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Zhan Long

Chapter 21- Spider Queen

In the job training center, the healer instructor stands at the same spot as before, with her long hair drifting in the wind. When she sees me walking up, she immediately shows a sweet smile, “Oh, young healer, you have grown quite strong now. Would you like to get promoted?”

Well then, this NPC is quite observant!

I nod, “Yes teacher, I would like to get promoted!”


The instructor smiles and stretches her hand forward, “First, you must pay me a processing fee of 10 silver coins before I can start your promotion mission!”

“Okay….” I give out 10 silvers. After all, I no longer have a lack of money!

The instructor stretches her neck looking at me with an amused expression, “Good. If you want to become a real healer, you must complete this test. Come. This is a sheet of sheepskin. If you enter the graveyard at the south of the city, you will find a spider’s cave there. Find the gravestone at the deepest part of the cave and jot down the text written on the gravestone. That is your mission. But be careful, there are many dangers inside the spider cave, you may die a very painful death!”

My whole body trembles a bit. But the mission didn’t care if people were willing to do it or not, it was forced on you…

System Notification: You received the training mission [The gravestone text in the Spider Cave]! (Mission difficulty: Level C)

Mission Description: Enter the spider cave and jot down the text found from the gravestone deep inside the cave. You are not allowed to form teams. If a player forms a team, or accepts healing from other players, then the mission will instantly fail. At that, you will need to wait another 72 hours before re-applying for the mission!


My god, this is quite harsh. I’m not allowed to team up nor accept any help from other players! Qing Qian said she would help me out, but she probably didn’t know about this requirement huh?

Walking out the door and opening the player lists, I take a look at the list of healers in Ba Huang City. The highest level for healers is level 23, but they are all trainee healers, none of them have been promoted! Well of course, this quest is really harsh and it makes absolutely zero sense. Clearing a level C mission is impossible for a sole healer. But for me, the healer swordsman who can attack and heal simultaneously, this should be a piece of cake.

In the entirety of Ba Huang City, there are over 1000 healers who are over level 20, but none of them have been successfully promoted. That speaks for itself, I’m guessing most of the healer’s heart have been broken at the impossibility of completing the quest….

Well, taking my Bramble Thorn Sword, hum a song, and leave Ba Huang City, heading straight towards the graveyard at the south. The minimap even recorded the location of the spider cave, this’ll be a piece of cake. But at this time, I suddenly hear a system alarm——


System Notification: Congratulations! Your offer at the [Treasure Grove] of 100 gold coins has been bought by player XXX with 2500 Yuan. After a 10% trading fee, you receive 2250 Yuan, it has all been sent to your card with the number of 6227002008730084***!

(That’s the author’s card number)


Checking my bank account, yep, it seems my total balance is over 10,000 Yuan, I’m rich baby~

Night quickly falls while I travel to the graveyard in the south. Near the graveyard, a few soldiers from Ba Huang City seem to be guarding the graveyard. They were all holding long spears and looking at the crows on the trees. They seem to be chatting about something. Hm, since there are NPCs, I wonder if there’s any simple quests for me. Since I’m out here already I might as well kill a few extra monsters.

Walking up to them, I hear the conversation that the NPCs are having.

“Yeah, those crazy poisonous brutes are getting crazier and crazier these days….” The captain sighed deeply. “Not only do the cows and sheep get attacked by the spiders, even our transportation team got attacked! I even hear that a few people got killed by the poison from the spiders and because of this, commander threw a fit at the guards of the transportation team….”

Another soldier says, “Well it can’t be helped… Those brutes are really sinister….”

The captain looks up, towards me, and says, “Oi, you there. Are you an adventurer from Ba Huang City? Why are you eavesdropping….”

I reply, “Boss, I am willing to lend you a hand. Tell me, how can I help you guys?”

“Huehue….” The captain’s eyes taunted me. “A small healer, how can you possibly help us? Can you enter the spider cave, and bring us back 100 spider fangs?”

I nod, “Yep, I can!”

The NPC looks shocked, “Alright, then show us your strength! This is a reward poster. If you collect 100 spider fangs and give them to me, I will reward you greatly!”


A blood-red reward poster is dropped into my inventory, a necessary component in this quest——

System Notification: You received the quest [Slaughter in the Spider Cave]! (Mission difficulty: Level B)

Mission Description: Enter the spider cave and kill the spiders within the cave. Bring back 100 spider fangs to the captain of the soldiers. If you do so, you will receive a grand reward. If you can kill the Mother Spider, you will receive an even greater reward!


I got the quest. Time to go!

Entering the graveyard, I see random skeletons wandering around. They are all level 19 monster, better avoid them. Killing them takes too much time, so I’ll deal with them after I find the spider cave!

Going around, I open the leaderboards for Ba Huang City and scan through them. Waa, there are indeed plenty of skilled players, and I’m at… Eh, I’m not in the leaderboards huh….

1) Yan Zhao Warrior, level 25 Swordsman

2) General Li Mu, level 25 Swordsman

3) Yue Qing Qian, level 24 Assassin

4) Flying Dragon in the Sky, level 24 Mage

5) Yue Wei Liang, level 24 Assassin

6) General Bai Qi, level 24 Berserker

7) Fierce Tiger, level 24 Berserker

8) General Wang Jian, level 24 Swordsman

9) Basaltic Robber, level 23 Archer

10) Student of He Shi level 23 Trainee Healer



The amount of players who have already been promoted is over ten thousand. This competition is quite scary, because I haven’t been promoted yet, and I am quite a long ways off from the top. Oh well, I’ll slowly catch up. Now this leadership board is only players  from Ba Huang City. If I include the players from the other two cities, Fan Chu City and Jin Li City, I think I would be ranked in the 100 thousands. It is even said that the players in Ba Huang City are the most inferior of the three major cities… I feel like crying now….


As I collect more information, it seems that the first ranked player, Yan Xiao Warrior, is not just any player. He is the guildmaster of the Prague’s guild, meaning he’s the boss of Yue Qing Qian. In addition, the 3 players in the leaderboard, Admiral Li Mu, Admiral Bai Qi, and Admiral Wang Jian are undoubtedly from the same group. It is getting pretty exciting here in Ba Huang City, heroes popping up left and right, something interesting is bound to happen soon!






Stepping on the fallen leaves, I went into the graveyard and reached the location that the minimap indicated. But I don’t see the entrance to the spider cave. Rather, I am standing in front of a huge gravestone. Where is the entrance to the cave?


Looking at the gravestone, I see that there are a list of initials carved into it——


“Wu Shi Zhe, began his journey as a scholar. After three years, he began to practice martial arts. During an archery session, he hit one of the drum officials and was forbidden to continue down the path of martial arts. Afterwards, he became a doctor, fairly well known for his works. Later, he formulated a new recipe, and upon ingesting the new medicine, he died.”


“These guys….”


As I was reading the text, my eyes became wider and wider. What is with these talented yet stupid game designers!?


I heard some rustling sounds coming from under the gravestone. The leaves started to move around, then suddenly a blood-red shadow appears, giving me a fright.It’s a spider thats about the size of a CD, but unlike normal spiders, it has a blood-red body——


[Blood Spider] (Normal monster)


Level: 20

Attack: 85-105

Defense: 40

HP: 700


Ability: [Life Steal (LV-3)]


Description: The guardian of the spider cave. These spiders draw and drink blood, enough so that they can recover themselves in the middle of battle. They are very hard to deal with.




Oh, so the spider cave is directly under this gravestone! Make way!


My Bramble Thorn Sword flashes forward, and I perform my proud 3-strike combo: Stab, slash, and punch. I need about 3 seconds to perform this combo, and although it takes a bit of time,  every strike lands squarely on the spider. The spider violently shakes, and cries out. Three damage numbers pop up——








Indeed, the last strike was the strongest. If only the last strike became a swordsman’s heavy strike, or some skill that the swordsmen have, it would have been deadly!


After the three strikes, the spider counter attacks. But I respond to this resistance by healing myself, and retaliate with 2 more strikes, and I finish it off. After it dies, I pick up the 7 copper coins that it drops.


Bending over, I use my Bramble Thorn Sword and poke the ground. The leaves separate, and a cave invisible to the outside appears. Down below is the spider’s cave, so it’s a hidden area!


As I was slowly going down the cave entrance, I slipped! Falling into the spider cave, I dropped about 10 meters down before landing on solid ground. After propping myself up, I analyzed my surroundings. It seems that the environment is fairly damp, and very dark. From afar, I notice a red shadow quickly heading this way. Oh great, another Blood Spider. Because my vision in this area is greatly affected, I can only see about 3-5 yards away, the easily defeated Blood Spider becomes much more dangerous.


After killing the Bloody Spider, I hear a Pacha sound. A spider fang dropped! I picked it up and put it in my inventory, time to continue on.


The spider’s cave has a lot of twists and turns, and there are Blood Spiders everywhere. But after killing dozens of them, a new type of spider shows itself in front of me. The body has an emerald green color, it’s a poisonous spider!




Emitting some strange sound, the poisonous spider jumps towards me. I slash with sword to kill it, but before I land my second strikes, the spider sprays poison at me, and I get a dose of it on my face——




Battle Notification: You have been poisoned. Every second you lose 10 HP for 10 seconds!


I quickly cast [Hemostasis] to heal. No matter how long this battle stretches on, I, as a healer, am not afraid of some poison!




After wandering around in the spider cave for about an hour, I had collected over 70 spider fangs. But, I have yet to reach the end of this cave. So I continue on. Suddenly a bright light pierces my eyes, and I reach a Great Hall. From a distance, I can see a huge gravestone in the hall, and behind it an immense crystal coffin, which emitted an a unholy green beacon; truly a remarkable work of craftsmanship. It seems like this room was the resting place of an old general. But not only that, theres an enormous green spider peering on top of the coffin. It has a radius of almost 2 meters, and it repeatedly shoots out poison, drenching the coffin as it feasts on the old bones of the once mighty warrior.




I frown, and also scan the spider. Ah, it’s the boss, the [Spider Queen], level 21 Silver-ranked boss. It seems this will be an interesting fight….

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Gravity


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