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Chapter 22- My First Bronze Equipment

【Spider Queen】(Silver Boss Monster)

Level: 21

Attack: 0-0


Hit points: 50,000

Skill: 【Spawning Spider Eggs】

Description: The Spider Queen corrodes and feeds on the bones of the ancient deceased, absorbing the strength of the dead to produce unlimited spiderlings. This has filled the cave to the breaking point, therefore the Spider Queen must be killed to contain the epidemic of spiderlings in the South Tomb.



I went silent, while examining the attributes of the Spider Queen, I was shocked by it’s stats. A 0-0 attack value for a level 21 boss monster, what kind of monster is this? This could indicated one thing, the Spider Queen would mass produce spiders, instead of directly attacking me, like a hive.


In the spider hall, besides the Spider Queen, there were also 12 level 21 poisonous spiders. I can probably attract the poisonous spiders to attack me without aggroing the Spider Queen, then after finishing them off, I can finally aggro the Spider Queen. I can only hope that my healing capacity will be capable of keeping up with the consumption of my health points.


The plan has been set; I immediately start executing it.


I lure one poisonous spider after another, slaughtering them all 5 minutes later. Only the Spider Queen is left, her huge body trembles slightly, but no spawning has been initiated. She doesn’t seem to have been aggroed.


I started carefully examining the hall, the Spider Queen was encased in a huge coffin. The coffin and the wall that it was touching made a 60 degree angle, if I could stand in the corner, only 4-5 small spiderlings would be able to attack me, while the rest would have to wait for their turn. So as long as I can sustain my health, this would be my chance!




My foot slipped on some dust, and I glide to a distance of approximately 3 meters from the spider queen, thereby aggroing it. Her huge body began shivering, pushing out a small round green egg, it rotates a little and then ruptures, out comes a small poisonous spider.


I quickly examined its attributes…


【Small poisonous spider】(Ordinary monster)


Level: 20


Attack: 40-50


Defense: 20


Hit points: 100


Description: Spider Queen’s spiderling



I am overjoyed! As expected, these small spiderlings don’t pose a threat. With their low attack and defense, this quest is truly possible! Raising my sword I start slashing at the broodmother, she shivers, losing 57 hit points. Her defense is so high that I almost can’t damage her at all


Meanwhile, the Spider Queen is constantly convulsing and twitching, which mass produces new spiderlings. It sure is fast, and the majority of them are poisonous spiderlings. They soon form a small group around me, endlessly attacking. Unfortunately for them, each attack only takes out 7-8 health, so my level 2 hemostasis can easily sustain me.




Suddenly i get a burst of pain from my ankle and lose over 30 points of health. When I take a closer look, a fire spiderling had appeared. It had an immense attack power of a hundred points. This amount of damaged poses a threat!


The Bramble Thorn sword slices through the fire spiderling, dealing a fatal blow of a hundred damage, problem solved. Without worry, I let the poisonous spiders hit me, while I continued to hit the Spider Queen.


As my striking power is limited, even though I’m a healer swordsman, I can only deal around 2000 damage a minute. Because the Spider Queens has tough defensive abilities, my attacks are limited to around 50 damage every 1.5 second, this is going to be an extremely long fight.




After a full half hour of constantly hitting, the Spider Queen health is down to 8%. However my cloak’s durability is only at 15%, sooner or later my equipment will break, hopefully it isn’t before the Spider Queen’s health drops to rock bottom.


Fortunately, the Spider Queen doesn’t have an enraged state, so a few minutes later it’s health is finally depleted.


“Please, drop Silver-ranked equipment…!”I pray deeply for high-end drops, unknowing that even Green-ranked equipment was very rare, and Bronze-ranked equipment is only a luxury for the top players, so how could a Silver-ranked equipment drop?




My Bramble Thorn sword passes through the forehead of the Spider Queen, causing green slime and blood to splatter in all direction. The life of the Spider Queen’s quickly vanished and with it her spiderlings also dropped lifelessly to the ground.


I quickly clean my face of the layers of venom that had been sprayed on me, before looking towards the body of the Spider Queen for equipment drops. A golden ray emerges announcing I rose to level 21.




Jumping over the corpses, I head towards the sole two pieces of equipments. One is a pair of cloth boots, which are delicate looking and caused my heart skips a beat in delight. The other drop is a lightly glowing, oddly shaped, brass ring.


I reach out and pick up the  equipment, quickly viewing the attributes of the boots

【Flame boots】(Green Tier)


Type: Cloth armor


Defense: 12


Magic Power: +5


Passive: Increases the effectiveness of healing spells by 10 points.


Requirement: Level 20.




I’m overjoyed at how truly great this item is. First, it gives an extra 12 points in defense. Second, it gives an increase of 5 in magic power and lastly there’s 10 extra points for my healing spells!


I immediately equip the flame boots. They feel delicate and nice – Finally, I’m no longer barefooted.


Continuing onto the glowing brass ring, I wipe it clean to reveal a golden surface. The attributes which appeared on the screen, gave me a huge ear to ear smile.


【Ring of the Berserker】(Bronze)


Endurance: +12


Passive: Increase the attack damage of the user by 7


Required level: 20.




My mind goes blank at the eye popping stats of the ring. It’s a Bronze-ranked equipment! Amazing!  Not to mention, it’s a ring that is very suitable for me.


After equipping the ring I look at my stats. They’ve increased quite a bit!


[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Trainee healer)


Level: 21


Attack: 131-149


Defense: 77


HP: 384


MP: 290


Charm: 7




12 points extra in endurance increases my HP by 84. Although healer only get 0.7 health per point in endurance, 84 health is better than nothing, not to mention that it’s almost ⅓ of my original health. There are also 10 extra points in effectiveness for healing spells from the boots, making this trip quite worthwhile, or should I say, I turned quite a good profit this trip.


As I proudly stand on top of the coffin, I pick up the spider fangs in the hall. Once I collected enough for my quest, I could not pick up any more. So I leave to finish the quests, and to become the first healer to get promoted!




I accidentally stepped into a bush and a pair of dried out, bony hands shoot out towards me. They grabbed my left leg, scaring my soul out of me! I swing my sword mindlessly, and shout “Don’t try to harm me monster!”


The branches in the bush are chopped into pieces, scattered left and right… I look closer, and I find out that it was only a corpse, sucked dry by the Spider Queen. It gave me quite a fright though….


I turn around and left the spider cave. Ahh, the fresh night air from outside. Quite relaxing….


Coming to the guard outpost at the graveyard, I hand the spider fangs to the NPC soldier captain. His mouth opens wide, “Wow! You actually killed that evil Spider Queen! That must have been quite the adventure, you are our hero! Come here, young adventurer. Collect your reward!”




System Notification: You finished the quest [Spider Cave Slaughter], and you receive 7000 experience points. Since you also killed the Spider Queen, you receive and extra reward item: [Killer Bee Seal].




Oh, I even get a seal?


I take new seal out of my bag, and I wave my hand to use it. The seal turns into a flash of light and disappears within my Seal Book. I click on it to check out the stats. Ohhhh, the killer bee is a lot better than the Silver-Feathered Bird, pets really are one of the necessities for early game leveling~


[Killer Bee]










Magic Power:★★☆




Starting out with 4.5 stars worth of attack and agility, it would serve well as a player killing pet, though it can also make leveling up easier and more efficient! But to put use to this seal, I need to find the actual Killer Bee. I wonder where the Killer Bee comes from… I even opened up the official wiki, but I couldn’t find any information. The company for <<Destiny>> is so stingy. Trying to get information about <<Destiny>> is like trying to take a loan from a bank, they won’t give money/information to a person who truly needs it.


Whatever, I’ll just  return to the city to get my promotion!


I run straight to Ba Huang City and find the healing instructor. The beautiful healing instructor is still standing tall with her staff, giving off a young vibe. She looks at me, and gives a charming smile, “Ah, my dear, have you finished your quest?”


I take out the sheepskin, already carved with the text from the gravestone, and give it to her.


“I’m finished…..”


The instructor seemed shocked, “Okay,  young healer. You’ve allowed me to see hope. Come, this reward belongs to you. You are now a real healer!”




System Notification: Congratulations! You have finished your promotion quest. You have been promoted into a healer! Also, since you are the first player to be promoted into a healer. Special reward: Charm +5!




I already have 12 points of charm, but I still don’t know what charm is for…


I keep on chatting with the instructor. At the same time, two learnable skills pop up in front of my face——


[Heal (LV-1)]: Recovers 150 HP of the target’s health, cooldown of 6 seconds, costs 10 mana. Requires level 20.


[Therapy (LV-1]: Heals injuries(negative status condition), costs 10 mana. Requires level 20.




[Heal], it’s the upgraded version of [Hemostasis] and has a recovery power that is 3 times stronger than [Hemostasis]. Since, I can also use the two skills in rotation, as long as I don’t get one-shotted, I’ll be able to recover. [Therapy], I don’t need to use for now. When players receives a large amount of attacks, over a long period of time, they will produce injuries that reduces their fighting power. That’s when [Therapy] comes into use, but since players at this stage just die before injuries start to occur, [Therapy] is useless.


With the flick of my finger, I learned both skills. Now I am the first healer to be promoted in the entire server!






I receive the incoming call, its Wan Er, “Li Xiao Yao, disconnect and come down. It’s pretty late, and I have some stuff that I want to say to you!”



Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Gravity


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