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Chapter 33- Death’s Potion

We had a small dinner, consisted of some Italian dishes and a cup of tea

Holding her cup of tea gracefully, Wan Er sat opposite to me. As I took careful glances at her as not to be caught, I can see the street light illuminating her cheeks… and of course her 34D breasts. Tonight, she is wearing a low cut blouse, which made her quite irresistible. So much that the boys next to our table kept staring at her.

“Li Xiao Yao?” Wan Er suddenly asked.

I quickly took my eyes off of her chest: “Yes?”

“Ba Huang City doesn’t seem to have many high level players.” Wan Er took a sip of her tea and asks: “Is Prague’s Guildmaster, Yan Zhao Warrior, the player with the highest level? What level is he?”

“Hmm” I nod: “Yan Zhao Warrior was Lv. 28, but General Lian Po killed him so he dropped down to Lv. 27.”

“General? I’ve never heard of him…”

I smiled: “He is one of the 4 Generals of Ba Huang City. They have a couple of high level players, but not enough to match Prague’s enormous guild.”

Lin Wan Er let out a sweet laugh: “Oh really? Ba Huang City doesn’t seem to be as competitive as Fan Shu or Ju Li City. The only big guilds there are <Flying Dragon> and <Prague>. Ba Huang City doesn’t have any guild that’s in the top 3 guild of the server, so the competition isn’t that tough, you’re so lucky!”

“Even though we may not have the top 3 guilds, there’s a lot of [PK] in Ba Huang City. Which makes the city a bloody battlefield!”

“Hmmm?” Wan Er looks at me and jokingly says: “Are you by chance afraid of being PKed?”

Next to Wan Er, Cheng Yue taps her friend’s shoulder and giggled: “Don’t be so mean Wan Er, he’s only a Healer! They have low offense, defense, and can only heal. How can he PK? Does he use his handsome face to head butt another player?…”

Lin Wan Er bit her red lips: “Which part of him is handsome?”

Dong Cheng Yue says: “He’s not just handsome, but also a kind person…”

Wan Er: “…”

I adverted the awkwardness of the conversation by asking: “Miss, Who is the highest level player in Fan Shu City?”

“Hero’s Tomb Guild Leader – Wen Jian!”

“Oh, really? What kind of person is Wen Jian?”

Lin Wan Er took a deep breath, making her breast heave up and down: ” Wen Jian is currently the strongest person in Fan Shu City. Not only that, he is very handsome! Along with Yu Jian, they are masters of [Hit & Run Style].”

“Hit & Run Style?”

Dong Cheng Yue giggles: “Xiao Yao, you’re such a newbie! Hit & Run, Pulse Stopping, and Thorn style are the top three Pking styles. Wen Jian was the top player in <King> due to mastering the [Hit & Run Style]. In just a few days after he join <Destiny>, he’s at the top of the rankings and is being called [Godly] by Fan Shu City’s players.

Lin Wan Er smiles and says: “Yeah, He is my idol…”

I stared at Lin Wan Er for a few seconds, feeling a hint of jealousy stirring in my heart

Dong Chen Yue stood up and stared at me: “Xiao Yao, you… You don’t want Wan Er to be thinking about another man right? Don’t even think about lying!”

I looked at Cheng Yue and realize that she’s very blunt: “You’re thinking too much. Whoever the Miss idolize has nothing to do with me. I am only here to protect her if…”

“If what?” Lin Wan Er asks,


Dong Cheng Yue giggles: “Awkward…Xiao Yao, when Wan Er and I are level 30, how about we go to Ba Huang City to see you? You’re our friend and we can’t let you stay in Ba Huang City alone!”

I say: “I would like that.”

Lin Wan Er pouts and purses her lips: “Agreed, let’s help him level up. After all, he’s just a Healer…”

Me: “…”

“What’s your ID?” Dong Cheng Yue asked.

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai”

“Huh?” Dong Cheng Yue’s surprised: “What? You are… you’re that famous healer, the very first one to be promoted in Ba Huang City?”

I puff out my chest and say, “Yup, awesome right?”

Lin Wan Er jokes: “It doesn’t matter, you’re still just a healer!”

I clench my fist: “Without us Healers, no one would be able to stand up or survive BOSS fights or guild fights!”

“Lets go home early and rush to level 30!” Wan Er sees that I’m upset and immediately smiles:
Dong Cheng Yue and I will level our skills to Lv. 4 and then we will go look for you in Ba Huang City!”

“Sounds good!”

Instead of logging back into the game, I decided to do some research on this Wen Jian fellow. I opened Tang Gu’s laptop to search for any relevant information regarding Wen Jian. After a couple of minutes, I was stunned by this guy’s high profile. He’s definitely a worthy opponent…

ID: [Wen Jian]

Wen Jian is the founder of Hero’s Tomb Guild, the second ranking guild on China’s Guild Leader board. Ever since playing <King>, Wen Jian has become a legendary player. Rumor states that his real name is Bei Cheng Feng, the successor of Henan’s Bei Cheng Freeform Martial Arts. He is also the son of Northern Star Corporation’s chairman and is worth over 100 billion. More importantly, Wen Jian is very handsome, which cause many female players to chase after him when he enters Fan Shu City.



I slammed the laptop shut. Freeform martial arts? I remember fighting against a Freeform martial artist while still under the teachings of that old man. However, I don’t remember seeing Bei Cheng’s Freeform martial arts. Hopefully through <Destiny>, I may encounter the master of Freeform martial arts.

I can see why Lin Wan Er would idolize the guy… He really is amazing, but… She doesn’t even realize that she’s got a martial artist right next to her!

Troubled by the thought, I put on my gaming helmet. I’ll try to get to Lv. 30, although it’ll still be awhile since I’m only Lv. 24. At least I can also increase Baby Bobo’s level which is a great thing to look forward too! Raising one’s level is definitely the way to get stronger, I should aim to be Lv. 26 by tonight and Bobo should be Lv. 25!


Ba Huang City

I headed towards the <Blacksmith> to repair my equipments and stock up on some pills and seal cards from the <Shop Keeper>. Standing near the North gate of Ba Huang City, I open up my world map to look for a place to grind. Choosing carefully a place where there’s less people and high level monster would be ideal.

Looking at the world map, I see blood-red dots on the East side of the map. This is indication of monsters that are 5 levels above me. With Baby Bobo, killing these monsters shouldn’t be too hard of a task.

After confirming my destination, I set off immediately through a low level monster-infested jungle. Along the way, there were multiple party invites. Mostly because there are not many high level Healers like me.

“Hello, please join our party! We’re grinding by killing Lv. 25 wild boars and it gives quite a bit of experience. As for drops, you may have all the Cloth armor drops!” said a Barbarian Berzerker.

Seconds later, a Wind Elf Mage flew next to me as she asks sweetly: “Brother Xiao Yao, would you join our team to kill toxic wasps? They are Lv. 27 monsters and we can all roll for the equipments…”

“Yeah, in our team, my sister is 17 years old and doesn’t have a boyfriend!”

I politely decline all of the offers. In fact, I didn’t summon Baby Bobo due to his unique appearance and would bound to attract attention.

After nearly 30 minutes, the monsters around me are Lv. 28 Hyenas and Goblins. These monster’s offensive and defensive stats are just regular. The reason why I bought so many sealed cards is so that I could seal a really strong attack or defense type monster, not these mediocre ones. One must be patient and grinds for hours at a time if they wish to seal an excellent pet! This game requires not only luck, but also patience and… whoops! Gotta keep on walking!

A little further ahead I see a small empty village. As I round the corner, I saw a glimpse of the Blood Red Ba Huang City Flag and a small garrison of NPCs.

Carrying my spear, I walked towards the garrison. Suddenly, two arrows pierce the ground in front of me as I subconsciously dodge it by jumping back!

Plop plop!

The NPC Archer sentries shot warnings at me!

I quickly raise my spear and say loudly: “Don’t shoot! We’re on the same side!”

The Archer closest to me laughs: “Ah, it’s an adventure from Ba Huang! My apologizes, I thought you were a monster..”

In the camp, an NPC sitting on a wild boar holding a Battle Axe smiles at me: “Son, you sure have some guts to come to this desolated area.”

I smile and wave the spear in my hands: “I have more than just guts!”


The man stands up and it showed his name. <Qian Ling, Patrol Captain>. Walking towards me, he pats me on the should and laugh loudly: “Boy, I have a very dangerous quest. Do you have the guts to accept it?”


<Qian Ling> looks up at the sky and after taking a deep breath says: “This outpost, originally belonged to Ba Huang City’s <Duke Luo Lei>. Unfortunately, a few months ago an evil mage came here and decided to make this place his territory. He developed all kinds of terrible potions, one of them could turn a living person into a zombie! Thus, making this place filled with zombies and adventurers would be too scare to step into this place. The evil mage is hiding underground in his secret lab. Right now, we need you to go to the lowest floor where his lab is located and retrieve his bottle of Death’s Potion. If you can bring it back to me, you will be the pride of Ba Huang City and also the pride of Tian Ling empire. Do you dare to accept this quest?”


System Notification: Do you accept the quest “Death’s Potion”? (Difficulty: B)

<Patrol Captain Qian Ling> looks at me with contempt and says lightly: “It’s fine if you don’t go, after all not everyone is so courageous. If you don’t go, you can go back to Ba Huang city and boast about killing countless monsters, drink at the bar and woo women…”

My face burning with anger and adrenaline: “I will accept this quest!”


Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Icarus


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