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Chapter 39- Dispute over Fire Skeleton

I sit next to the dorm windows after lunch, sipping a glass of water to replenish my energy. Time to go online!


I reappear in the [Tower of Repent]. I open up my bag just to make sure that all my equipment is still here, I relax after I seeing my [Green City Sword] and pet [Fire Skeleton]. Mm, last night’s painful work isn’t wasted. Looking at today when Liu Ying and Xu Yue came to our class to make a huge fuss about it, they must be extremely, extremely angry. Last night I spent 5 hours in soul form observing and waiting for them, Liu Ying must not have thought that someone would have this much patience.


Of course, that was nothing to me. In order to find the perfect moment, I can even wait for 24 hours!




Looking at the time I still have 74 minutes until the [Tower of Repent] gets rid of all my sin points, so I continue trying to make a new combo custom skill!


Rustle rustle…


I step on the stone floor, and suddenly stab the air. The sword goes straight, and it leaves a ripple through the air. I flick my wrist, and slash horizontally. I then hack and ram, then slash horizontally again. A 5 strike combo, a bit similar to Yan Zhao’s [Peerless Strike], but I can’t seem to activate the custom skill creator from the system.


I can easily use this type of attacking in reality. Of course, that’s only when I’m stronger than my opponent so that my rams are effect, or else it wouldn’t work. But, if I get this combo working, then my attack damage output would increase exponentially.




An hour passes in a flash, and my red name has disappeared. I take my ancient spear and walk out of the [Tower of Repent]. I’m out of city return scrolls, so it can’t be helped. I’ll turn in my quest first, and grab some experience points from it. I’ll return to the city after. Luckily, the distance between here and Ba Huang City isn’t that far, only about 20 minutes!


20 minutes later, Ba Huang City.


I hear plenty of yelling coming from the stalls, and I look at my own level. Level 26. No need to rush leveling, I’ll sell my items first, and I’ll plan what to do after earning some gold coins!


I found an empty space in the northern part of Ba Huang City to set up my stall. I wave my hand, and a blood-red hexagram appears on the ground. After some howling sounds, a blazing little skeleton crawls up from the ground, his eyes were bloodshot, and whimpered towards me, showing his allegiance to me. Hehe, the 100% excellence fire skeleton, a attack-vitality-type pet, very useful!


I show the statistics of the fire skeleton to the public while putting the other green-ranked and  black-iron tiered equipments onto the stall, and then yell on the top of my lungs, “A groundbreaking pet! Level 1 fire skeleton, 4 stars in attack, 4.5 stars in HP, 100% excellence! Even if you’re not buying come take a look, and spread the word! The highest bidder wins, the auction will only last for 30 minutes! There are also green-ranked and black-iron ranked equipments, if you want them hurry up and look!”


After that yell, I instantly attract a large group of players, their main focus is the 100% excellence fire skeleton. At this stage, people with pet seals are rare, and the people that can find and actually seal the level 1 pets are even more rare. This 100% excellence is way too eye-catching!


This pet’s attraction rate is so high that people came flashing back into the city. Plenty of people used their city return scroll to come back from outside, just to see this fire skeleton!




Yue Qing Qian sends a message to me, “Xiao Yao, Ba Huang City’s 100% excellence fire skeleton, is it you who is selling it?”


“Yep, do you want it?” I reply.


“I have a green-rock skeleton already, but my uncle really wants it. 100% excellence, it’s too tempting!”


“Then bring him here!”






In the crowd, a young swordsman stands there silently. He’s level 28 and is holding a longsword thats glowing lightly. The armor he’s wearing is at least black-iron ranked, suitable for his class. A line of words hovers over his head, “General Wang Jian” One of the most important figures in the General family. in the entire family, he’s probably second to only General Li Mu.


In the noisy bidding, Wang Jian walks up, glares at me, and says, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, where did you get this fire skeleton?”


I smile, “Black-blooded cave, what about it?”


“Nothing much, I want it.”


“Throw me a price.”


“100 gold coins.”


After giving his price, the people who were bidding a few silvers, a few gold coins didn’t say anything anymore.


A few seconds after Wang Jian gave his price, another sound rings, “Hehe, you have the nerve to only give 100 gold coins? I’ll give 150 gold coins!”


Coming from a crowd of people walks another swordsman. I look at his face, and damn! It’s Tyrant of Western Chu! This guy wants to buy my fire skeleton!


But, business is business, it doesn’t matter who buys it.


I raise the corner of my mouth, “150 gold coins?”


Tyrant of Western Chu nods, and beside him is Yan Suo, who is leaning against him while holding a dagger, “What’s wrong? Are you worried that we can’t pay up?”


I shake my head, “Nah, but I’m waiting to see if there’s anyone else who will bid more.”






Finally, after a few minutes, Yan Zhao brings a dozen of players from [Prague], including Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang. The moment they arrive, the air in the plaza seems to have solidified and, and everyone looks towards the group from [Prague]. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Ba Huang City’s future will be in the hands of [Prague]. so everyone is respectful towards them, including Tyrant of Western Chu


“Yan Zhao!!”


General Wang Jian clenches his first, and prepares to unsheathe his blade.


Yan Zhao’s eyes sweep over Wang Jian, and smiles, “Oh? The General family is here too eh? Good good, this 100% excellence fire skeleton, it seems like everyone wants it!”


After saying that, Yan Zhao raises his fist, and says in a powerful voice, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai! This fire skelton, I offer 300 gold coins!”


I am obviously very happy since the price is raising!


General Wang Jian sends an icy glare, “Yan Zhao, although this fire skeleton is not bad, its a attack-vitality-type pet. Anyone with a bit of brain know that this is worth at most 200 gold coins, but you offer 300. What is the meaning of this?”


Yan Zhao smiles, “Although it is a attack-vitality type pet, it can greatly help the owner when its level is high enough. The benefits of having a higher level than others, everyone knows it, or else why would I try to be #1 on the leaderboard?”


Wang Jian clamps his fingers together while grinding his teeth and says ,”Fine, since Yan Zhao you want this fire skeleton so badly, I’ll give it to you. The General family will give it up.”




But, on the side, Yan Suo lightly smacks her lips and says, “Since the General family don’t want it, then [Wrath of the Heroes] will take it. 400 gold coins.”


Xu Yue’s words cause Yan Zhao’s face to change ugly, “500 gold coins. Continuously raising the price will do no one good. Tyrant of Western Chu, you should understand this.”




Liu Ying holds onto his sword, and says coldly, “In the world of business, everything is fought fairly. What’s this, does Yan Zhao want to use [Prague] to pressure [Wrath of the Heroes]? There seems to be some reliance on your power to bully the weak huh?”


Yan Zhao waves his hand and smiles, “You think too much. I don’t mean it that way, but…I’ve heard, you people from [Wrath of the Heroes] and Xiao Yao have a very deep history of hatred The game hasn’t even been out for a week and there’s already been over 3 PK fights. Your arch nemesis’s pet, do you really want it?”


Liu Ying glares at me, and says lightly, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Ha. This person is no more than a piece of trash on the road, and even I’m too lazy to kick it away. But for this fire skeleton, its a smart deal. It’s nothing much.”






Behind Yan Zhao, Qing qian puts her hand on the dagger on her waist, and says quietly, “Does Tyrant of Western Chu have no shame in insulting Xiao Yao?”


Yan Zhao doesn’t move, and puts his hand on Qing Qian’s dagger, “Don’t be angered. We are here to do business, not to start a war.”


Liu Ying laughs, “Yan Zhao, you are indeed a clever person that knows circumstances, so, this fire skeleton?”


Yan Zhao smiles lightly “Since you want this fire skeleton so badly, I’ll just let you have it. I can find other attack-type pets!”


“Okay! The fire skeleton belongs to us!” Xu Yue twists her hip, and continues being embraced by Liu Ying.


I take the fire skeleton, and open up the trade window, “Okay. Tyrant of Western Chu, 500 gold coins, and this will belong to you!”


Liu Ying accepts the trade, and quickly, 500 gold coins come rolling in, trade complete!






After receiving the fire skeleton, Liu Ying reveals a face of despisement, “Li Xiao Yao, just you wait. Today you sell this fire skeleton to me, and perhaps tomorrow I will use this fire skeleton to end your puny life! Just you watch!”


I furrowed my brows, and say, “Ok dog, I still have business to do, leave.”




Liu Ying’s hands goes towards his sword, and yells, “You think you’re all mighty? Do you dare to have a duel with me at the northern gate? Life or death, it matters not. Will you come?!”


I look at the [Green City Sword] in my bag, and then I think about how much I need to train my level, and smile, “Nah, it’s fine. I don’t have any time to waste on you player killers, leave…”


While saying that, I wave my hand, and sha a golden hexagram appears, then Baby Bobo is released. I glare at Liu Ying, and say coldly, “Attack damage of 492, level 3 combo strike, can you take it? Leave, don’t shame yourself.”


Liu Ying involuntary shudders, and it seems that he felt the presence of the Bee Overlord.




On the side, Qing Qian prepares her dagger and says, “Tyrant of Western Chu, if you want to do some player killing, perhaps I’ll keep you entertained?”


Liu Ying looks at Qing Qian, and with dirty eyes, he smiles, “Nah, although the body is pretty good, you’re at most a C cup, I have no interest in you!”


Qing Qian stomps her feet in anger.


Yan Zhao is speechless, and says in a low voice, “Qing Qian, that’s enough. we’ll go and train our levels now, don’t attract unneeded business!”




The cute little girl looks at me, and then goes with the uncle.




I sit near the city walls, and continue selling items. I sell everything 30% below the market value, so I can quickly clear out my inventory in order to store more equipment in the future. I store the [Green City Sword], and pick up my ancient spear. Today, we will rush to level 30!


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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