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Chapter 36- Lower your Sword!

I turned around and saw Ageless Beauty staring at me with a pair of cold eyes. At the moment of my death, I hear some cold words, “This is what you get for going against Tyrant of Western Chu.”



My body becomes limp, and I go into the soul status. I respawn in a nearby graveyard, which is near the NPC guard post that I encountered before. Going to the Black-Blooded cave should only take around 10 minutes, but, while ‘saving’ Ageless from danger, I killed a musketeer, and my name became red. Because of that, I dropped an extra level when I died, dropping from 27 straight down to 25. Sigh. What a huge loss!


I stand alone at the graveyard, and check my item and equipment. I seem to have dropped my white-tiered cloth wrist and leg guards, but luckily I didn’t drop my Ancient Shining Spear, or else that really would have made my heart break. Also, some other non-essential equipment from my bag also dropped. A red-named player’s item drop rate is really huge.


I clench my first, and think back. Ageless Beauty is definitely part of Liu Ying’s group. That guy, to make me take the bait, he used Ageless and Wind Chaser to create such a scene, and Wind Chaser even sacrificed 2 level for Ageless to gain my trust and empathy. All in all, it was a betrayal, sigh…




Without any rage, I smile slightly, and take my Ancient Spear. In my soul form, I head towards the Black-Blooded cave. At the same time, I open my pet window, and my mood just switches instantly. Not towards anger, but towards ecstasy, because in my pet window, I have an extra pet, a Fire Skeleton with lingering flames around it!


I wave my hand over it, and the stats of the Fire Skeleton pop in front of my face, which makes me even happier——


【Fire Skeleton】






Magic Power:★☆





100% excellence!!!


The line of words float in front of me, and I feel like my whole body has been electrocuted. Damn, this luck. This might be the first pet that has 100% excellence. Looking at this Fire Skeleton’s attack, HP, and the 100% excellence, isn’t this a godly pet? In fact, compared to my previous sales of the Silver-Feathered Bird, Killer Bee etc, this Fire Skeleton is on another level!


Great, even though I didn’t finish my mission this time, it’s fine. This Fire Skeleton will sell for at least 100 gold coins! I’m rich!


I make my way back, and return to the 3rd level of the cave. Looking from afar, I notice that Tyrant of Western Chu, Ageless Beauty and Wind Chaser etc. are grouping together to clear out the Fire Skeletons,slowly advancing towards the staircase going to the 4th level.


My corpse is within the group of people, silently laying there. A system notification says that I can revive right now, but I instantly click the ‘No’ button. If I revive right now I will get slaughtered instantly!


Looking at my corpse. Ageless Beauty frowns slightly, and says, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai must really hate me right now…”


Wind Chaser spins around and says, “Don’t worry about it. The moment this person entered Ba Huang City he has been obstructing [Wrath of the Heroes]’s plans. Hmph, he deserves to die!”


Yan Suo holds her dagger and says “This…Xiao Yao Zi Zai, is he really Li Xiao Yao, a first year in our Liu Hua university?”


“Yeah, you should be able to check the archives. Li Xiao Yao, a newcomer in the Chinese department’s class 1.”


Yan Suo still seems very worried.


Liu Ying holds his sword and walks towards her. He embraces her, “Xu Yue, why are you so worried? Remember, you are my women, you need to forever stand by me! Is it that…you’ve fallen for that little brat?”


Yan Suo’s little mouth opens, but she says nothing. After a short while, she suddenly hits Liu Ying’s chest, and smiles, “What kind of joke is that? I fall for Li Xiao Yao? Impossible. Although he’s very handsome, I don’t like weak people. Don’t tell me that it’s not clear to you who I like?”


Liu Ying laughs, lowers his head and kisses Ageless’ lips. “After we finish this map, we’ll properly enjoy ourselves!  Haha!”


Yan Suo’s face becomes red, and continues stay in Liu Ying’s embrace.


While holding a gun, Piggy runs towards them, “Cough, Boss. We need to hurry and kill off the monsters so we can enter the 4th level quick right? I feel like Xiao Yao’s soul has already come back, or maybe he’s even watching at this moment. Are you trying to anger him to death by showing all this love? You know what they say, the more love you show, the faster you die…”


Liu Ying raises his eyebrows, and shouts into the empty space behind him, “Li Xiao Yao, do you see this? She’s mine, don’t even think about touching her you little brat!”


I clench my fists, and stand there without moving. A gentleman’s revenge can wait 10 years! I must have patience.




After half an hour or so, the 40+ people from [Wrath of the Heroes] completely wiped out the Fire Skeletons, and they even got a few Green-ranked equipment from the drops. All of them are excited, and praised this cave.


The moment before entering the 4th level, Tyrant of Western Chu glanced at my corpse, and says, “You three, stay here to look over his corpse. The rest follow with me into the 4th level, the boss in the cave should still be there, don’t let him ruin our boss hunting!”


“Yes boss!”


One knight and two musketeers stayed next to my corpse.


I choose not to revive, and I follow them in my soul form into the 4th level of the cave. The 4th level is occupied by Black-blood zombies, level 33 monsters with very high attack damage. But Liu Ying brought 40+ people, all over level 20 and promoted, so killing the Black-blood zombies is a piece of cake.




I stand in the corridor of the 4th floor, and look from afar. Mm, behind the crowds of Black-blooded zombies, there’s a grey shadow sitting quietly. He’s holding a staff, with loose hair, and his whole face is black. He doesn’t look anything like a human nor a ghost, extremely frightening. Hovering over him are some eye-catching words——


【Mage Bi Ke】(Gold-ranked Boss)







Description: The evil mage Bi Ke, former mage of the Ba Huang City royal family. When he was young, he travelled to all 7 empires, and had quite a big reputation. Under unique circumstances, he came into contact with dark magic, and was immersed into the darkness. He could no longer be saved. Finally, he created the death medicine, and became one of the most wanted criminal of Tian Ling Empire.




I take a deep breath. It’s a level 35 gold-ranked boss, so it’s possible that it will drop gold-ranked equipment! That in itself is very tempting. In addition, no one has a gold-ranked equipment in the entire game, in fact, no one has even seen a silver-ranked equipment. The highest rank currently for equipment is bronze, so the major guilds would be challenging silver and gold-ranked bosses to gain high level equipment. This level 35 gold-ranked boss is quite a good catch.


If it drops a gold-ranked equipment, that would be amazing!


But sadly, I am alone. But how can I possibly let them finish off this boss? Impossible. Also, next to Bi Ke is a bottle of green medicine. Without any doubt, that’s the item I need for this mission. If I get the medicine, then my mission is complete.


From afar, Liu Ying also sees the boss, and can’t hold his excitement. He slashes with his sharp sword and kills off a Black-blooded zombie, before yelling, “Nice! There’s a boss, and it’s a gold-ranked one! Li Xiao Yao brought us here, and he gave us a grand gift!”


On the side, Piggy quickly runs and frowns, “Boss, don’t be so happy so soon..”


He mutters another few words, and quickly, a knight dies from the claws of a Black-blooded skeleton.


I blink my eyes, and quickly understand. In my soul form, players that are alive can’t see me, but other players who are dead and in soul form can see me. They sacrificed a knight to check if I’m poking around or not! Cruel…




Well, I make a quick decision. I called out the system fairy, and disconnected from the game. You might have a devious plan, but I have my own plan. Who’s afraid of who!


I take off my helmet, and brew a cup of coffee. Then, I sit on my bed, and peacefully look out into the starry sky.


On the other bed, Glasses also takes off his helmet, and looks at me surprised, “Li guy, everyone else is busy leveling up, how do you have the leisure to drink coffee in the middle of the night?”


I smile a bit, “Nah, I’m having a slight break right now. I’ll get back on later. I’ll play overnight today, and sleep in class tomorrow!”


Glasses also smiles, “Same here. Great minds think alike!”


After waiting for a good 30 minutes, I go back online.




My soul is still at the 4th level, and the knight that died already revived. Of course, he wouldn’t wait half an hour just for me. Also, even though there are 40+ people, they may not even be able to finish up a level 35 gold-ranked boss. They know that, so they need to have their whole force available, or else the Mage Bi Ke might wipe out the entire group of [Wrath of the Heroes].


After waiting for nearly 4 hours, it’s almost morning, Finally, Liu Ying and his group finished off all the Black-blooded zombies, and prepared to kill the boss!


“Careful everyone, the monks will go first and attack the boss to get their aggro. Healers heal the monk, and the attacking group will attack in 3s. Ranged attackers be careful who you hit, don’t cause any friendly fire!”


Liu Ying holds his sword, stands aside and commands his force.


On the side, a level 27 monk charges with his steel rod. As expected, he is completely bald, but he has full armor. Before reaching the boss, he stands still, and chants something. Suddenly, his hands spread open, and a golden light envelops the monk. It is a skill the monks get from their promotion——[Lower your Sword] LV-3! It lowers the attack of the target by 3%, and the monk securely gets a lot of aggro!




Jie jie jie jie…


A gloomy laughter echoes throughout the halls. Mage Bi Ke laughs, and suddenly stands up. Magic power sparkles around him, and while holding a staff with a skull, he says, “You little ants. So you’re Ba Huang City’s pawn? Looks like it, come. I’ll open the doors of hell for you! I’ll kill you all!”


He raises his staff, and with a “bang”, a ray of lightning hits the monk!




The entire guild of [Wrath of the Heroes] stares at the monk with their mouths wide open, “Quick, heal him! Go in, GO IN!”


Author: Shi Luo Ye

TL: Gravity


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