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Chapter 47- Dragon City’s Scavenger

Carrying my staff, I slowly departed towards the Ba Huang City northern gate.

Yue Qing Qian chased after me as I left. Standing outside the city wall covered with moss, she looks at me: “Xiao Yao brother……”

She almost about to cry in tears. I turned around and faced Yue Qing Qian. I held out my hand and gently stroked her snow white chin. Smiling I tell her: “ I have to raise my level, when I’m strong enough, I’ll be back to completely defeat Yan Zhao uncle, and take you away from Prague. Please wait for me to return!”


Yue Qing Qian unexpectedly nods, tears trickle down her cheek, “pow” each and every small teardrops splashes on the stone road.


Yan Zhao Warrior follow closely behind carrying a sword,looking very agitated and gritting his teeth. I’m guessing Yan Zhao must hate me with his entire soul, while Yue Wei Liang stand there expressionless: “Older sister……Xiao Yao……”




I turn away and quickly disappear in the forest with Baby Bobo. Carrying my staff, I swiftly run toward Dragon City.

It is 5 o’clock in the afternoon and Lin Wan Er hasn’t called me yet, not that im feeling anxious to go eat, besides my main priority is to go to Dragon City and maybe change my class.


Many hours and countless ice bears later, I finally arrive underneath the cliff of Dragon City!


Standing below the cliffside, I look toward the top and grit my teeth. While barely holding the staff in my mouth I climb up the hill with great difficulty. After I climb about 200 meter, I slip and suddenly I find myself in a free fall. “PopPopPop” bouncing off the rock walls. I finally land on a limestone slab. System notification: “You been seriously injured, injury condition at 74%!”


Damn, to fall and get myself injured……


I waved my arms and cast [Therapy], the skill that I had gained after my promotion to a healer, it quickly removes my injury, and I continue to climb!


Finally after 1 hour and 7-8 times falls, I stand before the immense Dragon City walls. Raising my arm and yelling loudly at the night soldier on guard: “Put down the rope, and pull me up. I have an important letters to give to the king of Dragon City!”




From the top of the city walls drops a rope, I grasp it firmly, and start climbing towards the top. But my strength fails me and after a few metter, I fall back down. I cry out: “Brother above me, can you pull me up……”


The night guard shakes his head: “Useless…”


Nevertheless he was kind enough to pull me up……




After I get to the top of Dragon City wall, I let out a sigh of relief but before I could go find Frost, an invisible force pressures me. Behind me, a man walks toward me holding a flaming battle axe, he grabs me by my neck and says: “Hey, rotten boy, where did you come from? Why are you trying to secretly infiltrate our Dragon City?”


My face turn green: “Infiltrating? Can’t you see that I came with the help of the night guards? I have a  letter from Ba Huang city, to be deliver to King Luo Ling, you let go of me now!”


“Pah, this boy is arrogant….” The bearded man lets go of me but lightly places his axe at my neck: “Speak, what is your true purpose in coming here?”


I glanced at him, this guy must be a boss! With heavy armor, it was Dragon City’s Vice Captain, Su Ke! With his bushy beard and incredible muscles, this guy must weigh over a ton! He must be a Barbarian. How’d this guy become a Captain, I’m guessing even the largest of dragons would collapse under him.


At this moment, a cold voice come from behind me: “Su Ke, that’s enough. Release him, right now he’s a friend of Dragon City……”


“Oh, of course, Captain Frost……”


Su Ke hastily move away his battle axe, looking respectfully at the woman behind me.


Its Frost! Ah, the only thing I can look forward in Dragon City, and probably the only person in Dragon City that hasn’t treated me cruely.


Frost was dressed in a white battle armament, she gently look at me and asks: “Did you bring the introduction letter?”


I nodded: “Of course, I brought it. Duke Luo Lei personally wrote the letter!”


“Good……”Frost faintly smiles: “Give the letter to me, I’ll carry out the introduction ceremony to Dragon City…”




I hand over the letter to Frost, she advance forward and places her cold hand over my heart and says :“Repeat after me……Within the freezing Dragon’s domain, I will always find warm kindness within my heart…”


I repeated: “Within the freezing Dragon’s domain, I will always find warm kindness within my heart…”


Frost purse her red lip and continues: “Even if I die, I will fufill my mission. I will defend Dragon City’s within the Dragon’s domain as long as I live……”


“Even if I die, I will fufill my mission. I will defend Dragon City’s within the Dragon’s domain as long as I live……”


Frost smiles: “I wish to become a member of Dragon City, defending its honour with my life. And become the first line of defense for the 7 human empires. Even if I die, I will not betray the expectations of everyone!”


“I wish to become a member of Dragon City, defending its honour with my life. And become the first line of defense for the 7 human empires. Even if I die, I will not betray the expectations of everyone!”




Frost palm send out powerful force and suddenly a golden ray descends from the sky, enveloping me. A familiar ring plays next to my ear——“Ding!”


System Notification: Congratulation, you may now change your job, you will become a “Swordsman” and receive the profession’s title “Dragon City’s Scavanger”. However your former class “Healer” will be deleted, the system will randomly retain 1 skill from your previous class. Confirm the class switch and become a “Dragon City’s Scavenger”?




I was amazed, I would only be allowed to keep 1 skill from my previous class, Hemostasis, Heal, Encourage, Therapy are all vital skills! This is too cruel, I thought that I would get to keep all of my skills……


I quickly confirm, I must change my class, or else I would not have any attack or defense. Most importantly, I don’t have any strong offensive skills. So how would I rescue Yue Qing Qian from Uncle Yan Zhao evil clutches beside class changing?!




System Notification: You have randomly kept the skill——【Heal(Lv-3)】!




Yes! To retain my strongest recovery skill, my luck is very good! I jump 3 feets high, damn, I’m extremely happy!


At the same time, another system notification comes——




System Notification: Congratulations, you have successfully changed your class. You have become a “Dragon City Scavenger”, subclass of “Swordsmen”. You may now equip armor equipment and your growth potential has changed: Strength Growth 1.0, Endurance Growth 0.8, Agility Growth 0.9, Defense Growth 0.8,  you automatically obtain the basic class skill:【Combo】(LV – 1)!




Looking at my new growth, my heart lets out a relieved sigh. Originally, the healer class had a  Strength Growth of 0.5, causing every 10 point put into strength growth to only add 5-5 or possibly 4-5in  attack, now that I’ve become a swordsman with 1.0 growth, 10 point into strength growth would be  8-10 attack. Great!


Then I look at my attributes, already huge change has occurred——


【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Dragon City Scavanger)

Level: 29

Attack: 236-301

Defense: 104

Health: 410

Mana: 320

Charm: 25




Without any weapons, I had 301 points of damage! If I was able to use Jade City Sword, I’d gain another 300 point of damage, 601 points of damage even surpasses Baby Bobo’s. Tsk Tsk, this attack power is already impeccable!


Additionally, I obtained [Combo], this is the skill I really want the most, a prideful skill from swordman class, a level 10 [Combo] can instantly deal 5-6 hits. The other classes are incapable of doing the same, therefore, the swordsman class become main damage dealer later. Of course, if I could make my own combo, then I would definitely be able fight bosses on my own.


Looking at my experience, its at level 29 and 7%. I still need quite a bit to reach level 30, in that case, I should strive hard to reach level 30 before I go offline today. I should at least raise my [Combo] to level 3. Jade Cheng Sword and Silver Locked Battle Boots are waiting for me to equip them!




Looking at Frost, I ask: “Umm……lady Frost, who is my teacher?”


Frost hesitates before saying: “You are a low ranking member of Dragon City, therefore, your teacher will be Beast Tamer Dalin. He is responsible for Dragon City’s Scavenging missions, so he’ll be the one to teach you everything you need to learn……”


“Alright, I……where should I sleep at night? Inside the city?”


Frost smile: “No, scavenging missions are outside of the city, therefore you should not stay inside the city walls, I will send you to the place where Beast Tamer Dalin is at. Since you already been branded with Dragon City mark, he will recognize you!”


After saying that Frost suddenly grab hold of my arm, “Brushes” and throws me off the city wall, she’s trying to kill me!




With the cold wind whistling past my ears, and snow mercilessly whipping against my face, I slowly grind to a stop. In a distance, a bonfire is getting closer and closer, finally!




I face planted into the ground, but not to my death. Frost’s strength protected me. Lifting my head up, I saw an impressive man slowly roasting a wild boar. He used a thick solid tree branch to penetrate through the wild boar, and place it above the bonfire. His face was full of anticipation, this man is my teacher—— Beast Tamer Dalin!






My body began to ache as I turned myself over from the fall. Dalin stares at me: “Boy, what are you doing here……no wait what’s that mark on your shoulder? Oh no, did Frost allow you to become member of Dragon City?”


I nodded: “Yes, I’ve already become an honorable Dragon City Scavenger, and you are my teacher…”


Dalin patted his thigh: “Pah, that lady Frost, to deliver a useless person to be my apprentice is really despicable. I, Dalin, have traversed the entirety of the barren lands but never before have I seen someone as useless as you!”


I patted off the snow off my body and firmly said: “Although I’m weak, you still need to give it your all when you’re teaching me……”


Dalin looks at me, gritting his teeth: “Very well, I will properly instruct you!”


I nodded: “Umm, right now I only have basic [Combo] skill, will teacher teach me a few more tricks?”


Dalin taps his head and then lays down at the edge of his tent: “Alright, we’ll discuss it tomorrow!”




I sat silently near the campfire while Dalin vigorously eats his pork. When the first rays of light poked through the night clouds, he stood up, dragging his heavy chains and smiles: “Boy, we should hit the road, I will teach you the essential things to know in the Dragon’s Domain!”


I carry my staff and diligently follow after teacher.


The trials of the new Dragon City Scavenger have started!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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    13th straight First. Xian Chen Liang was here!


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