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Chapter 50- Skills Test

The night wind blew and the dropped leaves danced. I walked on the forest path in the school yard. Even through its early autumn, there’s a firefly dancing in the bushes.

In front of me, Wan Er is wearing a short white skirt. Even without makeup, her pretty face is bewitching under the warm light of the road lamps. Although she wore very simple clothes, anyone could tell that she was a top-class beauty. I followed behind Wan Er, which meant I am a bodyguard, if I walked side by side with her, it would imply that I am her boyfriend.

“Xiao Yao, today we’re not going to eat in the cafeteria. Let’s go out somewhere to eat. Where should we go and eat?” She asks suddenly.


I instantly reply: “We should go and eat expensive food!”


Wan Er suddenly stops then turns around and looks at me with those beautiful eyes: “You want to die? My savings for this month are used up and not much money is left…”


I spread out my hands: “Then let’s eat some fried egg rice from a stall somewhere, but I’m only afraid that you won’t like it…”


Wan Er pouts her mouth and smiles: “Who said that I won’t like it? Let’s go!”


“Will we really go eat fried rice?”


“Of course, why would I lie to you.”






We go outside of the school and rows of stores are selling delicious food. 9 o’clock at night is the business peak for students and in Liu Hua University there are probably over a thousand students playing [Destiny]. So people that come here and eat is not a small number.


We chose a small stall and I pull out a chair and let Wan Er sit down first. I then sit directly opposite to her and raise my hand and say: “Boss, two bowls of fried egg rice please! The 4 yuan (70 cents USD) ones!”


Wan Er takes out her cellphone and looks at the forums online. On the side, many students that were eating rice discovered that there is a super beauty here. All of them have their eyes wide open and their drool almost falls onto the tables.


I rest my chin on one hand and I look at Wan Er bored. She’s purses her lips and whines: “Damn it…I was ranked first just a few seconds ago in Fan Shu City, but now I’ve been overtaken and dropped back to fourth. I was just helping Cheng Yue with a quest, but now so many people passed me already… ”


A pair of watery, beautiful eyes and nothing lacking on her face, I was enchanted. The clothes she wore suits her and her soft little face is pretty in the scenery of night. I was tempted to pinch her face, but of course I wouldn’t dare do so.


“I want to raise you like a pet…” I accidentally slipped some deadly words.


Wan Er was faintly distracted and says: “What did you say just now?”


I immediately corrected myself: “Nothing. I said nothing.”


The edge of her lips rise and she smiles: “Who do you want to raise as a pet?”


I shake my head immediately: “Nothing. You heard wrong…”


Wan Er snorts and says: “Whatever, you probably couldn’t afford to raise me…”




“Oh right.” Wan Er looks at me: “I saw a post on the forums and it said because of Yue Qing Qian’s problems, you and Yan Zhao dueled and you lost…”


I nod: “Mm, Yan Zhao’s attack is way too high for me. I couldn’t take his level 4 combo strikes, so that loss is normal.”


“But I also heard that you broke off the last two strikes of Yan Zhao Warrior’s [Peerless Strike].” Wan Er smiles: “Peerless Strike only takes 1.7 seconds and you successfully interrupted the combo. You’re pretty good…”


My face goes red: “Actually, it was just lucky hit…”


“Of course it was…” Wan Er laughed then looked at me and asked: “Li Xiao Yao, my dad once told me that you’re no ordinary person. In all of Hangzhou city he said that there might not be even one person that can match your skill. Actually I’m also very curious. Are you really that powerful?”


I clench my teeth and reply: “Lets not talk about that. If I don’t have to fight then I try not to fight, so I can avoid damaging any relationships…”


“Then why’d you duel Yan Zhao?”


“That’s because…”


“You like Qing Qian!”


“No. Absolutely not!”


“Hehe, lies!”


I give up: “Okay, I like Qing Qian. Are you happy now?”


Wan Er shrugs and lowers her head: “I couldn’t care less about your personal life and feelings~”




After a few minutes the fried egg rice is ready. When I finished my second bowl, Wan Er didn’t even finish her first. I ask: “Why isn’t Cheng Yue with you today?”


“She’s doing a quest right now, so she said she’ll just get take out.”




As she finishes up I clap my hands: “Let’s go now. Do we have classes tomorrow?”


“Yep, are you going?”


“I don’t want to. Will my grades be affected?”


“Nope, I’ll cover for you. I have connections with the professor tomorrow….”






We reenter the school yard and walk back onto the same road that we came in. The rocks on the road creak slight and don’t give way, but Wan Er is wearing heels that are at least 7 cm high. Of course they are beautiful, but while walking she’s a bit unbalanced, so she carefully treads along.




Suddenly she cries out and trips.


With my fast reactions I stretch my hand around Wan Er’s waist to hold her up. But I miscalculated and my hand didn’t reach the correct area. My hands ends up in some elastic and soft area, but I don’t dare to release my hand. So I raise Wan Er back like this.


Cold sweat is falling and I immediately help her stabilize herself. I released my hand, although reluctantly…




Wan Er shows an embarrassed face. Her whole face is red. she glares at me and says: “You…You did that intentionally!”


I immediately explain myself: “That was…an accident. How could I dare touch you in that spot?”


Wan Er stomps her feet: “Touch me where?!”


“That…I…That was a miscalculation. I never wanted to touch that area…”


“Hmph, my dad said that you were skilled. But you’re so bad…”


I decide to screw it all and say: “Yep. That was all intentional. What are you going to do about it?”


Wan Er doesn’t know how to reply to that, so she just says: “Let’s go, we need to rest early…”




Before we get far, I hear some rustles in the bushes. Quickly 4 shadows appear in front of me with black jumpsuits.


I instantly stand in front of Wan Er to protect her: “What do you guys want?”


Although the road lamps are a bit dim, I can see that the face is full of evil intentions. The person in the back laughs: “Li Xiao Yao did you really think that we wouldn’t attack you?”


My eyes go cold: “Liu Ying!”


“Right!” Liu Ying was also wearing a black jumpsuit and walks to the front, smiling at Wan Er. “Ling Wan Er, this is between me and Li Xiao Yao and has nothing to do with you. You can leave now…”


Wan Er’s mouth opens slightly and says: “Liu Ying are you planning on starting a fight? Don’t forget the school rules. Any student that starts a fight gets expelled!”


Liu Ying laughs: “School rules are for the good students and I am no good student. Ling Wan Er, I admit that you are my type. So please step aside. We don’t want to harm you!”


Wan Er wants to say more, but I turn around and smile: “Miss, you don’t need to leave Wait half a minute for me!”


She nods and maybe saw my self-confidence and smiled as well: “Mm, I’ll wait…”




“Damn brat, so arrogant!”


Liu Ying suddenly pulls out a baseball bat and yells to the other 3 students: “As long as he doesn’t die, I’ll take responsibility for everything!”


The other three students smile as they pull out more bats and rush towards me.




I step over the leaves and pebbles and suddenly burst over to them. I put strength in my left leg and my body leaves the ground. I chain two kicks and with two bangs two of the students fall heavily to the ground. I spin my body mid air and with a fist full of power I punch the third student with a thump!




Blood and teeth fly out and the students’ face instantly turns bloody. His face hit the ground with a light bang and passes out immediately.




Liu Ying who was in the back was stunned. Three of his underlings were defeated so easily. This is something that he probably couldn’t even dream about. So with his baseball bat, he goes all in and dashes towards me while raising his bat!


I stand there and my right hand sweeps along an arc shattering the baseball bat instantly. I retract my hand again and deliver it straight into Liu Ying’s chest!


Liu Ying stutters back a few steps while clutching his chest. His face is full of cold sweat as he raises his head to look at me with a painful expression. The punch won’t physically harm him, but he will feel a lot of pain.




I clap my hands, turn around, and smile: “Okay, I’m done!”


Wan Er is standing there with her small mouth wide open.


She’s speechless, so I pat her shoulder and say: “Miss, we need to sleep early~”


“Oh, oh…”


Wan Er snaps back into reality.




“After Liu Ying joined the baseball club in the school. He gathered a group of lackeys…” Wan Er pauses  but she continues: “I heard from some of my upperclassman, that quite a lot of male students were dragged into a fight by Liu Ying and the most serious damage was that both of a person’s leg were broken…”


I frown: “That is really out of control…”


“Yeah, his attitude from reality must have transferred into the game. So that’s why he can’t stop attacking you in Ba Huang City and wants to completely wipe you out…” We reach the girl’s dorm and Wan Er takes a deep look at me and smiles: “How about this. You come to Fan Chu City with me and Cheng Yue. Then we’ll be able to protect you~”


I shake my head and say firmly: “No, I will establish myself in Ba Huang City!”


“Okay, then I’m going up now…”


“Mm, good night Miss.”




Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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