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Zhan Long

Chapter 25- Yan Zhao Warrior


The blade pierced the killer bees wings, a direct hit!

A golden light spilled down and I along gained a level. Like a humming bird’s wing flapping, my Baby Bobo flew around me with gleeful spirits, oh this feeling is incomparable!

With each level, Baby Bobo gets 10 points and I immediately put it all into strength. In just under 1 hour, Baby Bobo is already at level 15 and with 150 points added to strength, my pet attack is explosive! Oh this is too good to be true!

[Baby Bobo] (King Bee)

Level: 15

Attack: 192-291

Defense: 101

Life: 305

Magic: 173

Skills: [Batter LV-1] [Thrusting LV-1]

This attack is really awesome, plus with the same strength: attack ratio as a swordsman, baby’s attack will smash through most defense!

I changed the pet command, Attack!

Targeting a distant killer bee, I commanded Baby Bobo: “Baby Bobo Attack!”


Baby Bobo growth rate of 4.5 stars is amazing, ah and don’t forget the 97% excellence, this pet is absolutely a nightmare to anyone who’s hostile against me!

Baby Bobo rushed to the front of the killer bees and started challenging one after another. Baby Bobo used his skills and a golden hexagram showed up under his sting, which devastated the killer bees with multiple damages!




Killer bees just stood there, got hit with a critical!

I stood staring at my Baby Bobo as he killed 24 monsters in an instant, ah this is so wonderful!

Now, after finishing the group of Killer bees, I stood there speechless while Baby Bobo flew back to me. I’m just a healer with a sword and now I feel so much more contempt with myself! However, I can’t forget to log out and meet the ladies at 6:00pm which is 1 hour away. So before that, I must return back to the city to make some fortune from the Killer bee pet that I sealed!

I put the sword back and started heading back to the city. I’m a level 22 Healer and using a sword, with Baby Bobo it would be a lot easier for me to increase my attack and defense at the same time. However, I must focus on my speed to out play the others who are stronger than me.

Back to Ba Huang City, I set up my stall, put up a few white equipment and also the 74% excellence killer bee pet, I then yelled” Do not miss this once of a life time chance! I’m selling a 74% excellence killer bee pet, with a 4.5 stars attack, must have for PK, grab it while you can! My rich lords and ladies come see me!

After the roar, I attracted so many people’s attention and some were quite skeptical!

“I call bullshit, 4.5 stars attack, what a exaggeration…”

“Yes, but also a 74% excellence, that would top the highest level of the first pet which was a vampire bat with 69% in Ba Huang City!”

“Haha, that guy is an idiot!”

However, when they looked at my stall with my glorious killer bee and its attributes they all shut up and stared in amazement. One by one, they are have a lust in their eyes for my pet and even though this is a safe zone, I must be prepare to attack if they start rioting!

Soon, a lvl 23 swordsman, shrouded in a dark cloak looking like the grim reaper showed up, in a hoarse voice: ”Hey buddy, how much do you intend to sell your killer bee?”

I put up three fingers: “This number!”

“30 gold? I’ll take it!”

“Who said that, 300 gold…”

“Uh, a little expensive, I can’t afford that…”

A lot of people started asking about the price and try to haggle me down, but the most anyone so far can afford is 100 gold. However, 100 gold is quite a lot, especially when the gold exchange rate is 100 gold to 2500 yuan, I’m sure someone would be able to afford 7500 yuan. Also, with this game, there are tons of rich people out there, even 75,000 yuan wouldn’t be a big problem! However, since my killer bee is only 74% excellence and it’s not the top, it would have to do, if only it was 100% excellence, then the price would had been at least double!

Pet attack growth and its excellence are both equal factors, which mean a 5 star attack with 50% excellence would be an outstanding pet, perhaps with a 3 star attack, 100% excellence would also be reasonable, that is how I calculated the price of my pet.


A message from my friend Yue Qing Qian: “Xiao Yao, you’re selling a 74% excellence killer bee pet?”

“Ah, are you interested in it Yue Qing Qian?”

“Yes! First do not sell it, I will be there in two minutes!”


Just two minutes later, Yue Qing Qian came out of the crowd, standing in front of my booth smiling and carefully looking at the properties of the killer bee, excitedly and laughing: “Oh wow! Its really a top tier pet! How much money do you want for it?”

I smiled:” up for grabs, I will sell it to whoever give me the highest price for it, but if you like, I can make it a little cheaper just for you.”

Yue Qing Qian smiled and shook her head: “Nah, I can’t afford that kind of pet, our guild leader is the one interested in it, he will be here in 3 minutes and you can talk to him personally.”


A few minutes later a Lvl 26 swordsman squeezed through the crowd, his face looks pale and he carries the air of a berserker, very striking person

ID: Yan Zhao Warrior LV- 25 Swordsman (Ba Huang City Rank 1)

Ah, I’m filled with jealous, envy and hate at this man who wears the golden title of strongest person in Ba Huang City, which is a symbol of strength and identity!

Yan Zhao Warrior is indeed an older man, he sees the smile on my face: “You are unaffected by my appearance, that is good.  Also, not a lot of people were willing to grind daily to catch a silver bird pet and now you even have a killer bee as a pet, on top of that you finish your promotional quest as a healer, that is really good…”

I smiled and said: “Boss, were you interested in buying the killer bee?”

Yan Zhao nodded: “ah, tell me the price would you!”

I shook my head: “No, I put this up for auction, give me the highest ask price and I will sell!”


Yan Zhao pondered loudly, stretches out five fingers and said: “500 gold, sell it to me for 500 gold and I will buy it immediately.”

I nodded: “OK, 500 gold!”

“Well, Xiao Yao, give me 10 minutes!”


Yan Zhao went to talk with Yue Qing Qian about internal guild matters as I continue on selling my white equipment. Less than 10 minutes later, four people rushed over to Yan Zhao and traded with him, he then walk over to me, smiled and said: “Xiao Yao, I have collected your gold, lets trade.”


I open my trading interface, the killer bees picture pop up, however I must be quite careful as to not trade my Baby Bobo, not even 5000 gold coins is worth my Baby Bobo. This pet will make way to a bright future and one cannot sell their future!

“Ding! Sound, the transaction is complete and I’m 500 gold richer! Yan open up his inventory and summon his killer bee, smiled and said “Xiao Yao, are you sure you don’t wish to join my Prague Guild? I, Yan Zhao, can assure you that we are one of the most competitive force in this game and with our strength we will be even stronger!”

I smiled and said: “Thank you, however I do not wish to participate in any guild, I have friends who I wish to join with”

“Well, so be it. See you around!”

“See you!”

Yue Qing Qian stayed behind for a bit, looked at me, smiled and then follow the old man, ah what a waste to have such a beautiful flower standing next to a dump. Like a flower next to a pile of dung…

Looking at the time, its almost 6:00pm and my stomach is growling. Time to go offline.

Liu Hua University

It was late as I stood in front of the dorm waiting, after a couple of minutes Wan Er and Cheng Yue came down. My eyes immediately sparkle as I looked at the two gorgeous women. Wan Er is wearing a dark blue dress, her face radiating with a confident of a prestigious lady and like when I first met her, her size 34D breast envelope me and draws me into it, hypnotizing me with its deep ravines.

I took a deep breath, swallowed and escorted the women

Cheng Yue is dressed in a white dress, holding Wan Er’s arm, like a pair of twins, two perfectly gorgeous women. Wan Er smiled and said: “So?”

I looked at her and I still could not bring myself up to say anything

“How do I look? Do you like it?” Wan Er said with a reddish face.

Cheng Yue giggled: “Xiao Yao, doesn’t Wan Er looks beautiful tonight?”

I nodded: “yes.”

Cheng Yue chuckled: “Do not look at her for too long, you still have to accompany her throughout the whole night, there’s plenty of opportunities to see…”

“Oh ……”

I turned and hurriedly said: “Come on, we have to make it to the dance”


Next thing I know I’m seeing stars and realized I had turn around and hit the lamp post
Wan Er and Cheng Yue giggled and I rush them to the dance. The New Year’s Orientation Dance is a gather of rich kids who enjoys their time before the school year starts. One of the busiest time and I thought back at how much money I could make by stirring up fried rice for these rich kids!

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Icarus


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