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Chapter 54- Attack of the Mercenaries!

“Q Sword is already level 36 and ranked first in Fan Shu City. Also he’s already made a custom [combo] and learned an exclusive skill. Last night outside of Fan Shu City there was a battle and Q Sword singlehandedly challenged 9 players that were over level 30 and won. This guy is an idol to everyone…”


Dong Cheng Yue blinks her beautiful eyes, smiles, and says: “I also heard that yesterday’s battle caused a lot of girl players to confesse to Q Sword on the forums. ..”


Wan Er looks deeply at me and her pretty pupils bring a trace of provocation, but she smiles and says: “Mm, yeah I also feel that Q Sword belongs to the group of men that are perfect in every aspect. It’s normal for girls to fall for him…Unlike a certain person who chose the healer class and at the end…Was bullied left and right by Tyrant of Western Chu…”


I rub my nose and say angrily: “Miss, don’t mock me…”


“What are you talking about…” Wan Er spreads her hands and looks at me innocently: “I’m just saying the truth…Which reminds me, Li Xiao Yao what’s your level right now and what rank are you in Ba Huang City?”


I think for a bit: “Level 31 at 97% experience and almost level 32. As for the ranking, when I went offline I was around 300, but now I’m guess that it should be around 500…”


“Oh? Your level rises so fast?” Wan Er’s mouth is wide open.


I’m speechless: “Not as fast as you, already level 34 and almost level 35…”


“How about you come to Fan Shu City? I’ll introduce you and you can join [Q Sword]’s guild. How about it?”


“Q Sword’s guild?” I frown. “Isn’t that the one that’s really popular on the forums, [Hero Mound]?”


“Yep!” Wan Er nods. “It’s the second ranked guild in the entire server and [Hero Mound] has a bit of history. There are over 80 thousand player registering. Is there any need to hesitate?”


I clench my fist and say plainly: “Nope, I’ll build up my own guild. I won’t join [Hero Mound].”


Cheng Yue looks at me in a daze and after a while says: “Xiao Yao is jealous…”


While my face is red, I say: “Nope. Definitely not. Jealous? What are you talking about? How can I be jealous of this guy? Impossible!”


Wan Er giggles, hums a song, and doesn’t bother me anymore.


Cheng Yue on the other hand says: “Don’t worry about it, but Wan Er and I decided that we’re going to join [Hero Mound]. But our hearts will be with you. To be honest, if I ever choose a boyfriend I would prefer people like you Xiao Yao…”


I sip my tea and say: “Thanks!”


“You’re welcome…”




After eating lunch, it was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We hurried back to school and the two beauties continued to grind their levels which made me feel a bit pressured. I also want to quickly level up or else if I fall behind that would be pretty embarrassing. Also Wan Er and Cheng Yue both want to enter the second ranked guild. I should try joining around with some guilds as well. [Prague] is out of the question. Yan Zhao is furious at me. Also creating my own guild is even more out of the question. I have no funds, no members, and I can’t even attract any players.


Whatever, level grinding comes first. I’ll think about guilds when I reach level 40!




I go online and I appear in the Desolate Cloud Swamp. Immediately when I get online I get bitten by a huge alligator. Damn the alligator I killed before noon already respawned! I summon Baby Bobo and I slice towards the alligator with Jade City Sword!


I continue going forward and the alligators shows up less and less. In the shallow water plants, a small red dot appears on the minimap showing that there’s a monster there. But…I can’t see any monster, so it might be hiding under water.




I walk in the water with my Silver Locked Battle boots and hold Jade City Sword tightly. I slowly walk forward. When I get closer to the red dot, it suddenly rushes towards me under the water! At the next instant, water splashes and a huge water snake as thick as my shoulder jumps out at me!




The moment it comes out of the water, it opens its mouth and bites my arm!




I raise my head and look at it. Then I see that it’s a level 39 monster. So that’s why it was so vicious. [Desolate Water Snake]  LV-39. Indeed the attack is not bad. Let’s see how the defense holds up!


Jade City Sword shakes and the atmosphere around me swirls as I gather wind for the sword. I slice with my level 3 [Wind Blade] and it heavily chops at the head of the water snake!




Hm, the defense isn’t anything special and its HP should be around 2000 points or so. With one slice of my [Wind Blade], it took away 25% of its health. Bobo also buzzes over there to sting it with his combo. My sword shakes and I go in again for another attack. At the same time the water snake flicks its long tail and it crashes into my face with a bang, OW.




I can’t take anymore hits. So at the same time I use my level 4 [Combo], I also cast [Heal]!




With that my HP is almost full. Bobo and I combine forces and attack together. With a few strikes the water snake’s HP drops and it falls with a slither. After dying it floats on the water and a taints the water around it with a faint red tint.


I pick the 12 silver coins in the water plants silently and continue forward. Now that I have experience, when I saw another small red dot on the minimap I stood still. Then I punched into the water and cast [Binding Chains]!




Steel chains break through the water showing the Desolate Water Snake. The snake is completely immobilized by my level 2 [Binding Chains] for 2.2 seconds. Both of us rush towards it. This time, killing it was a piece of cake. After finishing the water snake I scan around. At the edge of the swamp I see smoke rising and I also see a person! I’ll go there and check it out!




I leave the shallow water and slice away some thorns. In front of is a soldier with rotting legs. He’s around 35 years old and over his head hovers a line of words——Garrison Leader Guche. On his shoulder there’s the emblem of Ba Huang City, which provides the same buff that I get.


Guche is lying there and using leaves to cover both of his legs. Beside him is a campfire. His forehead is full of sweat and he’s breathing quite heavily, it seems like he is going to die soon.


I take my sword and quickly run over to him. I kneel down next to Guche and ask: “What happened?”


Guche raises his head and looks at me. Then suddenly his pale face becomes full of color and says: “Ah! You’re…You’re from Ba Huang City, but you also have the imprint of Dragon City. Ahh…I’m saved!”


I ask: “What happened?”


Guche says: “Under the orders of Captain Frost, I carried gold coins to nearby towns and cities to buy food to bring back to Dragon City. But I didn’t expect to meet bandits on the way and they stole all the gold coins. I then tried to bring the injured soldiers back to Dragon City. But when we were in the Desolate Cloud Swamp, I was attacked by the [Poisonous Water Snakes] in the swamp. Now my lower body is rotting from the poison. So young Scavenger of Dragon City…”


He grabs my hands and says: “Please kill some [Poisonous Water Snakes] and bring their vemon sacs back to me. I need 10 of their sacs in order to cleanse this poison! If you really help me, then I will give you my most precious thing!”




System Notification: Do you accept the mission 【Sac Gathering】? (Mission Difficulty: A)




I quickly accept it and say: “Don’t worry, I will find 10 bladders as soon as possible!”


“Thank you young warrior!”


I leave Guche and return to the Desolate Cloud Swamp. After receiving the mission, the water snakes have mission marks on top of their heads. These [Poisonous Water Snakes] will start dropping vemon sacs, but I don’t know the probability of it.


After killing around 10 of them, finally with a splash the snake drops a mission item. In the water plants I found my first bladder. Okay I only need 9 more. Then I can finish this mission.


After a good hour or so, I collected 8 more bladders. I am near the end of this mission and I’m getting excited. Guche is a leader of a garrison. If I saved his life, he said he would give me his most precious item,..


As I was getting full of myself, I suddenly hear leaves rustling. In the forest, a few players appear. Their movements are fast and in the front is a player with heavy armor and high leveled. He also is someone familiar——


General Li Mu – Swordsman




Huh, the General Family eh, what are they doing here? Behind Li Mu, General Wang Jian, Lian Po, and Ba Qi also came. They are all level 30+ high ranked players and their equipment are very high quality. 2 swordsman, 1 berserker, and one archer. Are they doing some huge quest or something?


“We found Xiao Yao Zi Zai. He’s actually here in the Desolate Cloud Swamp!”


Li Mu’s eyes suddenly go crazy and he pulls out his sword from his back and laughs: “Everyone prepare! Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai once and we get 1000 gold coins. Kill him twice and we will have enough funds to create our guild!”


Ba Qi raises his battleaxe and laughs: “The boss and me will flank him. Wang Jian go straight and Lian Po will fire from afar! Haha! With our entire General family dispatches. This brat stands no chance!”




My heart trembles. Damn these guys are here for the bounty?!


Nope. I’m not going to sit here and die. That’s not how I do things!


But I can’t attack first or else my name will turn grey or even red and I will suffer insane death penalties. So I have to wait and pretend that I’m weak. Wait until their name turns gray. Only then can I start attacking.


I hold Jade City Sword and don’t back down. But rather I charge ahead and yell: “Li Mu, I have no grudges against the General family, so there’s no need to cling onto me is there?”

Li Mu laughs: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, although we have no grudges against you, people die for money. If you want to hate someone, go hate Tyrant of Western Chu. Us Generals lack money, so don’t blame us for this…”

I smile: “If you want the 1000 gold bounty then come!”

My sword trembles and a golden hexagram appears on it. I suddenly change my original course and I move right towards General Ba Qi. He’s a berserker with high damage, but his defense is low. So I’ll take him down first!



Ba Qi’s battleaxe starts flaming and it falls on my shoulder. A sharp pain comes from my left shoulder and my back trembles as well. An arrow has hit my back and two damage indicators pop up——




My HP instantly drops and without hesitation I cast [Heal] and recover all my HP back. At the same time I dash behind Ba Qi. The agility of a berserker is too low so he can’t dodge. I’ll let him have a taste of this level 4 [Combo]!




The grey-named Ba Qi falls down into the water with a cry and dies just like that. This is the power of the gold-ranked weapon, Jade City Sword!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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