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Chapter 56- Ikkitousen!

Now that I have this Necklace of Bravery, my total HP rises to 930 points, its one step closer to 1000! At least now I won’t die as easily. But damn, there’s still that bitter feeling. I died two times, and dropped back down to level 30!

In my soul form, I return to the [Desolate Cloud Swamp], and Li Mu is silently standing there while holding his sword. He, together with Wang Jian and Ba Qi formed a triangle formation, with Lian Po holding his longbow in the middle. A typical defense formation. No matter which side I attack from, I can’t get any surprise attacks off.



“We killed him twice, equivalent to 2000 gold coins. I’ve already contacted Tyrant of Western Chu, and within the next 10 minutes, I will put the video of us killing Xiao Yao Zi Zai two times on the forums as proof, so that he has to keep his word.” General Lian Po says faintly.


Wang Jian frowns, “That video… can’t it be edited? We 4v1ed, and we still got killed, if people see that we would lose face! Also, Boss’s necklace dropped as well, damn it. That necklace is worth at least 50 gold!”


Li Mu stand there quietly, and says, “No need, Xiao Yao is originally strong, why else would Tyrant of Western Chu give out a 1000 gold bounty? Although quite a few of us died, ultimately, we finished our bounty hunt. But what kind of class is ‘Scavenger of Dragon City’? How did he get it…”


Ba Qi asks, “Boss, do we continue waiting here and kill him for the third time?”


Li Mu shakes his head, “Nah, we can’t be too greedy…”


After saying that, Li Mu faces the open space, and yells, “Brother Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Today, we Generals were unfair to you, and we apologize for our actions. We only want the 2000 gold. My Necklace of Bravery dropped, you can keep that as our apology. We hope that you won’t hold a grudge against us, and we Generals will remember about you!”


After saying that, Li Mu mutters, “Let’s go!”


All four pets are released, and they back away carefully.




Being in soul form, I can’t say anything back so I silently look on as they leave. I revive and summon Baby Bobo. I wear my nearly acquired Necklace of Bravery, a bronze equipment that’s worth two levels. Luckily, equipment like necklaces and rings are hard to obtain, so the trade isn’t too bad.


I continued killing water snakes and collected the venom sacs!


Before long, 10 sacs are in my bag. Okay, time to go to that NPC garrison leader to hand in the mission!


I enter the forest, and find Guche fairly quickly. His face has turned purple from the snake poison and his whole body is twitching uncontrollably. When he sees me, his death-like face sparks a trace of life, and he struggles to get up, “Young warrior, have you brought the venom sacs of the Desolate Water Snakes?”


I nod, and I take the 10 sacs from my bag to give to him. He washes them and then cracks the sacs and spreads the juice from the sacs onto his wounds. It is extremely effective, and with minutes, the rotting flesh started to flow with fresh red blood. Guche tears his clothing to wrap around his wounds, and then he stands with the help of a staff. He pats my shoulder, and says, “New scavenger, your help is very gratifying, I also see the hope in the cold and desolate Dragon City. Since you saved my life, now, I will give you my most precious things. Also, I represent the garrison when I say my thanks!”




System Notification: Congratulations! You finished A-ranked mission [Sac Gathering]! You receive 9000 experience points, 10 gold coins, and your fame in Dragon City has increased! Also, you receive the item: [Elite Steel Wrist Guard]!




Elite Steel Wrist Guards?


My heart thumps in happiness, I haven’t heard of the rank Elite Steel before, it can’t be black-iron equipment, can it?


I open up my bag and find an elegant wrist guard made out of silvery steel. I pick it up, wave my hand to see its stats, and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. I didn’t save Guche for nothing——


【Elite Steel Wrist Guard】(Silver-rank equipment)


Type: Armor


Defense: 70


Strength: +25


Magic Power: +20


Other: Raises defense by 25 points.


Level Requirement: 30




With a golden ray of light, I rose to level 31, of course, I can wear this level 30 silver wrist guard. I immediately equip it, and I feel like I got a lot stronger, especially in defense, it rose by a lot——


【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Scavenger of Dragon City)


Level: 31


Attack: 558-751


Defense: 417


HP: 936


Mana: 390


Charm: 25




My defense is over 400 points now, and the best thing about this wrist guard is it gives me 20 extra points of magic power. Scavenger of Dragon City’s magic power to mana ratio is 1:8, so 20 points in magic power gives me 160 extra mana, and at this stage it is invaluable. When my [Combo], [Binding Chains], and [Wind Blade] reach level 4, plus my level 4 [Heal], a rotation of the skills will pretty much empty my mana bar. If my skills go off cooldown but I don’t have enough mana to use it, that would be a pretty sad scene.


I continue, and without a quest, I start annihilating the water snakes, and two water snake seals drop. A high agility monster, but the value of it isn’t high, and I haven’t seen any level 1 Desolate Water Snakes yet. While killing monsters, I can grind both my levels and my skills, and luckily I still have a few Chilling Wind Pills, or else I wouldn’t be able to grind my skills that much.


Level 3 [Wind Blade] and level 3 [Binding Chains] both need 60 mana per use and to raise them from level 3 to 4, I need to use the skill 1000 times. It’s a very tedious process, and after grinding non-stop for 3 hours, it’s already 7 o’clock at night. With a ding, [Wind Blade] reaches level 4. LV-4 [Wind Blade], increases attack by 12%, extremely powerful!


But, [Binding Chains] still needs a bit more time until it reaches level 4. I’ll take it slowly.






As I was killing the water snakes, I get a message. It’s from Wan Er, “Xiao Yao, have you looked on the forums?”


“I haven’t. What happened?”


Wan Er opens up a voice call, and laughs light, “You’re getting famous… The 4 Generals went to some remote place to kill you, but unexpectedly you killed quite a few of them. This video on the forums is getting near a million views! You should pay more attention…”




Wan Er continues, “You be careful. I hear that in Fan Shu City a few groups want to go to Ba Huang City, and even in Jiu Li people want to go too. For a bounty of 1000 gold coins, these people are even more vicious than the Generals!”


“I got it, I’ll be careful.”


“Mm, then I’ll continue level grinding.”




Just as Wan Er’s call ends, I get another message. This time it’s from Qing Qian, “Xiao Yao!”


“Mm, Qing Qian. What’s the matter?”


“A lot of people from Ba Huang City are going to the forests in the north. I suspect that their goal is you, what are you going to do?” She seems very worried.


I smile, “Don’t worry Qing Qian. If I can beat them, I’ll kill them. If I can’t, then I’ll just disconnect and go offline. It’s not like I’m going to keep on dying for no reason. If I go offline, those people will leave. I doubt they would play a waiting game with me.”


Qing Qian replies, “Mm, if you do that, I’ll feel relieved. That’s right, I’m coming towards you, throw me your coordinates. I have something to give to you…”


“Oh? What thing?”


“When you get it you’ll know!”






After giving her my coordinates, I continue level grinding and I also check the weapon ranking of Ba Huang City. In the rankings, Jade City Sword is ranked first, the second is a gold-ranked pike, the third is a gold-ranked dagger. All of their owners hid their IDs. That’s expected, no point of getting into trouble from people being jealous. As for the armor rankings, my Silver-locked boots and Elite Steel Wrist Guard are ranked as 278 and 311 respectively. The rest of my items don’t even reach the top 1000. Ranked first in the defensive items is a gold-ranked level 32 helmet, and who knows who has that item. This game is full of violent developments because there are so many skilled players!




Light bounces off my sword, and I continue using the continuous strikes of [Stab+Slash+Hack+Ram+Wind Blade], and every time it takes shorter and shorter to use it. It gets along very well with my power, and it feels like it has already become one of my skills. Also, as my strength gets bigger and bigger, and the power of the strikes also slowly increase.


After a long time, and who knows how many times I used these 5 strikes, finally, I hear a noise next to my ear that shakes my heart. Has it finally come?




System Notification: Congratulations! You have successfully created a combo. It satisfies the requirements of practice, power, speed, angle, etc. Your combo is composed of [Stab+Slash+Hack+Ram+Wind Blade]. Please make a name for it, if no name is given within 300 seconds, the system will automatically create one!




Damn, I finally create the combo!!


I couldn’t hide my happiness, and I silently enter a row of words. I named my combo【Ikkitousen】!




System Notification: Congratulations! Your combo “Ikkitousen” has been created. The system ranks it as a S-rank combo, and you are the 7th player to successfully create a combo. Charm +3!


My heart almost stops, and looking at my reward, I’m already sure, that my [Ikkitousen] is S-rank, higher than Yan Zhao Warrior’s A-rank and Li Mu’s B-rank combos, it’s really powerful!


My excitement doesn’t stop, and holding Jade City Sword, I look into the distance, and I find a level 39 water snake slithering around, and without any hesitation I slam it to the ground!




With [Binding Chains], I trap the water snake. I take my sword and rush over there, creating ripples with my Silver boots. I silently cast [Ikkitousen], and the combo immediately activates. A wave of air spread from my feet, and with a whoosh it scatters all the droplets of water around me. My sword quickly slabs, slashes, and hacks with lightning speed, then vigorous power flows from my body, and I slam into the water snake, with that it is stunned for a short while. My sword starts to glow teal, and it collects wind for 0.2 seconds. [Wind Blade]! A chain of damage numbers fly up——














The last strike instantly killed the water snake. With a combo I instantly kill a monster that’s 8 levels above me! This is the real instant kill that I’ve been hearing. The system calculations are in front of me, my combo used 1.2 seconds which is a frightening speed. Compared to Yan Zhao’s 1.7 seconds, Li Mu’s 1.9 seconds, this combo is way quicker. Not only is the time shorter, the power is also stronger, and because its shorter, its harder to defend against. The difference is extremely clear!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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    Win! Xian Chen Liang was here!


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