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Chapter 44= Dragon City

Ling Wan Er shows a smile, “Well, Li Xiao Yao, Dong Cheng and I are only accompanying you up to here. Since there are no more monsters ahead, we’ll be going back to Fan Shu City to train our pets. I hope you can rush to become the first healer to reach level 40…Oh, and don’t die…”




The two of them pulls out a city return scroll, and one by one they turn into white light and disappear from my sight, I rub Baby Bobo’s head lightly and say, “Let’s go! Let’s show em how strong we get next time we meet! ”




I equip a white staff dropped by a Polar bear. It has no properties except that it adds 50+ points of attack damage, which is better than nothing. We keep moving forward through the snow towards the barren landscape.




In the mountains, the cry of the wolves can be heard, but I don’t think about them. They are a probably a bunch of high level wolves, me solo them? What a joke.


While I’m in a valley, my body suddenly starts shaking… I confirm that its not the cold, but the earth that is shaking! Shortly, the entire ground starts to tremble!


“What is this?!”  I hold the staff firmly.


At this time, a huge figure appears in the hills about a hundred meters away. It’s at least 10 meters tall with a humongous stone hammer in its hand. The monster body is covered in green hair, and it has only one eye in the middle of its face, just like a Cyclops. Damn, it’s a legendary monster!




I decisively lie down under tall green bristlegrass that’s around 20 cm tall and stare at the Cyclops from a distance. Level: ??, attribute:?? It’s a good thing to stay far away from this monster, or else I would die in a blink of an eye!




The Cyclops is roaring at a black tiger monster in front of it, whose body is covered in blood-red flames. The tiger opens its bloody jays and its hair stands up when it roars back with anger and fear.


The one-eyed giant madly roars back and sends its stone hammer out. With a bang, it hits the forehead of the giant beast, causing blood to splatter everywhere. The giant beast counters by using its claws to hit the left leg of the one-eyed giant, leaving several bloody scratches. A giant and a monster are having a death match near the border. Soon, the ground is completely dyed red from the fresh blood.




I gnash my teeth, waiting for an opportunity. Once the two giants are low in health, I will go and… and…and what?! Those monsters have so much health and their levels are at least over 100, which means Baby Bobo can’t even break their defense, and I’m not interesting in committing suicide…


Gnashing my teeth in anger while helplessly waiting there, the two monsters’ fight has become more fierce, with blood splattering everywhere.


After a few minutes, I hear another roar. I see a barbarian with chains in hand flying down from the hills while yelling, “Evil livestock, how dare you act unruly in the wilderness of Dragon City? Come, let me kill you to feed the mouths of the hungry citizens of Dragon City! ”




He suddenly sends out his chains and the spike goes through the beast’s neck just like a gun, and instant kills it!


I stare at him, while trying to read his stats——


[Beast Tamer DaLin]


Level: ???


Attack: ???


Defense: ???


HP: ???


Abilities: ???


Description: One of the guardians of Dragon City. Beast Tamer DaLin is responsible for cleaning up wild animals near Dragon City, allowing safe passage for convoys. Additionally, he is also responsible for training new soldiers, who are also known as the mighty warriors loyal only to Dragon City’s owner, [Luo Lin], and they will forever be loyal to him.




A Beast Tamer……??


I was confused but after looking at the map, I realize that the Dragon City is definitely in front of me. It’s located hundreds of meters high up on the snowy mountains. Although it looks like its been abandoned for thousands of years, its actually filled with vitality. Gee, this is a miraculous city, I wonder if there are any dragon there!


While the thoughts were going through my mind, DaLin wielded his chains to surround the cyclops’ head, and then with a sudden pull, splat! The cyclops’ head gets separated from his massive body, and roll down dying the snow with a bloody crimson.


I grind my teeth and look. Damn. I can’t even hurt this kind of boss level NPC!


Just then, I sense danger around me, every nerve in my body tells me to escape! Not good, I have been discovered!


Dragging my staff, I retreated. But Dalin drifted like a shadow towards me and with a bang, he crushes the snow in front of me. He growled while looking at me ferociously, “Son, who are you? Why did you come to Dragon City? Are you a spy from Fiery Cloud City? You ought to die!”


I take several steps back, and stand up straight, while flashing my arm badge. I then say in a shaky voice, “I……I am an adventurer from Ba Huang City, I’ve come here looking for someone!”


“Oh, really?”


The anger in Dalin’s eyes weakens and he says, “A Ba Huang City boy running to Dragon City to look for someone. Who are you trying to trick? Hmph, the world does not know the existence of Dragon City. They are all cowards! They don’t even dare to come north and to face these monsters! Heh, you must be lying!”


I respond: “Coward. Who’s a coward? I came here, and I can face the monsters. How is that considered to be how a coward acts? ”


“What? You are really looking for someone?”




Dalin narrows his eyes and smiles, “Who are you looking for?”


I take out the letter from my bag and answer, “I am looking for a man called Luo Ling……”


“Ah?!” Dalin shakes and says, “Luo Ling ……You……You are looking for King Luo Lin, Dragon City’s king? You really are a spy, and you’re here to destroy the city, aren’t you?”


I stare at him, “I’m only one person, how can I possibly destroy Dragon City? Look at the seal on this letter. If Luo Lin is the King of Dragon City, then this letter is written by the father of the king of Dragon City! ”


“Is it …… Is it true?”


Dalin immediately opens the letter and baffles, “I can’t understand these imperial texts! Damn, but this seal …… I think that King Luo Ling has a medal like that! Are you really a lackey sent here by Ba Huang City?! OK, I’ll take you to see Luo Lin Wang, and he will be able to tell whether you are a spy or not based on his wisdom!”


After saying that, Dalin grabs my shoulders and lifts me up. After a moment, he chains the giant monsters, and, with a huge roar, heads up the mountain carrying the huge bodies. The wind is roaring against my ears while the snow is pouring continuously. Damn, it is really cold. In a blink of an eye, he arrives at the edge of the city. He then yells out a roar, “I am Dalin, lower the rope!”


Whoosh! An iron chain falls down the city wall, and Dalin puts me on top of the giants’ corpses. Then, with one hand, he climbs up the city.




I suddenly fall into the city grounds. After steadying my legs, I jump down from the corpses. I look around, and see an icy floor. In addition, dozens of NPC soldiers around the city are on guard, but since they’re wearing cloaks, I can’t see their appearances.


“Come on, son!”




Dalin shoves me as I enter the barren city, and through a corridor, I see a group of young warriors practicing fencing in a training field far away. Even further ahead is a column of cavalry rapidly galloping, and leading them is a white horse. The rider, wearing a snow white cloak, jumps down to dismount in front of Dalin. The cloak is then removed and an exceedingly beautiful face immediately appears right before me. She looks at Dalin and asks, “What did you bring us today?”


Dalin smiles compliantly, “Captain Frost, I have tons of meat which will fill us for half a month, and a spy who has letters for Luo Lin.. …”


I grind my teeth, “I told you, I am not a spy!”


The beautiful NPC woman, with words hovering over her head declaring [Captain Frost of the Dragon Riders in  Dragon City], comes closer to take a look at me and with a smile she says, “The great king, Luo Ling, will know whether you’re a spy or not! Come with me, I will take you to King Luo Ling!”






Four guards, equipped with swords, stand beside me for “protection”, and I follow Frost to the inner core of the castle. Walking along a long tunnel for a quite a while, we finally arrive in the hall. It’s very plain, even lacking a decent desk. A black haired man, with his sword in hand, is standing at the edge of the hall, his knife shaped eyebrows locked. Above his head is a line of words: “King Luo Ling of Dragon City”.


“Sir Luo Lin!”


Frost gets down on one knee and respectfully says, “I’ve returned from patrolling. In addition, I found a messenger that might be a spy……”


“Oh, really? A messenger?”


Luo Lin raises his head to look at me, and a pair of black eyes filled with wisdom and courage look at me. It almost seems that it is able to peer into my heart! He says, “Young adventurer, what kind of letter do you have for me?”


I hand him the parchment, then stand in silence.



Luo Lin reads the letters and starts to tremble, his eyes turning red, and stands up with clenched fists, taking a deep breath of relief. He says, “I turned my back on my country, and I turned my back on my loving father…”


Frost looks up, “My Lord, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing … …” Luo Lin waves his hands and continues, “Back then, I disappointed my country and came to this deserted city, and established Dragon City. However, I failed to live up to my father’s expectations. Now, my father, Duke Luo Lei, sent me these letters to make sure I am still well, so I have to write him a reply letter.”


Frost nods: “My Lord, that is human nature. I will personally send your reply to Ba Huang city! ”




Luo Lin shakes his head: “Captain Frost. You are a native of Dragon City, so you will be considered an alien in Ba Huang City. It’s better to let the adventurer bring the reply back …”


“Yes, my Lord!”




I rub my hands, secretly in glee. After experiencing multiple deaths, the AA-level task is finally nearing completion. I don’t know what the system will reward me, but after getting the fantastic awards, I’ll make sure to give a good lesson to my pals at [Wrath of Heroes]!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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    10th straight First. Diabolical! Demonic! Devilish!


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