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Chapter 42- Misunderstanding


The bloody dagger emits a red glow, and Qing Qian grinds her teeth, “How can I let this go when you’ve already killed us? I’ll get revenge first and talk later. I don’t care if you’re a high ranked player from Fan Chu City!”

With small steps, Qing Qian shifts left and right on the fallen leaves to gain momentum, and with an exploding PA, she rushes straight towards Lin Wan Er. Suddenly another dagger appears in her left hand and she attacks with both daggers!




Lin Wan Er uses her left hand to steady the iron umbrella across her chest!




Bright sparks fly in every direction. Wan Er’s power is not inferior to Qing Qian’s; it’s even a bit stronger, and when she pushes her arm out, the impact immediately sends Qing Qian flying back. Then, Lin Wan Er uses the force of the impact to propel herself backwards, resulting with both women jumping back to around 3 yards. On top of Li Wan Er’s head, a *Miss* could be seen, meaning that Wei Liang’s sneak attack failed to hit her target. All of this seems to be within Lin Wan Er’s calculations.

Wei Liang’s body becomes unbalanced from her failed strike, and Wan Er takes advantage of it by pushing her with her umbrella, *Bang*, Wei Liang falls backwards and rolls down the grass, her beautiful face becomes blemished by the grass. She leaps back up and looks at Qing Qian, muttering, “Sister…”


Qing Qian stares at Lin Wan Er while gnashing her teeth.


Wan Er just smiles as she stands there, glowing in the moonlight with no visible tension. Her young figure is draped in leather, and a dark red cloak slightly flutters in the wind behind her. She leans her left hand on the iron umbrella, and holds a dagger in a right hand. With no rush and a slight grin, she says, “If you two beautiful ladies are Li Xiao Yao’s friends, then can we stop? It was all a mistake…”


Qing Qian says with a cold face, “You insist we should stop? Don’t forget, you killed at least 5 people from Prague, and, in addition to that, I lost 2 levels while Wei Liang lost 3. How do we settle that?”


Wei Liang, with her dagger in hand, snaps as well, “If this is not avenged, other players will think that players of  Ba Huang City are easily bullied!”


Lin Wan Er’s dagger movement causes a slight red glow, and she crosses her eyes and smiles, “I’m sorry okay? That…”


At this moment, a voice erupts in the air: “That’s enough Wan Er! Since they are so overbearing, just fight them, and then apologize to Li Xiao Yao afterwards. Hmph. Otherwise, they’ll think people from Fan Chu City are like persimmon and can be easily squashed!”




Qing Qian looks up and sees a flying Wind Elf. Level 32 Mage, Cang Yue!




On the ground, a berserker from [Prague] stands up and mutters into the air: “Damn… Cang Yue, a mage and ranked as the seventh highest level player in Fan Chu City. Also Cang Tong, an assassin ranked at the third highest level in Fan Chu City. Not only is she the best assassin in that city, she is also said to be the best and strongest in the server…”


“So that’s the back up?” Qing Qian lightly looks up.




I quickly step in between Wan Er and Qing Qian, and say, “It’s all a misunderstanding!”


I point towards Wan Er and introduce her to Qing Qian, saying, “Qing Qian, these two are Cang Tong and Cang Yue. They are my friends in real life from a university, and they came to Ba Huang City to look for me.”


Then, I look at Wan Er and point to Qing Qian, saying, “Miss, this is Qing Qian. Although she’s from the [Prague] Guild, she is also my friend, and she helps me out a lot. While my corpse was being watched, she brought members from [Prague] to help reclaim my corpse. But due to my negligence, I didn’t know that you two would come so soon. If I had, none of this would happen….”


Wan Er blinks her eyes: “They…really were trying to help you fight your enemies?”


I nodded, “Yeah. ”


“Then it is really a misunderstanding……”


Wan Er walks to Qing Qian and Wei Liang, slightly lowers her body, and with an elegant smile, she says “I did not know you two were helping Li Xiao Yao. I am sorry, and I know saying these words do not amount to much, so I will compensate you out of sincerity…”


With that, Lin Wan Er’s little hand takes out a helmet with a golden glow from her bag and hands it to Qing Qian before smiling and says, “This level 27 bronze cold scale battle helmet is a drop from a level 31 BOSS. Cang Yue and I are unable to wear it, so is it enough for Prague’s guild? Please accept it along with my sincerity…..”


Qing Qian intended to not relent, but after looking at the helmet, her eyes revealed great desire. Indeed, this level 27 bronze helmet is unique, and while Qing Qian is unable to wear armor type, Yan Zhao Warrior can definitely use this helmet to boost his defense and offense.


Acquiring the scale helmet, Qing Qian shows a slight grin and laughs, “I’m surprised that Xiao Yao has friends this strong. Two beauties who are among the top ten players from Fan Chu City, are actually friends with Xiao Yao. It’s hard to imagine, since I only thought this idiot only plays by himself! ”


“Ahem,” I cough, “Hey, don’t take the opportunity to insult me……”


Qing Qian chuckles, “Okay. Let bygones be bygones. I’ll accept this helmet and I thank you for the gift, Cang Tong. Wei Liang and I, along with everybody else who has lost a lot of experience will accept this apology but what should we do about these corpses from [Wrath of Heroes]?”


Lin Wan Er pouts and purses her lips: “Ah, camping corpses is so boring … …”


I say, “Don’t be like that. Just stay here for another half an hour, since I still have a quest here and must kill some bandits for the last quest item in order to complete a AA-rank quest … …”


“What?” Lin Wan Er, stunned, shouts with her small mouth, her beautiful enticing breasts moving up and down. “You…you’ve got AA-level main quest? ”


“Yes, otherwise I would not agree to let Qing Qian bring people to help……”


“Okay … …” Dong Cheng Yue finally flies down to the group with her wings behind her while carrying a green salk staff and says with a smile: ” Wan Er and I have nothing to do.. so we will help you complete your task….”


I’m embarrassed, “But…but…this task cannot be shared…”


“That’s okay. We can kill monsters for their experience, since their levels are pretty high….”








A light breaks through the clouds, and shines throughout the jungle.


Lin Wan Er just stands there, allowing her body to soak up the sun. Her snow white skin seems to suffer some burn damage, since smoke starts to appear little by little. This is caused by a racial disadvantage, since for moon elves, during the day, attack damage is dropped by 25% and the damage from direct sunlight is 1% of health lost per second.


I look at her but do not say anything.


Lin Wan Er blinks her beautiful eyes, “What’s wrong?”


I point to her smooth shoulders, “Miss, you’re releasing smoke…..”


Lin Wan Er makes an “Oh” then lifts up her iron umbrella and suddenly, with a whoosh, a dark red umbrella opens up and covers her from the sun. Looking at it, I can only see up to her beautiful mouth. Well, this is also a sight to behold. During the daytime in Ba Huang City’s territory, one can see plenty of users with umbrellas training their levels. Due to the racial disadvantage of being a Moon Spirit, its restricted to only females, but the system gives additional options when making the character, such as facial and body modifications. Because of this, Moon Spirits became the most fascinating race for all male players, and if there are any Moon Spirits training by your side, your fighting prowess can be unlimited!


“Oh…this is … …”


Lin Wan Er goes to the corpse and kicks it with her white leg, causing it to roll over and reveal its face, becoming slightly surprised: “How can this person be so familiar? ”


Dong Cheng Yue quietly says: “Isn’t he…? ”


Lin Wan Er instantly understood everything, “Hmm, I see… so that’s why Liu Ying and Xu Yue came to our classroom to cause trouble for Li Xiao Yao that day….”


I point to the other side: “There, that smoking temptress is Xu Yue, ahem, one of our University’s top ten beauties….”


Dong Cheng Yue chuckles, “I heard Xiao Yao was attacked sneakily in a zombie cave by the [Wrath of Heroes] guild. Additionally, in order to get his attention, this Xu Yue disguised as an innocent player getting chased, and then killed him. Afterwards, they all laughed at him for trying to be a good guy, right?”


My face turns red, “A thing of the past, don’t mention it…”


Lin Wan Er purses her lips and blinks her eyes: “You like her?”


I look down: “No…”


“No? Why did you blush then? ”


“Miss, your robe’s loose … …”


“…… Go to hell!!”




And so, Qing Qian watches over the corpses with a group of friends, and every time players from [Wrath of Heroes] resurrect, they would be killed again. After a while, none of them dare to resurrect anymore.


I go along with Wan Er and Dong Cheng to kill thieves. With them besides me it becomes a pleasure to kill these monsters.


“Are they the thieves?” Cheng Yue asks.


“Ok, I’ll run ahead and lead! ”


“No, don’t, all you have to do is heal Wan Er. ”


Dong Cheng Yue raises her staff to use her Cold Wind Spell, a direct hit on a bandit, dealing  “417” damage. I secretly wonder about how much mp is required to that cause much damage.


The roaring thief rushes forward, and Lin Wan Er brings her dagger up and uses the skill, [Gouge]!




With small pretty steps she maneuvers around and floats behind the monster, and then uses the skills [Hemorrhage] and [Backstab] simultaneously with her dagger!





Dong Cheng Yue instantly uses a Fire Spell on another target, causing the banditto collapse suddenly. Damn, they are able to kill the bandits with zero injuries. The degree of understanding between the two girls is really outstanding!


Raising my two hands, I am speechless, “You.. …that’s how you two train to increase your level?”


“Yes, what’s wrong?” Dong Cheng Yue chuckles.


“It’s too strong.”


Lin Wan Er: “Li Xiao Yao, what do you rely on to train? Look at your level; you fought and died many times against others, yet your level is not low…”


With a raise of my hand, a golden hexagram appears. Baby Bobo comes out, with its wings flapping, and I simultaneously share the properties of my pet with the two!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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