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Chapter 26- It’s You!

Liu Hua University auditorium

We walked together towards the entrance and we see a long line of people waiting for admission. In the front, a few boys dressed in black stood as hosts to the event, asking for tickets upon entering, however, as a freshman you can enter with a student ID card.

“Ahem … Please tell me you brought your student ID …” Cheng Yue looked at me with a smile.

I reached into my pocket and dug deep, out came a crumpled up student ID, smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I’m not the type to be so forgetful, I always have the student ID with me!”

“Alright! let’s go in already!”

Wan Er nodded, took the hand of Cheng Yue and like two night elves treading gracefully through the night, enter the auditorium. I followed behind and the hosts looked at my student ID card, nodded: “go in…”

As we walked into the auditorium, I was taken aback at the huge banquet halls, decorations everywhere, there was also a pile of glasses that’s put to form a pyramid so that the red wine falls gracefully into each cup… Ah such a waste of expensive wine! I don’t know who funds this New Year party, but I’m sure it must cost a lot, right?

Looking up towards the ceiling, I see a giant chandelier that looks like the stars in the sky, it is no longer possible to describe such magnificent, simply the ultimate luxury for these rich kids …


Nearby, several male wearing black tuxedos, politely smiles: “Aren’t you the two freshmen Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, come sit with us here at the Chinese Club table”

Wan Er a little surprised, took me and Cheng Yue to their table, greeting us is a youth with a mole on his chin, hands out and smiled: “Lin Wan Er, Hello, I’m the president of the Chinese Club and one of the Four, my name is Jack.”

Wan Er did not shake hands with him, just smiled and bow, said: “Its nice to meet you”

Jack hands were still in the air, looking embarrassed.

I felt sorry for him, so I walked up and grip his hands in mine and smiles: “Hello President, I’m freshmen Li Xiao Yao, Wan Er is my friend, nice to meet you.”

Jack was stun, but soon recover and felt grateful, said: “Nice to meet you…”

Cheng Yue smiles secretly, pulling Wan Er near here: “Wan Er, lets sit here, Li Xiao Yao recognizes how important this guy is…”



Jack can be describe as your stereotypical rich kids that goes to school here, outfitting expensive suit and I… hehe, Smith Barney clothes, G2000 pants, and dance shoes. The guy have taste in his clothes, but his personality doesn’t have any special distinction. So I turned around and sat with Wan Er, today I’m acting as a freshmen, friends with Wan Er. Jin Tian made sure to change my profile to fit the role I will be playing, he also cover my records that I was before being a mercenary, special forces, SWAT, security guard. Lin Tian can do pretty much what he wants and of course I gladly accept my past being cover up.

Soon after, more and more students pour into the auditorium. I looked at each one of their innocent faces and realize that this is not just a New Years party, its more of a show to show off their wealth and power.

Behind me, I can feel the razor like glare of the students who are envious that I’m sitting next to the two most beautiful girls in the university, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. What can I say, I awesome look so very handsome and such a powerful appearance. Using my super senses I could hear them chatting softly

“Ah, Look, the table next to us have two beautiful women, I didn’t know that our Chinese Club had such super freshmen beauties? One is Lin Wan Er and the other is Dong Cheng Yue, they are said to have very good backgrounds…”

“Wan Er!! ….my heart cries out, you’re Lin Wan Er right? Damn it, I have your poster and I really like you so much, really much, you’re my goddess ah… I … I … how I stuttered…”

“Ohhhh, you good for nothing! She is Lin Wan Er … can’t you see how regal she looks! Ah!”

“Btw, who is this guy next to Wan Er, looks very familiar in a way …”

“No matter, the the Smith Barney outfit was so in 2017, such a poor outfit. Anyways lets get the party started! Why don’t you guys get a few drinks with him then send him away so we can have fun!”


My eyes flew over to look at the man who was speaking, a young red head, about 25 years old, looking hostile and very strong arrogance, wearing a dark red suit, brand name Inevitable, with a gold plated watch, ah yes, the 2016 Vacheron Constantin’s gold + diamond limited edition, said to cost 200,000 yuan. I just read it in a magazine, I don’t know much about the story behind such an expensive watch.

“That … red-headed guy, who is that?” I looked at Cheng Yue, laughed: “I think he’s being too familiar with you Yue, don’t look back, just do a casual glance…”

Cheng Yue was holding a wine glass, chuckles loudly, but with a low voice said: “He’s Liu Ying, the chairman’s son, said to be worth in the 10 billion and above. However this event is for Freshmen to get to know each other and he sneak in, he have a really bad reputation in school, stay away from him.”

I nodded: “ah, I know.”

Next to us, Wan Er purses her red lips, looked at me: “Why are you interested in him?”

Me: “Not that I’m interested in him, I was sure he would invite you guys to dance or drink, so I need to be prepared …”

Wan Er: “…”


Just then, another person came and sat down next to me, it was my glasses roommate, Tenggu

“Haha, so you kids are here …” Tanggu put his arms around my shoulders, eyes hovering over Wan Er and Cheng Yue, such two beautiful goddess …

I moved Tanggu arms, said “Tanggu, how did you get in here?”

“Well because I’m a freshmen and also in the Chinese Club, how did you think we share the same dorm rooms?”

Me: “……”

Tanggu looked ancient, his voice trembling, cheeks reddened, bad breath, looks like he could be a zombie, licked his lips and said: “Hello Wan Er … I… I’m Xiao Yao roommate Tanggu, nice to meet you …”

Wan Er smiled, a pair of beautiful eyes that radiated like a new moon: “Nice to meet you too…”

Tanggu almost choking, pulled out his phone and look at his horoscope, whispered to me: “Xiao Yao, you are so lucky…”

I said: “What are you looking at?”

Tanggu handed the phone to me and said: “Look, this is Liu Hua University list of the top ten freshmen beauty!”

“Really, interesting ……”

“ah, yes…” Tanggu wiped his mouth that was drooling, said: “The results are refreshed monthly, Wan Er is rank first, recognized as the most beautiful, Cheng Yue ranked second, and the original first position Yuan Xian dropped to third place. There’s also the fourth, fifth and so on, but they’re not as beautiful compare to Wan Er…”

My mouth twitched: “This is very boring ……”

Wan Er also glanced: “It’s really boring ……”

Ah, this is the first time she agreed with me.

Tanggu continued smiling, looked around and spotted Liu Ying and immediately his face paled, turned to look at me: “Hey, Xiao Yao, is Wan Er and Cheng Yue really your friend?”

I nodded: “Of course, what’s the problem?”

“Be sure to keep a close watch on them……”

“Why do you say that?”

“That Liu Ying, you know” Tanggu dropped his voice down real low, low enough so that only me and him can hear, continued: “Liu Ying, Prince of the Feng Ling Group, a junior, entered Liu Hua University for two years, claiming to be the killer of Liu Hua. Its said that he slept with all top ten beauty of last year…

Shocked, tried opening my mouth to speak, this kind of thing.. I feel like the only virgin!

Beside me, Wan Er said: “Men who cheats are the most annoying….”

I turned and looked at her stunned, amazed at hearing Wan Er comfort words, Wan Er then looked at me and smiling, with a beautiful face and a charming smile: “Do not worry, I won’t associate nor even drink or dance with those type of people…”

I nodded: “ah, good ……”


Soon after, the MC announced the beginning of the New Years party, I can’t wait to start eating, there are tons of foods that I don’t even know the name of. Everything is so delicious and Tanggu is by my side like two starving brothers from South Africa, hunger took over and we attack the food! At our table, with a total of 20 people, guys in different classes came and go as they introduced themselves to Wan Er, and Cheng Yue, and I continue to eat with my glasses brother Tanggu.

As I was half-way full, a group of people flocked to us, they are from the Economic and Management Club, one of the tall boys laughed politely and said “Wan Er, a toast to you and your beauty.”

Wan Er stood up, holding a glass of red wine, slender white neck, drained of any blood, reddish face, looked at me with her eyes. I was feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

People keep coming to toast Wan Er, and each time she would gladly drink. Sitting in her seat, slouching, tilting her head, her pair of bright moon-like eyes looking at me. I dare not look into her eyes, because I can read her anger, her anger at her father for sending me as her bodyguard. He only meant to keep her protected, to live a comfortable life, but at the same time, I must uphold my duties.

“m’lady, you drink too much, should we go back?”

I reached out for Wan Er’s slender wrist.

“Do not touch me!”

Wan Er withdrew her hands in a single rapid motion, like a wounded little beast, besides her Cheng Yue looked puzzled: “Wan Er, are you ok?”

Wan Er looked at me deeply: “I’m sorry, I …”

I did not speak, I stayed silent and looked at her.


Just then, another group of people behind her, came up and with a familiar voice: “m’lady Wan Er, would you do me the honor, by drinking with me, Liu Ying.”

I stood up in a fury, looked at Liu Ying, said: “m’lady Wan Er is drunk, I’ll replace her!”

“What is this?”

Liu Ying brow, reveals a proud arrogance look, with that his eyes widen as to find some clarification, said loudly: “Its YOU! Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Icarus


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