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Zhan Long

Chapter 24- Baby Bobo

Circling the dense forest, I stay out the Poisonous Grassland. Along the way, I see many different types of flying insects such as the deadly wasp I had seen before. I went in closer and read the information about the monster——

[Bumble Bee] (Normal Monster)

Level: 22

Attack: 79-114

Defense: 40

HP: 600

Ability: [Combo (LV-3)]

Description: The lords of the Poisonous Grassland, these wasps are the most vicious of the grassland. Even a mighty beast, such as a tiger, can’t do anything about them.


“Bumble Bees huh….” I squint my eyes, “Like Bumble Bee from Transformers…”



I draw my sword, emitting a gust of air. [Turmoil Sword]’s effect immediately take place, raising my attack by 10%, my attack damage should be 165 now. I’m sure I can break through the 40 points of defense that the Bumble Bee has. But before I could plan my attack, the Bumble Bee notices me and quickly rushes towards me, stinger first. There’s no golden hexagon, the first attack is definitely a normal attack!


Ow… The instant the Bumble Bee’s stinger connected with my arm, I sent my Bramble Thorn Sword forward attempting the stab, slash, and hack combo. But, once the Bumble Bee took my first strike, it activated Combo (LV-3), the stinger starts to glow, it attacked me with three strike combo!








That scared the hell out of me, but luckily, I’m still alive. In the short amount of time between the attacks of the combo, I used [Heal] on myself. The level 3 [Heal] recovered 450 HP, which almost returned me to full health. I add [Hemostasis] after the combo finished, and my health recovered to around 50%. I go completely pale. Damn! No wonder that 7-man team got annihilated, the attacks of the Bumble Bee are powerful.



I slash at the Bumble Bee angrily and slice the Bumble Bee 8 times. It dies with a jiji sound, and its body falls down, giving me a fair bit of experience points and 11 copper coins. Copper Coins are always a good thing.

I open up the map, and at the deepest point within Poisonous Grassland, the green grassland becomes a dark shade of crimson. Yep, the high level monsters should be in that area. All I need to do is waddle in there. As long as I carefully heal myself between the combo attacks of the Bumble Bees, they won’t be able to instantly kill me, and being a healer, as long as I’m not dead, I can recover my health.


After more than an hour, stepping over countless Bumble Bee corpses, I enter the deeper part of the grassland. Sadly, the Bumble Bees haven’t dropped a Bumble Bee seal, or else I would be rich right now with Bumble Bee pets. The Bumble Bee’s attack level is 4 stars, which is higher than the Silver-Feathered Bird, if I can seal one, I will become undoubtedly be rich!

In front of me is a thorny bushes. Not the one to be deterred, I wave my sword and cut a path. Finally, when I slice aside the bushes and look up to examine my “art work”, a flower scent floats in the air and rushes to my nose. On the grassland beyond the bushes, I see a colourful wasp flying around, emitting an annoying bzzz sound. In addition, their stringers look strangely metallic, they are what I was trying to find – Killer Bees!

I slowly approached the nearest Big Wasp, when it was about 20 meters away, I greedily read the attributes of the monster. Know thyself and thy enemy, thou shall not be defeated in a hundred battles!

[Killer Bee] (Normal monster)

Level: 24

Attack: 94-154

Defense: 50

HP: 700

Ability: [Combo (LV-3)]


Description: The lords of the Poisonous Grassland. Even mighty beasts such as tigers can’t do anything about them.



When I look at the attributes for the Killer Bee, my heart skipped a beat. My God, 154 attack damage! Used with the combo ability, I might not survive to see the next day. This is quite challenging!

Approaching with light steps, I attack first!



I rush out my hiding place and cast level 2 [Encourage], which raises my attack by 2%. Even a tiny bit makes a difference! I draw an arc, and slice horizontally.






The killer bee’s body flies backward from the power within the strike. But almost immediately, it buzzes back to initiate it’s counter attack. It’s a Combo! While it stabs me continuously, I nearly run of out of HP, but I take the chance and cast [Heal]!







I barely escaped with my life, that was way too scary. Although I have some decent armor, it’s still a cloth armor and against high leveled monsters, it’s too weak, bah!


I heal myself at the exact right time, and save myself from death. The rest of the fight is a lot easier since the cooldown for the combo is quite high. But even without combos, the Killer Bee is quite formidable. After managing to kill the Killer Bee, I covered in cold sweats. How is this a normal monster? This is more like fighting with a boss for survival!


The first Killer Bee didn’t drop any equipment, so I continued on. I cruised around some Killer Bees, checking their levels before I made a move, But even then, I didn’t find a single level 1 Killer Bee…


After fighting countless Killer Bees and not finding a level 1 Killer Bee, it’s nearly noon so I eat my lunch box, and continue on.


I kept hunting the Killer Bees in the Poisonous Grassland until 3 p.m. I keep repeating the same movements, I kill some Killer Bees, then they respawn again, then I kill them again. I repeat this over and over and will keep repeating it until I find a level 1 killer bee!




Finally, the reward shows itself. When it’s almost 4pm, a level 1 Killer Bee appears!


Shaking from excitement, I hold onto a small tree for support. To calm my nerves I take a breath. The level 1 Killer Bee is happily dancing around in the fields, Afraid that the level 1 bee will fly out of my grasp, I immediately take out a hefty stack of seals. Since I was quite rich, I had bought 100 seals for this moment! This level 1 Killer Bee is mine!


The seal flies out, and envelops the head of the level 1 Killer Bee. Like before, a hexagram bolted down with light flies down. But the Killer Bee resists, violently darting out of the hexagram. Slowly the lights fade, the sealing had failed. The bee happily flies back into the flowery grassland…

But I gnash my teeth and persist. With a 24% chance of sealing it, I will be successful!

I keep on trying, and on the 5th seal, finally, the Killer Bee stops darting out of the hexagram. With a flash of light it enters my pet storage. I’m going to be rich now!

I excitedly open up my pet list window. The attributes for the Killer Bee show up on the screen, pretty good——


[Killer Bee]






Magic Power:★★☆





Excellence of 74%! This is a fairly high-end pet, and that 4.5 stars worth of attack can cause people to drool over this pet or flinch when the pet is flying at them. This is good stuff!

With unmatched excitement, I decide that I’ll keep this Killer Bee. My first pet!

As I was about to release the Killer Bee to level up with me, I noticed something glittering in front of the forest, undoubtedly another Killer Bee respawning. But it’s a black shadow appears!

No, that’s not right. I’ve seen plenty of Killer Bees respawns, but the respawn of this one is very slow, but very elegant as well!

I rub my eyes, and continue watching. Within the golden glow, a wasp similar to the killer bee respawns, but it is also different. The wings have a faint golden colour, and the stinger is golden as well. Its body is sturdy and strong, it’s thin shell lightly sparkles under the sun. It’s like a huge bee with armor!

I look at the attributes of this strange creature, and I almost faint away. Oi, its level 1! It’s really level 1!


[Bee Overlord] (Elite Monster)

Level: 1


Description: The evolved state of a Killer Bee. A monster that is said to be a killer in legends, the Bee Overlord has uncomparable attack power and agility, it is a nightmare to poachers, and the murderer to many heroes.




Looking at my seal window, the Killer Bee seal is flashing on a column. When I open the seal information window up, not only is there a picture of the Killer Bee, there is also a seal for the Bee Overlord, apparently the Bee Overlord still counts as a Killer Bee! This is great, I can seal the Bee Overlord!




My mind goes blank, at the surprise! It’s an elite-ranked monster and level 1! And monster seals are so rare that they are like 10 point beauties, rare and unobtainable. But for me, I have the seal for Killer Bees which means that I can seal Bee Overlords. This only means one thing, God, I’m going to make a fortune!


Hovering over the Bee Overlord drawing’s head is the sealing chance——11%. Hm, I can take this slowly, I’ll seal it eventually. There’s nothing to be afraid of when I have 95 seals!




I throw out the first seal, but it was easily shaken by the bee and [MISS] pops up. The Bee Overlord flies at the same spot in circle, it’s taunting me…




I send out my second seal, and after 1.5 seconds, [MISS] pops up again. The bee continues to taunt me.


Third seal! Taunt!


Fourth seal! Taunt!


Fifth seal! Taunt…




Luckily I am a patient person, I was about to go insane after missing 87 seals. How is this an 11% chance,  it’s more like 1%!


On my 91st seal, I throw it out, and like the 90 times before, a hexagram appears.  I mutter, “I pray to you God, please have mercy on me!”


The Bee Overlord buzzes non-stop, but unlike before, it stays in the hexagram. Slowly, the Bee Overlord shrinks smaller and smaller, and with a sha sound, it goes into the seal. With a flash it enters my pet window!


I immediately open the pet window to look up the Bee Overlord’s attributes. At that moment, my heart really felt like it was going to stop! The stats are too good. The wasted seals have all been compensated for~


[Bee Overlord]






Magic Power:★★☆





Compared to the Killer Bee, the good point about the Bee Overlord is that the attack is 5 stars instead of 4.5 and it’s defense rose by 1 star. The rest of the stats are the same. Like the Killer Bee, the Bee Overlord’s HP and magic power are pretty low, but the agility is pretty high. But the most important stat I need is attack damage to compensate for my low attack damage, and the Bee Overlord has huge high attack damage, so that’s good enough for me. With my [Heal] and [Hemostasis], the Bee Overlord’s will be able to sustain high damage and keep dishing out high damage!


More importantly, it has 97% in excellence, which I’ve never seen before!


My heart is going crazy, and I immediately call out the Bee Overlord and lead it to kill monsters. I have one more thing that I need to do, I need to create a name for my pet. If I call it “Bee Overlord” it’ll be a bit too domineering. With this pet that is full of damage, I need a cute and adorable name, so it can hide the killing intent!


After thinking for a while, I happily give the Bee Overlord a new name——Baby Bobo.


Ah, what a fearful name!


Oh Baby Bobo.Your name will go down in [Destiny] history! You will become an unshakable force. You will be honored for centuries, feared by all!

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Gravity


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