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Zhan Long

Chapter 23- He’s Mine!

It’s 8 p.m in the school’s bar. 

There’s some light music playing in the bar, casting a calming spell on the patrons of the bar. The bar is a place where a lot of the students in the school come to relax after a hard day of courses, and of course there’s a large portion of people who come here find their true love.


I have no interest in love, because Wan Er, who’s sitting in front of me, is staring at me with her large, beautiful eyes.


Putting down my cup, I say, “Miss. I’ll leave if you stare at me any longer…”


Wan Er purses her red lips, and asks again, “Did you really get a bronze ring? You’re not lying are you?”


“It’s true!” I nod deeply.


With a sulky expression, Wan Er looks at Cheng Yue, who’s at her side, and mumbles, “Yue.. Why does this guy have such good luck… How is it possibly that he got a 12 endurance ,7 attack bronze ring? Ahh,.. God why…. ”


Cheng Yue smiles lightly, “Probably because Xiao Yao is handsome…”


Wan Er glares at me, “How is he handsome, he looks just like Bi Fu Jian… ” [1]




After a while, Wan Er continues, “Oh yeah, school starts in 2 days, so, there will be a welcoming dance party tomorrow night. Cheng Yue and I got the invitations. Li Xiao Yao, you come too, and familiarize yourself with our new classmates.”


“Welcoming dance party?” I widen my eyes, “I don’t dance….”


“There’s no problem, just be there and it’ll be fine. I also hear that there’s some good food there~”


“Yep, let’s go!”




I sip my cup of tea, and ask, “Miss. You got the [Mortal’s Scroll] right?”


She nods, “Yep, the experience gain is quite a lot! Every hour I gain 5% of my current level’s experience! Even if I stay idle for an entire day I can almost level up.”


I ask, “Do you know if this also applies to the higher levels?”


Cheng Yue laughs, “Impossible, don’t think about it. When a player reaches a high level, then the level difference between this city and the other cities will only rise, then wouldn’t all the players from Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City all come over? Oh yeah Xiao Yao, what level is the highest level player in Ba Huang City?”


“Level 25, a swordsman called Yan Zhao Warrior, who is the guildmaster of the [Prague]’s Guild. ”


“Ah, so it’s him…” Wan Er opens her mouth about to talk but then bursts out laughing.


That look made all my hairs stand up, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with this Yan Zhao Warrior?”


Cheng Yue replies, “Prague’s guild was also a guild in <<Conquest>>. Yan Zhao Warrior is a 50 year old guy, his control in game is quite good, but his strongest point was his power to persuade people to join his guild. Because of him, the almost extinct [Prague]’s guild was rebuilt. You’re in Ba Huang City, is it possible that you joined [Prague] as well?”


I shake my head with a smile, “Nah, I’m not planning on joining any guild for now.”


Wan Er looks at me, “Why not?”


I stick out my chest, “That’s because… it’s very simple. This gaming helmet is a gift from you, so therefore, I’m waiting for you to take me in. In the future when you create your own guild, or join into other guilds, I’ll follow you in.”


After hearing that Cheng Yue couldn’t stop herself from laughing, “Good thinking Xiao Yao. I’m thinking of creating a guild, why don’t you join mine….”


“No!” Wan Er’s voice was a pitch higher than usual.


“Why not?” asks Cheng Yue.


“Because… Because he’s mine!”


“Is that so? Yours huh…..” Cheng Yue laughs villy.


Wan Er lowers her head immediately, her whole face had become a deep crimson. After a few seconds, she regains her composure, lifts her head up, and coldly looks at me, “Actually.. this guy’s gaming skills are barely decent. In my dad’s words, he’s a noob and is mostly likely to spend time setting up stalls to sell items. Oh how I pity that limited edition flame red helmet…”






We stayed in the bar until 10 pm. Afterwards, I escorted the two beauties back to the girl’s dorm, and continued to wander around in the dark for a while. After clearing the coast, I jumped on top of the same tree to observe the surroundings. At 15 degrees south-east is a security uncle sitting and smoking. In addition, at 35 degrees north-east, there’s a person in a black trench coat sitting on the stone bench in the small park. Unless you look closely, you won’t notice him.


Without a doubt, they are hidden guards pre-arranged by Lin Tian Lan for his precious pearl, Wan Er. The old man must have been troubled quite a lot. Who knows how many people he sent into this university. As for me, according to Tian Lan’s instructions, I am to be Wan Er’s friend, classmate, and also the trump card, last line of defense in this school. Therefore, my position is very important.


I breathe deeply, 1000 meters in front of Liu Hua University is a police station, so it is extremely safe here, at least there shouldn’t be any problems at night. These two personal guards also seem to be extremely observant. The atmosphere around the two was different, the two were probably part of Special Ops teams. And they’ve definitely killed before, or else they wouldn’t be able to emit this kind of special, trained aura.




Returning to my dorm, I immediately fell asleep when I reach my bed. I sleep soundly until the next morning. After waking up I went and bought breakfast for Wan Er and Cheng Yue. While standing in front of the entrance to the girl’s dorm, the dorm manager fiercely looks at me, and says one sentence, “Brat. If you put dare to even place a foot in this building, I will break your legs!”


I involuntarily shiver at the threat, and rethink my actions of delivering the breakfast upstairs.


A few minutes later, a beauty comes running down, it’s Cheng Yue in her pink skirt. Her two slender legs are quite eye-catching in the rising sun.


“What do we have today?” She asks while tilting her head.


I smile, “Red bean bun, milk, bread, help yourself~”




Cheng Yue grabs the breakfast from me and says, “Xiao Yao, don’t forget that tonights the dance party! Wait for us here at 6 P.M. Dinner is also served at the dance party!”


“Okay…”I nod with a smile, “Then I’m leaving!”




“What is it?”


She smiles, and says, “Just now, Wan Er told me, when both of us reach level 30, we’ll go and visit Ba Huang City and find you there. We’ll see what kind of mess you’ve got yourself into in Ba Huang City…”


I feel a bit awkward, “What.. What mess are you talking about? I’m just…going with the flow in Ba Huang City, there’s nothing wrong with that right…. Oh right, Cheng Yue, what is your game IDs? I’ll join you when I get on!”


“No need, when we get to Ba Huang City, you’ll know who we are when you see us!”


Without waiting for me to say anything, she quickly runs up the stairs with her skirt, a gust of wind passes… Ah, it’s pink….




I set a goal for myself while returning to my place. Today’s mission: Reach level 22. After that, I’ll find my next path to fortune: The killer bees. Even though I have a seal for the kill bee, I need to find the bees before I can actually seal it. Although I’m a healer swordsman, my attack damage is not enough, so I need to have a strong pet to compensate for this weakness!




When I go online, I’m at the job training center, so I turn around and leave. I have a few hundred level 3 Seven-Star pills in my bag, which instantly restore 200 MP, which is more than enough for me.


At the northern entrance of Ba Huang City, near the forest, a vampire bat is roaming around. The little bats near the city have the lowest level, and their attacks are also one of the weakest out of all the monsters.


Walking in front of the bat with my sword in hand,  the bat starts rushing forward while chirping at me, and activates its blood-sucking attack, but it only took out 12 HP.


I raise my hand, and cast [Heal].






My HP is back to full, and at the same time, I gain 1 skill experience point. By allowing the vampire bat to attack me repeatedly, I can cast [Heal] to gain more skill experience. Repeating this cycle for an hour or so, [Heal] and [Hemostasis] finally reach level 3. At this level, casting [Heal] recovers 450 HP, which is over my maximum points. [Hemostasis], on the other hand, recovers 150 HP, which is more suitable for me.


During the entire training process, countless amounts of players look at me with pity, shaking their heads——


“Look, that healer is really an idiot, he’s not even retaliating against the bat!”


“He really is an idiot!”


“A shame, he is quite good looking!”




After finishing this mission, I smoothly kill all of the annoying bats with my sword, and then find a place under the tree to rest. I start looking through the forums, looking for information regarding the whereabout of the killer bees. Not long after,  my eyes land on the name of a place on the map——Poisonous Grassland


The Poisonous Grassland is south-east of Ba Huang City, roughly 15 minutes or so of traveling, and it consists of level 22-25 monsters. Yesterday, there was a group of players who went there, and pointed out that the main monsters of the Poisonous Grassland are wasps, so there’s a possibility that there might be some killer bees within them! Okay, let’s go!


I bring my supplies, repair my equipment, and start to leave. The journey of an adventurer begins!


I walk along a small road. After ten or so minutes, I see a small forest full of sunshine, and I can also faintly hear humming sounds, it looks like I’ve arrived at the Poisonous Grassland!


“Ah, bro, run! Damn! These guys are vicious!”


Suddenly I hear cries in front, and I see one elf archer holding a longbow flying out of the forest, but right behind him is a huge wasp, as big as a washbasin! The bee stings the elf in two quick successions on his body and two large damage numbers appear——






The combo attack instantly kills the elf. After he dies, the wasp’s slowly returns peacefully to where it was from. On the ground though, there is a berserker holding a battle axe, running for his life, with his face flustered, “What the hell?! Who said that the monsters here are easy prey? Our healer couldn’t even keep up with the damage! What should we do?!”


After saying that, he suddenly stops, then flames appear on his battle axe. He yells, “Fire axe!”




The wasp chasing him gets knocked back, and receives by 221 damage. This is the berserker’s level 10 skill, [Fire Axe]. It adds fire damage to the next attack, but the wasp still has around 70% HP left. Its stinger suddenly starts to glow, a golden hexagram! This move seems familiar… Oh! Its a level 3 combo attack!




A LV-3 combo attack can attack 2-3 times, and this time the combo successfully pulls off all three attacks, totaling to a damage of 400. The berserker, who had all his points put into damage, has his 300 HP evaporated in an instant. He cries out while kneeling to his death, his level is dropped down from 22 to 21… what a shame…






Stepping onto the grassland, I circle around the corpses, and avoid any players around the area. I don’t care about any compromises or grouping up, I will enter deep into the Poisonous Grasslands by myself. I have superb healing skills decent attack damage.1v1ing a wasp, shouldn’t even break a sweat!

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Gravity


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