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Chapter 34- Vengeance

“So you do have some courage in you!” Qian Ling looked at me, as if he’s trying to find some weakness: “Boy, I knew you would take the bait if I insulted your pride.”

I don’t know why I accepted a [Difficult: B] quest, especially since I’m a Healer! Not only that, I am a solo player so this will be… quite hard.

But atlas, I already accepted the quest so I can’t turn back now. Time to find that Death’s Potion and more importantly, find the entrance to the underground laboratory.

I took out my Ancient Double-Edge Spear and went outside to start on my journey.

Looking at my mini-map, I can see multiple red-dots gather in a section of the map. That is definitely where the laboratory is at, but how do I get inside…

swish swish….


Walking along the northern trail, I see grasses that are not green, but rather black. The entire area around me is filled with bones and the stench of death. The air is heavy and sometimes I can even see the bones twitch. I don’t worry too much since they don’t seem like too much of a threat.


A quick glance at my mini-map and I saw a blue dot that had appeared and disappeared within seconds. Blue dots on mini-map meant that it is another player. The only class that can disappear like that are Assassins. There could be other reasons too, like the player died or recall back to the city. But I doubt those are the reasons…

I shrugged it off and kept moving forward. As I continue to look for the entrance, I felt a strong aura of bloodlust right behind me! I look back and I can see the outline of footprints on the grass, here he comes!

I quickly took out my spear and thrust it straight to where the Assassin would be.


My spear was blocked by a green dagger, but it manage to knock the Assassin back a few steps. The assassination attempt had clearly failed and he lost his [Stealth] mode. The Assassin in front of me looks to be around 20 years old and had high level equipments on.

ID: Zhui Feng Ze

Lv: 25

Race: Undead

Class: Assassin

Zhui Feng Ze saw that his sneak attack had fail and begun to employ the Assassin’s stun skill, [Gouge]!

“Baby Bobo, attack!”

With his fast agility, Bobo was in front of Feng Ze in a split second and had his stingers pointed at the Assassin’s chest! A golden hexagram appeared as Bobo unleashed his Lv. 3 [Combo] skill. Two quick attacks made impact with Feng Ze. Baby Bobo’s [Combo] can do a maximum of 3 attacks and a minimum of two.



With just those two strikes alone, Zhui Feng Ze’s body turns limp and slowly fell to the ground. With hatred in his voice: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, just you wait! This map is perfect for your grave site.”

Staring at his corpse, I begin to ponder as to why he wanted to PK me so badly. What would he gain by killing me? It seems that he had been waiting to ambush me, but didn’t expect Baby Bobo to utterly destroyed him.

I assumed that Zhui Feng Ze is either with Wrath of the Heroes or The General. However, I don’t see The General’s group as an enemy; instead more like a rival. So it’s mostly likely Liu Ying’s group who holds a grudge and would do anything to kill me.

I walked towards Zhui Feng Ze and picked up what he dropped, Leather Armor [Green]. Too bad I can’t equip leather armor, but it should fetch a decent price!

I continue on my journey, with my spear resting on my shoulder: “They are fools to try to kill me, I will send them all to their graves. I will just continue on with my mission!”

As I moved towards the center of the map, the smell of rotten corpse increase substantially. Most players would turn off their scent system, but I’ve long been used to this smell of death. Plus, there’s people out here trying to PK me, I rather keep all my senses intact.

Farther ahead of me, I can see the top half of a giant bloody skull while the other half is buried underground. I suppose that is where the entrance is at… very intricate!



I almost vomited as I walk towards the entrance. The sight, smell, and feel of this place is disgusting. The designer of this map have very weird taste.

As I enter the cave, the light dimmed and I can see an outline of a stone staircase heading down. It doesn’t look inviting, but I must finish my quest!



System Notification: You entered the [Black Blood Cave – 1st Floor] [Wicked Warlock’s Laboratory]!

Alright! I found it!

As I walked down the stone staircase, my vision was limited to 1-2 meters in front of me. All I can rely on is the red dots on my mini-map to guide me. Finally at the bottom of the staircase, I see 2 red dots in front of me and they look dangerous.

Moving along the dark hallway, I decided to stable myself by putting my hands on the wall. As I touch the wall, I can feel something oily dripping on my hands. I squinted towards the wall and I can make out a lamp with a steel ring attach at the bottom. I pulled on the steel ring and the whole hallway lit up.

A few steps ahead of me were zombies in tattered clothing pacing back and forth. I decided to inspect them..

[Relentless Zombie] [Normal monster]

Lv: 30

Attack: ?????

Defense: ?????

Health: ?????

Abilities: ?????

Description: Relentless Zombie, Guardian of the underground Laboratory.

Damn it, he’s 6 level higher than me. At least I have Baby Bobo next to me and together we are invincible!

I ready my spear as I commanded Baby Bobo to attack. With a lighting fast speed, he instantly reach the Relentless Zombie and open up with Lv.3 [Combo]. The zombie cried out and his health drops by 500+ points! These type of monsters seem to have very low defense, so they can’t stand up to Bobo’s attack!


The two zombie immediately aggroed Bobo and used [Headbutt]. With a strange green glow, the two zombie made contact with Baby Bobo.



Baby Bobo’s health immediately drop into the red zone. They may have low defense, but their offense is incredible! I quickly use a Lv. 3 [Heal] on him.

Taking this chance, I stab the neck of the closest zombie with my spear. Together with Bobo, we continuously attack and 11 seconds later, defeated our very first Relentless Zombie. I can clearly see the huge experience boost from killing these monsters!

In addition to the massive experience points, he also drop 1 silver coin.

Continuing our fight with the second zombie, Bobo and I improved on our team work. He would engage and aggro the monsters while I use [Heal]. In this way, I would use Bobo to tank while I support him! I reminded myself that there’s no shame to use a pet as a tank.


It didn’t take long before the second Relentless Zombie fell under the adorable Baby Bobo’s continuous attacks. Instead of dropping a silver coin, he drop a piece of equipment and a blood red card instead.

I reach down and picked up the equipment.

[Relentless Death’s Shin Guards] [Green]

Type: Steel Armor

Defense: 35

Strength: +9

Level Requirement: 25

This would have been great for me, but atlas it’s a typical equipment for Swordsman. At least I can sell it for a nice profit.

Now, looking at this blood red card I can see that its special!

[Fire Skeleton]






Checking out the stats, I figure that this type of pet would be great as an offensive pet like Baby Bobo. Of course it can’t even be compare to Bobo’s 5 stars in attack, but still good enough. At least it also have high health along with high attacks so it won’t die too fast.


The illustration card changes into a ray of light as it enters my illustration handbook. I really hope that this dungeon contain Fire Skeletons! I would be rich if I were to capture a Lv. 1 Fire Skeleton pet!

I quickly continue forward while killing. After all, they are zombies, which means they re-spawn quickly. After quite a while, I finally find the stairs in a corner, which lead to the next level.

On the next level I can see Lv. 30 Imps carrying tridents, man they sure are ugly creatures. Judging by their characteristics, they seem to lack in attack power, but their attack speed is sure to be fast. This is going to be tough as my [Heal] cool down rate isn’t that fast.


I had the choice between two different corridors, so I chose the one to the right, since I had no need to exterminate every single imp on the floor.

“keke keke!”


The first imp which we fought met his end by a single combo of Baby Bobo. As I approached to pick up the loots, a bang sounded while the imp’s body blew up, splattering blood all over me.




Fighting my way through the Imps for well over an hour, I finally found the stairs to the 3rd floor. As I begin my descent down, I can hear other players voices.


“Look! There’s a monster’s corpse! Somebody has gone past here; it must be Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Hurry! Because of him I was unable to hit on Lin Wan Er! Just you wait and see, I always get the last laugh!


Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Icarus


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