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Chapter 41- Cang Tong

I can see a group of people approaching. In the front is Tyrant of Western Chu! When he sees my lone shadow, he could not help but laugh,  “Xiao Yao, where are you going to hide this time? Nobody can help you now.”


The leaves next to Tyrant curved downwards even though nobody was stepping on them. It had to be Ageless Beauty, because invisibility didn’t mean that one wouldn’t be affect by their surroundings. An assassin’s stealth would be especially useless in water since the water would make ripples, clearly showing their position.


When I look behind Tyrant of Western Chu I saw more than a hundred people. As a lone player, I have no chance against them.


I turned around and ran through a thorny field. It would be a waste of time to respond to their nonsense. My main focus should be to finish the quest as quickly as possible and rush towards level 30. My [heal] skill has risen to level 4, which means it now heals 600 health, and Baby Bobo is almost able to solo a bandit at this point.





A few shadows fly over me, and before I could respond, arrows started flying towards me.


I try to dodge them, but I still end up getting hit by two of the arrows. I used [Hemostasis] to return to full health, before looking up and seeing three wind elf archers. The archer at the front sneers, ”Xiao Yao, with us wind elves scouting, do you still think you can escape? Did you think that [Wrath of Heroes] would let you escape so easily?”


I cry inside, I have no chance to escape from the wind elves; afterall, out of the 5 races, they are the only ones who can fly. They could control the situation with long ranged attacks, and Liu Ying had brought more than 10 of them with him.


Behind me, Liu Ying and his men came running. I also knew that somewhere out there, Liu Ying’s lover, Ageless Beauty, was approaching to take my life.


I clench my teeth, I knew that I had to let them attack first, but getting killed without returning something wasn’t my style. But if I waited for the attackers to attack me and have their names grayed, I could kill them without worrying that I would have a red name.






Baby Bobo flies into the air, stinging one of the archers and instantly killing him. They had a grey status, since they had attacked but their attacks had not killed. Which meant they could be killed, without the killer getting chaotic, so Baby Bobo auto retaliated. He moved onto the next archer and made another hit.



One of the main weaknesses of the Wind elves was that when they lost more than 20% of their max health, their wings would break, and thereby losing their flight ability.


I rush forward with my ancient spear, stabbing directly into the abdomen of the archer. I dealt 237 points of damage, it was enough to successfully kill him.

In the air Baby Bobo chases down the last wind elf, it doesn’t take long with his superior agility before he makes 2 normal attacks. The three wind elves had turned to ash as they died.



As I’m about to move further away I heard the familiar sound of gunshots, shortly afterwards I feel the pain from two bullets impaling into my back from a musketeer.





Immediately afterwards, I use hemostasis on myself, returning some of my health, while Baby Bobo was sent to attack Piggy!


”Assassins go!”


Tyrant of Western Chu shouted loudly, Baby Bobo suddenly stops midway, he got hit by [Gouge] from Ageless Beauty! Seeing this, Tyrant of Western Chu shouts: “ Mages, Cast [Chilling Wind]!”

There are about 10 mages that simultaneous cast [Chilling Wind] and [Rock Spikes] towards Baby Bobo, a total chaos of spells.







I didn’t even have a chance to even heal Baby Bobo before Baby Bobo was killed.

Liu Ying leaps forward, swinging his sword at me as he shouts: “Xiao Yao, it’s time for some payback.”




I held my ancient spear horizontal to block against Liu Ying’s slash. My strength is clearly inferior to a swordsman, as I get forced backwards with each strike. Suddenly my back reaches a thorn bush, and I’m unable to move further back. Two berserkers surge forward with their battle axes using their [Fire Axe] skill toward my right and left shoulder.Unable to defend, a pain erupts from my sides and I slip into the afterlife.









My soul form appears in the nearby cemetery. I received quite a shock when my hands were empty… This could only mean one thing, that my ancient spear had dropped.


I clench my teeth as I attempt to remain cool, and not explode in anger. As a healer facing so many high leveled players, what can I do? They have 5 Wind elves and can basically one-short baby bobo, my only source of damage now that my Ancient Spear is gone.


With my current level and pet, I would at most be able to take on 3 people, but it would be impossible if one of them had a pet or they have good teamwork.


In spirit form, I sprinted back to my corpse. Like I thought, both Liu Ying and Ageless Beauty were standing guard over my corpse.


Liu Ying is carrying my ancient spear with a pathetic expression on his face: “Unexpectedly, such a trash player like Xiao Yao carries such a good weapon, this ancient spear is now in better hands.”

Ageless Beauty smiles charmingly: “Yeah, that Xiao Yao kid, humph,  besides looking handsome he doesn’t have a single good point…. such  a weak and cowardly kid….”

Piggy frowns and disagrees: “Not necessarily, think about how he faced all of us without fear. We should not underestimate him, think of how he’s been able to turn the previous situations around.”




Liu Ying steps on my corpse and says:” See how I’m stepping on him? Who did you say was the most powerful?”


Piggy holds the musket against the ground without uttering a single word.






I waited for almost an hour, but they showed no signs of leaving. But a bit later, I received a message from Yue Qing Qian: “Xiao Yao ge-ge, is your corpse being camped by Tyrant of Western Chu?”


Me: “ Yeah, how do you know?”


“Don’t worry, I’ll gather some people to help you respawn!”


“No!” I hurriedly said :” There is no need for you and Prague to challenge Tyrant of Western Chu because of me, it’s simply not worth it. Qing Qian let me handle it.”


“No” she insist: “ Relax, I won’t rely on Prague for this, it’ll be me and my friends. I know where you are, so just wait 20 minutes for me”.


” Well I can’t stop you, so thank you Qing Qian”


“Hehe, no need to be so formal.”






After I turned off the communication with Qing Qian, a drop sound appeared.


System Notification: “Player [Cang Yue] has sent you a friend request, do you accept?”


Huh, who is this? I accepted the request, and a picture of a beautiful young girl pops up in my friends list. The face looks very familiar but more importantly, she’s a level 32 mage.




Cang Yue sent a message: “ Hehe, do you know who I am? “


I said: “Dong Cheng Yue?”


“Yup! Me and Lin Wan Er are in Ba Huang City. But are you being camped?”


I was quite embarrassed: “Well, its [Wrath of Heroes]…”


“What grudges does the [Wrath of Heroes] hold against you?” Dong Cheng Yue becomes indignant: “You’re my friend, and Lin Wan Er said, how can we let you be bullied when you are one of us? If we allowed that our reputation would hit rock bottom.”


I am speechless: “Please, just wait for me in Ba Huang city”


“Okay, hurry up and revive!”






Before long, another group of people appear near the forest, and I see the shadow of the two beauties from [Prague], indeed, Qing Qian and Wei Liang came!


“Damn it!”


Tyrant of Western Chu suddenly stands up, and looks at them, “Damn [Prague] is coming. Hurry, everyone prepare yourselves, they don’t have many people!”


A few swordsman go ahead and intercept their opponents, but Qing Qian moves incisively, and with a flash she breaks through. She sprints above the leaves, straight towards the mages of [Wrath of Heroes]. Before she even reached them, a wave of light shatters, and 30+ [Prague] players emerge!


Instantly, both sides collided into each other, and it becomes a battlefield. Players were dying left and right, way quicker than I ever imagined.




My body is still lying on the ground, so I call Bobo, and also cast [Heal] on myself to full HP, then I attack weaponless, and command Bobo to attack those damn [Wrath of Heroes] members. First I need to get rid of those mages, or else the people that Qing Qian brought won’t be enough.




In the air, two daggers collide. Qing Qian was forced back a few steps, and at the same time the assassin that crossed hits with her was also was forced back into a tree, its Ageless Beauty.


Qing Qian looks at Ageless Beauty, and clenches her teeth, “Hmph, this is the women who harmed Xiao Yao? How shameless…”


Xu Yue’s face distorts, “Die!”


In two seconds, Xu Yue falls, killed by Qing Qian’s [Bleed] and [Backstab] combo. She didn’t even have room to retaliate. Its obvious as to who’s inferior to who.




Noticing me, Tyrant of Western Chu yells, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai revived! Everyone kill him first!”.


In the next instant, I become the target of everyone, and Qing Qian yells, “Xiao Yao be careful!”


Being destroyed by the [Chilling Wind] spells and [Armor Break]s attacks, I slowly fall back down. Eh, I’ve died again. That dropped me down to level 26, at the same time, Qing Qian dragged me to her team, which only consisted of two living players, one was Qing Qian and the other was Wei Liang.


Standing in the graveyard, I quickly send a message in the group chat, “Wait for me, I’ll revive immediately, I can get there in 7 minutes!”


“Don’t worry…” Qing Qian says, “There aren’t many [Wrath of Heroes] players still alive, even Tyrant of Western Chu was killed by my sister…”


“Mm that’s good…”




But, after a few seconds, Qing Qian cries out, “Waa, this is…”


The next moment, her soul form appears not far from me, and starts to whine, “A very powerful assassin came, and killed both me and Wei Liang…”






A few few minutes later, I return to the battleground, and the battle is already over. A full ground of corpses, who knows what happened!


On the branches of a tree, a pair of snow white legs are slowly wave back and forth. Its a young girl wearing leather armor, with a fiery-red dagger hanging on her waist. Her left hand supports a  heavy, steel umbrella, and her face is nice and soft, with bright eyes and white teeth. Undoubtedly, she’s a beauty, and extremely charming. Hovering over her shoulder is a line of golden words, “Fan Shu City’s #3 player”, which shows who she is. She’s sitting there relaxed, and holding the steel umbrella, while staring at all the corpse, and laughs, “Come! Revive one and I’ll kill one! Don’t touch my person!”


I’m stunned, and when I look at the words hovering over her head, and her face, it seems pretty familiar——


ID: Cang Tong LV-32 Assassin






Two shadows instantly respawn, Qing Qian and Wei Liang are more rash than me, and instantly pick up their daggers and rush towards the young person on the tree. Qing Qian’s eyes are full of anger, and says, “You will die today!”


The stranger jumps down and rushes towards Qing Qian and Wei Liang. A dagger appears in her right hand, and with a clang she knocks Qing Qian back, and with her left hand she swings her heavy umbrella!




She opens up her umbrella, and the force pushes Wei Liang back!


I stare at the battle with a blank face, Qing Qian and Wei Liang, they’re both top tiered players in [Prague], but they can’t even touch their opponent? This…She’s a bit overpowered isn’t she?






I revive, and cast [Hemostasis] on Qing Qian, and say, “Everyone stop!”


All three beauties look towards me.


I feel a bit embarrassed standing there, and say, “We’re all allies…Miss, why’d you come?”


The level 32 assassin Cang Tong, is Wan Er! Who else would it be? Holding the steel umbrella, and staring at me with the beautiful eyes of a Moon Elf, and smiles, “I heard that you were getting bullied around here, so I came to take a look…”




Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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