[Vanguard] is a large guild, they shouldn’t be short on gold?”


Yue Qing Qian: “Though they don’t lack gold, but Jian Feng is insane. For a guy with the nickname Insane Gamer, he keeps seeking to challenge strong players. Just this morning, Uncle Yan Zhao dueled with him 5 times and lost 4 of those duels. You must be careful, Jian Feng is arrogant and cold-blooded, I suspect that if he sees you outside the city, he’ll kill you without even bothering to ask for a duel.


My heart sank: “Okay, I know…thanks Qing Qian, I’ll do my best and stay strong…”






Leaving the Desolate Cloud Swamp, I continue my journey towards the East. After I passed through a thick forest, I reach a large canyon ahead. It’s also the largest training area within the Dragon’s domain – Fire Stone Canyon!


The area of Fire Stone Canyon is at least 10 times the size of Desolate Cloud Swamp. This will make it safer for me to train here as it’s harder for other players to find me in such a large area.


“Wu wu…”


Standing on the canyon above, my whole body suddenly starts trembling as the cold wind blows through the gaps in my armor and chills me to the bone. As I gaze into the distance, all I see are fire-red rock, it’s like I’m within a raging, flaming volcano. On the side of the Fire Stone Canyon nearest to me, I spot countless Level 39 Orcs who hold wooden clubs swarming around. With my current strength, training with monsters 7 levels above me is not difficult, and the EXP is wonderful. Alright, I shall hang around this area to train!


Swinging off from a protruding rock, I slide down along the mountain slope.


Keng Keng” I use the Jade City Sword to carve a trace into the rock to slow my descent. Baby Bobo follows me in the air. A few minutes later, I plant my feet firmly onto the ground in the middle of the canyon. Just ahead, there are 2 Orcs, “Huchi huchi”, they breathe coarsely and I can’t make out what they are saying.


These are Porcine Orcs, with a human body and a pig’s head. Though I wouldn’t say that their body is entirely human either. Their torsos are exceptionally thick and strong, covered in entirely in slick black hair. Standing at about 2 meters tall, animal skin which seems to be leopard fur hangs from their waist. This is enough to prove that these Orcs are strong.




Ga Ga … … I smell fresh blood!” The Orc on the left is suddenly on the alert, with his ears perked, he laughs loudly, “Finally, a change of diet. I see a strong, young, human warrior. The delicious flesh of a warrior’s legs is great, let’s get him together!




“Hong long long”, I hear the sound of footsteps as both Orcs brandish their wooden clubs and rush over.


I remain calm. With a swift stroke, I strike forward with my Jade City Sword, “Pu chi”, a normal attack hits the Orc in front. Immediately after that, a low whistling sound is heard as aura rises from my feet and the S Rank combo [Ikkitousen] is activated. I execute a flurry of strikes and cut forcefully. The final strike, [Wind Blade] splits the Orc as he screams in agony. With another attack, rays of white EXP points fly and seep into my body, making my EXP bar jump. The Orc is dead!


Turning around, Jade City Sword shudders as a golden hexagon forms on the blade and rotates, “Keng keng keng”, my combo lands on the other Orc’s wooden club. Baby Bobo’s combo follows, producing another ray of white light. Chuckle, with this combination, I can kill off two Level 39 Orcs within 6 seconds, my damage output is indeed outstanding.


As a third Orc rushes over, I lift my blade and dash toward him, wanting to execute my custom combo. Alas, a cooldown of 30 seconds are on all custom combos, so I have to wait for 20 seconds more before I can [Ikkitousen]. I immediately use Wind Blade and together with Baby Bobo’s attacks, we easily get rid of the Orc. I loss a little health, 1 hit from the Orc took out 80 HP from me, an amount that isn’t even worth healing over.


One step at a time, I gradually advance into the depths of the Fire Stone Canyon.


Up ahead lies a patch of dark green thicket belonging to the Deep Cold Forest, the sole forest in the middle of Fire Stone Canyon. Before I enter, my Herb Gathering skill lights up, signalling that there are high leveled herbs ahead!


Stepping into the forest, I look between a large tree and a rock and catch a glimpse of strands of dark blue grass swaying in the wind. It’s almost as if they are welcoming me.


Taking a number of steps forward, imaginary tears start to stream down my face as I spot the name of the herb in front of me. Indigo Seagrass, a Level 5 herb. It’s the essential ingredient in the refinement of Level 5 Indigo Seagrass of Immortality!


I take out my herb shovel and gather it excitedly!




System Notice: Congratulations, you have gathered 2 x [Indigo Seagrass], your [Herb Gathering] skill as increased by 2!




System Notice: Congratulations, you have gathered 3 x [Indigo Seagrass], your [Herb Gathering] skill as increased by 3!




After collecting 7 Indigo Seagrass plants, I happily stand upright to leave when suddenly, something scuttles out from the shrub in front of me. “Ji ji”, it’s tail flashes as an ice cone hurdles my way–






My body trembles. Damn, it’s a magic type monster–


Ice Rat, Level 40, data not available.



Just before I initiate my attack, the Ice Rat sends it’s second ice cone my way, making me lose 200+ HP again. But he won’t be lucky enough for a third time as my Jade City Sword slashes into the Ice Rat in the next instant. An aura surges around me as my combo is activated. “Pa pa pa”, [Ikkitousen] strikes the Ice Rat continuously. Being a magic type monster, it’s health should only be around 1500 HP. “Ji ji”, it whimpers as it falls to the ground!


Pa ta… …”


My luck is pretty good, it’s just my first kill and I actually get a dark blue illustration as loot —


[Ice Rat]














Okay, a typical pet, magic potential growth at 4 stars is good if one uses it as a magic pet. At least it would be useful to level and PK at the early stages. Magic is the weakness of armoured classes, and the proof it that this Level 39 monster can shave off 200+ of my HP with it’s ice cone.


I continue to roam around the Deep Cold Forest with my Jade City Sword in hand, searching for Indigo Seagrass while keeping an eye out for a Level 1 Ice Rat, making sure not to miss it.


After drifting around for more than an hour, it’s almost 9PM already, but Lin Wan Er hasn’t contacted me for supper. Dong Cheng Yue did joke that tonight was my turn to treat, because my bet with Lin Wan Er was still on-going and I got killed by the Generals twice, which meant I owed them 2 meals.


While fighting an Ice Rat, I suddenly hear the sound of footsteps and voices coming from just outside the forest–


“Boss, these are the carcasses of Ice Rats. It looks like there’s a player nearby, and he must’ve been here recently because the carcasses haven’t disappeared yet……”


“Okay, let’s go in and take a look. To train in this area requires a group of at least 10 players, or they wouldn’t be able to withstand the monster’s attacks.”






Shadows move as a few players enter my field of vision. I simply stand there holding my Jade City Sword, surrounded by nothing but empty space. I stare at them as our eyes meet.




A thin archer remarks coldly: “Xiao Yao……Xiao Yao Zi Zai…to actually bump into him here. Boss, what should we do……”


The Level 31 Berserker lifts his battle axe off his shoulder, as his face turns savage: “Isn’t it obvious? Kill him!”


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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    2nd Win! Xian Chen Liang was here!


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