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Chapter 38- Fight Me If You Dare!

7:30 in the morning.

Underneath the girl’s dorm, I wait patiently for Wan Er and Yue Er. I haven’t slept all night and my body is reflecting it. I’m shivering as I wait there while holding a book. Today’s lesson is on——ehh, I forgot it. I just randomly brought some books!

After a few minutes, two beauties come out the girl’s dorm and they seem to glow in front of my eyes~


Wan Er is holding her books, while wearing a pink and white jacket. She also revealed her snow-white shoulders, making me light headed.


“What’s up?”


Wan Er walks up to me, and smiles, “Your eyes are so red, did you not sleep all night to level up?”


I nod, “Yep. Miss, your eyes are really red as well, so you didn’t sleep either right? What’s your level now?”


Wan Er smacks her lips, and with a slightly arrogant tone she says, “Level 31 assassin, pretty strong eh?”


“Yep, that is pretty strong…”


Before disconnecting, I checked the leaderboard. Ba Huang City’s #1 player is still Yan Zhao Warrior, level 29. No matter how fast he tries to level up, Wan Er is already way past them.  Also the assassins Qing Qian and Wei Liang are only level 27. The level difference between them is very apparent.


“Let’s go to class…We can sleep then…”






The 3 of us go to class shoulder to shoulder and this time we didn’t sit arrogantly in the first row, but instead chose the middle rows. Wan Er and Cheng Yue sit near the wall, while I sit in the open, near the walkway. I take my chinese textbook and put it in front of my face, and immediately go to sleep. Behind us, a group of boys are staring at the two beauties Wan Er and Cheng Yue. They want to come closer, but are afraid to so. So they can only watch from afar, while their hearts pump like crazy.


As I was sleeping, I hear the bell. I raise my head and while still half-asleep and ask, “Time for lunch?”


On the side, Wan Er says without any expression, “Not yet. Only first period has passed…”


“Mm, then I’ll sleep for a bit more…”






While hazily passing through the morning, I painfully wait for the 3rd period to end.


I stand up and do some stretching. Ahh, I feel alot better now.


At the same time, loud noises come from outside the classroom.


“What’s that?” Wan Er asks surprisingly.


I shake my head, “I don’t know, it might be some random big shot coming from the school, I dunno…”


“Oh…Which big shot…”


Before she finishes her sentence, a girl wearing a green T-shirt walks in front of the classroom. She’s pretty beautiful and with good body proportions. Her face is fairly nice and it can be the daydream of many guys… I stand in the walkway of the classroom staring at her. It’s not because of her beauty. It’s because she seems familiar…

“Who’s that?” A few boys behind me ask.

Glasses pushes his glasses up and with eyes of passion he says, “Xu Yue, a second year student in the business department, the department manager, and also in Liu Hua University’s top 10 beauties, she is 9th. She is indeed pretty…”

My body involuntarily shakes. Damn, I have a bad feeling about this!

Indeed, Xu Yue walks straight up to me and stops when we are half a meter apart. She stares at me and says with a cold voice, “You…You are Xiao Yao Zi Zai right?”

I take a deep breath, “What about it?”

Xu Yue laughs, “You brat, pretty arrogant huh!”

Behind her, a few more male students come in. A person wearing famous brands and a shiny gold watch comes with them. It’s the legendary Liu Ying, nicknamed as the most handsome person in this school.

Liu Ying walks up, puts his hands on Xu Yue’s shoulders and stretches his head forward to give her a kiss on her face. He then looks at me and laughs, “Li Xiao Yao, lying dead in a cave, how do you feel?”

I respond, “Pretty good…”

The color of his face changes and he immediately gets angry. Then he says, “You damn crap, I give you a bit of light and you just shine it in my face! Do you still want to play the hero? Let me tell you, Xu Yue is my woman. I don’t care whatever stupid dreams you have. Don’t even think of getting near Xu Yue. Look yourself in the mirror. Do you think you are good enough for her?”

I rub my mouth and seriously say, “Liu Ying, when did I ever say I wanted to get near Xu Yue? This person…she isn’t even my type. Spit whatever you wanted to say and don’t talk in riddles!”

Liu Ying’s face becomes even more twisted and he points at my nose, “What I want to say is very clear. You vermin, don’t even show your face in front of me. Xu Yue is my women and the likes of you shouldn’t even breathe the same air as she does. Clear enough for you? Only I can have this women, don’t even think about it you bastard!”


The students around us all go silent. Everyone seems to think that I am going after Xu Yue and was found out. Even Glasses pushes his glasses and says, “Ah Li. You are pretty ambitious eh? You want to get your hands on this beauty…”



Right when I become speechless, I smell a sweet fragment beside me. I don’t know when Wan Er stood up, but she puts her pulls onto my arms and snuggles her face in my shoulder, and smiles at Liu Ying, “Oh? Is he really not good enough for the likes of Xu Yue? I don’t think so. I think that Li Xiao Yao is a pretty good guy…”

After saying that, she sends me a glare and whispers, “Follow it up!!”

I stare blankly, but then I understand the situation. So I take hold her shoulder. I feel the smooth skin and it makes me so happy that I might faint..




Liu Ying’s whole body shakes. He wanted to come and taunt me at first, but he didn’t expect that Wan Er would retaliate with such tactics. Although Xu Yue is pretty, compared to Wan Er she is nothing. With the help of Wan Er, it’s Liu Ying and Xu Yue’s turn to be speechless!


“You! Just you wait Li Xiao Yao!”


Liu Ying points at my nose and says, “Meet me at the back gate after school if you have the guts!”


After saying that, he takes Xu Yue and angrily rushes out the classroom.




I stand there with a blank face. “Meet me at the back gate after school if you have the guts!” This sentence really brings me back to my primary school days…Those dreamlike times, ahh memories…


On the side, Wan Er glares at me and says, “What, you don’t want to let go anymore?”


I quickly release her hand, “Cough, Miss…”


Wan Er doesn’t say anything. She sits back down and looks at her textbook. She raises her thin finger and smiles, “Today, you owe me one. Remember it…”


I sit back down as well and say in a low voice, “Mm, I will return this favour…”




Cheng Yue leans on the desk and looks at Wan Er. Then she looks at me and smiles, “Wan Er, I think you were very brave just now~ You pull out a sword when you see injustice on the road. A beauty saving a coward~”


Wan Er bends over and laughs, while I scratch my nose, “Yue, don’t say things like that…”


Cheng Yue laughs and asks, “Xiao Yao, Liu Ying told you to come to the back gate after school. Are you going? Everyone is looking forward to the challenge…”


I purse my lips, “Why should I go? His body is so weak because it has been destroyed by wine and beer. He can’t even take a punch. How can he possibly challenge me? I’m not going to bother…”


“Oh right, why does Liu Ying hate you? If I remember correctly, his ID is Tyrant of Western Chu and he’s even in a guild…”


“Mm, yesterday night, we PK’ed a bit…”


“Oh I see…”


Cheng Yue goes online with her cellphone and looks at the forums. Suddenly she says, “Waa, Wan Er look! The first gold-ranked equipment has appeared and it’s a weapon as well——Green City Sword! It’s the weapon for any sword wielder, like swordsman and knights. So it should be the most valuable out of all the weapons! I wonder who’s the lucky guy that got it. Hmm, the name has four characters…Hm… Who would it be…”


Wan Er lightly smiles, “How should I know, my ID is only two characters. Is it…Yan Zhao Warrior?”

TL:Warrior -> Peerless is two characters, Yan Zhao Peerless doesn’t work


“I doubt it…” Cheng Yue immediately denies it. “From 2013, the [Prague] guild had always been going downhill and Yan Zhao is trying his best to raise it back up. If he really got the sword. Then he would have shown his name, to spread his reputation. I doubt that he would miss this rare chance. Look, when he got the first bronze helmet, he revealed his ID…”


Wan Er suddenly looks at me and started to laugh.


I feel slightly sad and ask, “Oi, why did you laugh when you looked at me?”


Wan Er is still shaking from laughter and says, “I was just thinking…People like you would never have such good luck to get the [Green City Sword], although your ID is 4 characters…”


“Hmph, wait til the day I show you [Green City Sword]. That’ll surprise you eh?”


Wan Er straightens her body and looks at me with a tilted head and says, “Okay, I’ll see how you can possibly get the [Green City Sword] to surprise me…”








I get a message on my cell phone telling me that the 100 gold coins I put on sale has been bought by someone for 17 Yuan (~2.7 dollars) apiece. So I got a total of 1700 Yuan (~270 dollars). Just like that, my bank account has 15000 Yuan (~2400 dollars) now.

After eating lunch and escorting the two beauties back to their dorm. I call Song Han’s phone number——

TL: Song Han is part of the old Zhan Long team

“Oh Xiao Yao, what’s up? Something happened?”

“Yep, something happened. Do you know when the 2nd version of the [Destiny] helmets will be sold?”

“In about a week right? What about it?”

“I’m here at Liu Hua University’s north entrance. I need to give you something.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in 20 minutes!”



After 20 minutes, a 10 year old electric motorcycle comes rolling down. Song Han takes off his bike helmet and smiles, “Xiao Yao, what’s the problem?”

I hold out two plastic bags and give it to him, “There’s 15 thousand Yuan here and you should have 5000 yourself. When the helmet is released, grab 2 of them!”

TL: Yeah, Xiao Yao put the money in plastic bags

“Ah! 15 thousand!”

Song Han starts getting excited and his face goes red, “I get one, K gets one, and all that’s remaining is Fox. Our Zhan Long group has some hope of reviving!”

I nod, “Yep, when the helmets are released go buy them. Then find K and Fox. Hurry up and level up in the game or the level differences will be too high and it’ll be hard to revive our group.”


After seeing Song Han leave, I relax. Well my mission is half way through. I need to continue making money and rebuild Zhan Long!



Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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