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Chapter 32 – Lin Wan Er!

Yue Qing Qian hesitantly moves closer to me, extended her hand out and there it was… 2 sets of [Icy Herbs]. “I wanted to keep them as a memento…”

“For what? Its more useful to eat it and recover Mana”

“I don’t use Mana, I only use energy!”

“Well, does Prague still wants the Lv. 4 Icy Wind Pills that recovers 300 Mana or would they rather keep it as a memento?!?”

“Of course we want it!”

Yue Qing Qian smiles: “During our fight with the BOSS, our mages ran out of Mana due to casting too many [Rock Spikes] and [Icicles] spells. That’s why the General and his group had the advantage over us!”

I nodded: “Fair enough, let’s head back to Ba Huang City then.”


The two proceeds to take out their [Teleport Scrolls] and use it to return to town quickly




Stepping out onto the cold marble floor, the two were the only ones at the Teleportation Gate. This is still the early stage of the game; not many players can afford a [Teleport Scroll] which cost 1 gold each! Which explains why they were the only ones there.

I went towards the Shop Keeper and bought batches of [Alchemy Furnaces]. Didn’t waste my coins on [Refined Waters] this time because the Lv. 4 Icy Wind Pills doesn’t require it as an ingredient. Opening my skills interface, I chose [Alchemy] and begin crafting my first Lv. 4 Icy Wind Pills. After a short while, out of the furnace came a pill that is striking in its pure blue color.


System Notification: Congratulations, You are the first player to produce the Lv. 4 [Icy Wind Pills]. As a reward you get: Charm +1!

As many points in Charm as I have, I still haven’t figure out its usefulness. However, who would ever say no to additional points? Not me that’s for sure! There’s probably going to be a usefulness to it later in the game since you have to unlock certain achievements to acquire it.

Yue Qing Qian stared at me with her eyes wide open in amazement as I craft my pills.

I took a look at her and said: “Qing Qian, how much are you going to pay me for the Lv. 4 pills?”

Yue Qing Qian looked down, acting like she’s deep in thought: “I need to make a quick call to Yan Zhao, he’s in charge of decisions regarding our funds.”


She made her call and said: “Yan Zhao said that last time we gave you 4 silvers per Lv. 3 pills and since Lv. 4 pills gives 50% increased in Mana recovery, we will offer 50% more for the price which would be… 6 silvers per pill?

My face was red at the thought of Prague ripping me off: “Seriously! Is Yan Zhao Warrior that cheap?!? Is Prague going bankrupt? I want 10 silvers per pill and if you don’t want it I can always offer it to the other big guilds here in Ba Huang City! I’m sure they will gladly pay me 20 silvers or even 30 silvers per pill!

Yue Qing Qian giggled, a little embarrassed: “Ok ok, 10 silver per pill it is… I thought we were friends!
I looked down: “I only make friends because it’s easier and safer to sell to friends…”


I open up a booth as we sat waiting for my furnace to finish crafting the Lv. 4 pills.

“Xiao Yao, did you know that General Li Mu admires you a lot? He says that in Ba Huang City, you are the rank 1 Healer. He is also amazed at your combat abilities and your efficiency in healing. What do you think?”

“Liar…” Scratching my nose, I said: “Fighting 1v1 against General Li Mu, Wang Jian, or any of the top 10 rank players, I would die instantly. Against you, I would probably die even faster…”

Yue Qing Qian smiles at me: “You are being too humble… You have to realize that you are only wearing Cloth armor, yet you dare fight in close combat and come out prevailing! Any other Healer who is stuck in a close combat will panic and die instantly. Not only that, you manage to take out Wang Jian even though he greatly overpowered you in strength! I have been playing many games and I have to say that your skills rank top 10!”

I looked at her curiously: “How long have you been playing games?”

Yue Qing Qian puffed up her chest, which I have to say was close to a size C, said:” I… I am 19 years old and have been playing games for 3 years! What about you?”

I smiled: :Well… after being discharged in 2012, I have been playing for 5 years from 2012-2017. I have played <Spirit Sword>,<Conquest>,<King> and similar games from 3D to VRMMORPG. Yet, you’re so proud of only 3 years of playing…”


Qing Qiang looks at me with a surprised look: “Brother Xiao Yao, you said discharged? So that means you were in the military?”

I realized that I have blurted out a secret so I quickly changed the topic: “Ah, so is Wei Liang your real sister? You guys look exactly the same, are you guys twins?”

Yue Qing Qian giggled knowing that I didn’t want to talk about my past: “Yes, Wei Liang is my younger twin sister, we play all the games together.”

“Hmm, how did you guys get to know Yan Zhao Warrior?”

“Well…” Yue Qing Qian thinks before she says: “He is one of my father’s friend who is also a huge fan of VRMMORPG. As one of the founder for Prague, he decided to move to <Destiny> and start anew. My sister and I started the game with him and he gave us managing positions… Xiao Yao, you’re a complete mystery and I can’t see through who you really are…”

I said jokingly: “That’s because I’m like the wind.. I come and go.”



After a long time, I was finally done with crafting the Lv. 4 Icy Wind Pills. Sadly, I wasn’t able to collect as many [Icy Herbs] due to it being spread so far apart. With the amount that I had, I was only able to make x900 Lv.4 Icy Wind Pills. My proficiency in [Alchemy] is at 49%; once I reach Lv. 5 [Alchemy] I will be the strongest Alchemist in the game…

I traded x800 Lv. 4 Icy Wing Pills for a total of 80 gold, with each pill costing 10 silvers per pill. Qing Qian had left me x100 Icy Wind Pills for personal use. Opening up <Treasure Grove>, I was sadden that the gold exchange rate had dropped to 20 yuan. I immediately offered 100 gold for 1900 yuan before the price of gold would drop even further.

In just a couple of minutes, I received a notification that someone had bought my gold! Now I have 12,000 yuan in my bank account. I’m almost there!

Yue Qing Qian was happily walking away with her pills. I remembered that I had 2 pets to sell so I called out to her: “Qing Qian!”


“I have two pets for sale, would Prague be interested?”

“What type of pet is it?”

I immediately took out the two sealed Greenskull Skeletons with excellence of 75% and 49%


Yue Qing Qian had sparkles in her eyes: “These guys have really strong defensive growth, perfect for tanking…”

I nod: “Prague’s been killing a lot of <BOSS> right? With this pet geared towards defense, it can replace some of your knights and monks with bad equipments. Especially with its really high defensive growth and health, it would be incredibly hard to kill!”

I could see that Yue Qing Qian really wanted this pet.

I looked at her: “How much money do you have?”

“I really would like this pet for tanking, but I can’t use the guild’s funds to buy a pet for myself. Right now, I only have 20 gold…”

I thought for a moment before I said: “Hmm.. alright sold! I’ll sell this Greenskull Skeleton to you for 20 gold, since you have been nice enough to buy all my pills. Is 20 gold fine?”

“Really!?” She said excitedly.

I nodded: “Yes, really, would I ever lie to you?”


She quickly opens her trade interface and put in her 20 gold without hesitation. Selling pets is such a great way to make money! Looking outside the city, I can see many newbs trying to catch a pet for themselves. With a large amount of players in one map, it’s very difficult for someone to find a Lv. 1 pet and seal it without being interrupted. Those who are first to explore a map are able to solo hunt for pets.

I took a long look at Yue Qing Qian as she leaves with her new pet. Afterwards, I decided to head to the market square in hopes of selling my last Greenskull Skeleton. The place is completely filled with people selling pets at expensive prices… a killer bee with excellence of 37% is going for 100 gold, who would be crazy enough to buy that!

After some difficulty of finding a spot, I manage to open my booth in the corner: “Selling Bramble Thorn Sword [Black Iron] and a Lv. 1 Greenskull Skeleton pet with 5 stars in defensive growth and 4.5 stars in Health. It’s a perfect pet for tanking. I need to leave so the highest bid within 20 minutes gets it, hurry, hurry!”

A Barbarian character carrying a battle axe growled: “I want that Greenskull Skeleton for 10 gold! If you don’t sell it to me, I promise you I will kill you every time I see you!”

A beautiful female mage approached: “Hello handsome, would you sell it to me for 11 gold?”

An Assassin with a bad hunch approached and said: “Look here, I’ll offer you 13 gold for the Greenskull Skeleton. If you don’t sell it to me, I’ll make you feel the pain of [Backstab] and [Hemorrhage]! Hehe…”

Looking at the group of crazy people around me, I sought a scapegoat in the crowd. I pointed to a young mage: “Hey you there! I’ll sell it to you for 19 gold, trade me.”

Quickly completely the trade, I earned another 19 gold!

Suddenly the phone rang. It was the beautiful Lin Wan Er requesting for me to accompany her for a midnight snack.

I quickly disconnected from the server and went offline.

Beneath the girl’s dorm, the two attractive beauties were waiting impatiently as I walked towards them: “Good evening beautiful ladies”

Dong Cheng Yue giggles before saying: “Xiao Yao, you’re looking handsome tonight as well”


Miss Wan Er laughs, and says: “Alright stop being so nice! Let’s go eat and come back, I only need two more hours of grinding before I level up!”

I said: “Why are you rushing to level up so quickly?”

“I want to raise my level tonight before server reset with new rankings. My goal is to become the top player of Fan Shu City”

“What level are you?”

“I’m close to level 30…”

“…” I took a deep breath, shocked.


Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Icarus


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