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Zhan Long

Chapter 17- Seven Star Herbs

In Ba Huang City, on the crowded eastern exit of the plaza, I carried my newly repaired Bramble Thorn Sword and parted through the crowd. I’ve decided that I have to reach level 18 soon, preferably by the end of this morning, and reach level 20 as quickly as possible reach, so that I can be recognized in my occupation.

After a player is recognized for his occupation, he can use new skills specific to his occupation. For example, as a trainee healer, the skills available are limited to [Hemostasis]  and [Encourage], then after graduating from a trainee, they can also learn to use skills like [Heal] and [Therapy], etc. The good thing about [Heal] is, at level 1 it recovers 150 HP, at level 2 it recovers 300 HP, it’s triple the effect that Hemostasis has!


So I walked out the city gate and took a look at the mini-map. I can’t raise my level by wandering mindlessly. So, since I also need to pick level 3 herbs to make level 3 pills. The level 3 potions created from [Alchemy] by a player can recover 200 MP, while the level 3 pills sold by the NPCs can only recover 150 MP, and they sell for 5 silver coins. So, it is quite worth to buy the potions created by a player This is a quite a rare business chance! According to Yue Qing Qian, it seems like no one in Ba Huang City has reached level 3 in [Alchemy], so it seems I am the only one, yep, this is a one in a lifetime chance!




【Seven-Star Pill】: Recovers 200 MP, Seven-Star Herb x3, Refined Water x3, Alchemy Furnace x1


The main ingredient for level 3 pills are Seven-Star Herbs. They usually grow deep within Clear Rainforest. In addition, within the rainforest, there is a valley called the Seven-Star Valley. Unsurprisingly the majority Seven-Star Herbs can be found within that valley, and the distance from the city to the valley is about 30 minutes. Usually players are unwilling to go that far, just to fight monsters, and even if they do go, they find a group to party with, since if there are many high leveled monsters there.


Sha sha, the breeze rattled through the leaves, disturbing the serene grace of the forest. Follow the narrow path, I slow down and take a look at stats. I’m at Level 16, 250 HP, 177 attack. I should be able to solo the monsters Seven-Star Valley.


Taking care to avoid the level 15 Silver-Feathered Birds, they didn’t give much experience and would only dull my blade. With Bramble Thorn Sword hidden within my cloth clothing, the appearance of me, a cloth profession holding a heavy sword, is quite humorous.


After 20 or so minutes, I look around and see a slope towards a valley. My mini-map is also showing that I’m right next to Seven-Star Valley. Hooray, I have arrived!


As I take out my sword and prepare to dash into the valley, I suddenly hear sounds coming from the other side of the forest.


“Get your act together guys! We have arrived at the Seven-Star Valley. This is our first group activity, no excuses will be tolerated!”


Crap, I better hide!


As I hide behind some trees, a total of 10 people come out the forest. The leader of the party is holding a sword on one hand, with shiny dark armour covering his body. Then I become thunderstruck at what I see. It’s Tyrant of Western Chu, level 19, and the players in his party seem to be his underlings. In fact, Piggy comes running up Tyrant of Western Chu. In addition, there are two elf archers, flying 20 yards off the ground, overseeing the area.


I hold my breath and dare not to say anything..


On the shoulder of Tyrant of Western Chu is the Silver-Feathered Bird pet. Incredibly,it’s already level 16. The speed at which pets level up is pretty quick, huh?




Tyrant of Western Chu turns around to talk to the approaching Piggy, “Piggy, are you sure there’s a boss in this Seven-Star Valley?”


“Yes boss. At 6 am this morning, one of my friends was killed by the boss here. The monsters in Seven-Star Valley have really high levels, so we need to be careful since we didn’t bring enough healers this time.”


“Oh? Two healers is not enough?”


“Ehh, how should I say it. Killing bosses places a lot of stress on the healers, they need to use Hemostasis carefully or our casualties will be every serious. Looking at a replay of the player you guys killed, that Xiao Yao healer, he performed Hemostasis really well, if we have two healers with that kind of control, then killing this level 20 White-ranked boss would be a piece of cake.”


“Don’t you dare mention Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Next time I see him, I swear I will skin him alive, and take back my Bramble Thorn Sword. That sword has 35 attack on it! The one that I use now only has 21 attack…”


“Boss, if we want to stand on top of Ba Huang City, we need to find players with potential such as Xiao Yao. As you know, guilds such as the Prague’s, the Flying Dragon’s are also settling in Ba Huang City. We have quite a lot of rivals, and even though we had 200+ players, it may not be enough anymore. ”


“I know, I’ll pay attention. But if this Xiao Yao comes out, I’ll be sure to kill him, just you wait and see!”






I watched Tyrant of Western Chu’s group go into the valley from afar and waited until I could no longer see them anymore. Since they have two elves flying around, I can be spotted easily. I’m quite doubtful I can win a 1v1 against Tyrant of Western Chu, and with his group of 10 people, there is no doubt that I will die instantly.


After waiting ten minutes, I take my Bramble Thorn Sword and enter the Seven-Star Valley. This valley is quite large, so it’s quite easy to avoid Tyrant of Western Chu’s group and find herbs. You know what they say: Less PKing, more monster eliminating, only then shall your level keep escalating!


Stepping on a pile of crumbled rocks at the valley’s entrance, I stick my head forward and look into the valley. It seems that the entire Seven-Star Valley is windy, and there is no shortage of high-leveled monsters within it. 10 meters away from me, there’s seems to be a group of wolf monsters. One of the large wolf, whose body is covered with red fur and strangely, green grass, growls menacingly at me. Its level isn’t low either…


【Wild Wolf】 (Normal Monster)


Level: 18


Attack: 77-100


Defense: 30


Health: 500


Skill: 【Whirling Claws (LV-2)】

Description: Wild Wolves, a group of creatures that occupy the wilderness, seen to attack players and pets. Although Ba Huang City sends troops to annihilate them long ago, the Wild Wolves still go on abnormal rampages around Ba Huang City.




Looking at the creature’s attributes, I’m a bit shocked. It’s obvious that I can’t fight this, no, it wouldn’t even be a fight, it would be a one-sided massacre and obviously not in my favor. With an attack of 100, my cloth armor defense has no way of holding up. So I grab my Bramble Thorn Sword and go around the bushes, then I turn slightly right and go straight towards the middle plain of the valley. This way I’ll avoid the hordes of creatures in the forest.


Far away, in the open grassland, Tyrant of Western Chu and his 10-man team are killing monsters. He shouts out, then a golden hexagram glows and hovers over the edge of his sword. Sha sha! The Wild Wolf receives a combo of two slices and loses almost 300 HP. it makes me jealous looking at the special combo moves that Tyrant of Western Chu has, it’s both elegant and powerful, unlike himself.


Looking at my own skills, other than [Turmoil Sword], the rest of my skills are centered around healing and buffs. If I want a main attack move, then I need to create a new skill. Thankfully, it’s possible within this game. But, creating skills is no easy feat, if you don’t have enough experience or practice, you can’t create one. By my estimates, only 2 or 3 players in the entire game have made unique skills.


Whatever, money comes first. As long as I have an active and strong heart, this era belongs to me!…


I avoid Tyrant of Western Chu’s training group like the plague, and enter the eastern region of the Seven-Star Valley. Stepping on the soft moist grass, I have a slow walk in the jungle.Of course, I would like to be anywhere but there in the jungle where wolves could ambush me at every angle but I have be in the jungle to get the Seven-Star Herbs. Theres a saying for this, no danger means no gain. Before long, I see dots of lustre on top of the rocks that are in front of me. Awesome! So I race ahead, and indeed, on top of the rock is a seven-coloured herb,growing like grapes on a vine. It’s the level 3 Seven-Star Herb!


After picking countless amounts of Silver-Leaf Herbs, my [Herb-Picking] skill was already level 3. I take out my shovel, carefully trace along the roots of the Seven-Star Herb, and gently dig it out. This is a basic herb picking technique, in various books that I read before, they also say: “The sap of plants come from the roots”. A lot of medicine use roots as it’s ingredients, the same should probably be able to be applied to the Seven-Star Herbs in front of me, and..done!


After digging the herb out, a sound rings——




System Notification: Congratulations! You have collected 【Seven-Star Herb】x2


Indeed, if you pick up the herbs with the roots, you get double the amount. Looks like my magnificent plan to create level 3 pills is no longer so far away now!




While I still absorbed in the frenzy of uprooting the Seven-Star Herbs, I heard a low growl behind me. Grrrr! On instinct, I drop the shovel and spin around. Holy crap! A Wild Wolf was about 10 meters away and ready to pounce.


Raising my hand, I draw my Bramble Thorn Sword. [Turmoil Sword] immediately actives, giving me an extra 10% attack damage, which is currently +11.7 attack. When I level up later and get better gear, this 10% bonus attack damage will become more useful but it’s still quite an impressive skill right now.With such a great effect, [Turmoil Sword] deserves it’s rank of being an rank SS skill. The SS rank is inferior only to the SSS rank, so it should be a near God-Tier skill right?


I go and slash at the wolf. The Bramble Thorn Sword arcs through the air and lands on head of the Wild Wolf. Ouch!




Good attack! At the same time, the wolf jumps and also slashes at me with his claws. Weirdly, there’s some sort of red glow on the tip of its claws. Wait! It’s【Whirling Claws (LV-2)】 . Before I can finish my thought, the wolf’s claws reach my shoulder, gifting me with a wave of pain. I assure you that the pain was not fake, it felt like my shoulder just got hit by a brick. At the same time, my HP also dropped by 119 points!


I wave my hand to cast Hemostasis which recovers 100 of my HP. At the same time, I continue to attack, two continuous strikes. Although they both are solid hits, I don’t push on it and prepare my legs to dodge when the Wild Wolf attacks. After eating the two attacks, the wolf suddenly pounces. Should I dodge left, right, LEFT. But I didn’t dodge completely, even though I could have sworn that I dodged the attack, my speed was lacking and the hit glanced off me. I lost 71 HP, looks like this won’t be too hard as long as the wolf doesn’t use his skill too much.


Every time the wolf attacks, I leap away trying to dodge its attacks, but I fail time after time because of my lack of speed, and finally I give up trying to dodge. The Wild Wolf’s agility is high, far higher than mine, and even if I dodge earlier, I would still get hit because the wolf would see me shifting and change it’s attack accordingly. I’m not going to bother anymore, I’ll attack it straight on…




I hear the wolf cry Wuuu. A final howl before it drops dead beside me. I pick up the coins, and turn to leave, it was tough beating it, but I must move on, there’s money around here, I can smell it.


After picking quite a few Seven-Star Herbs, I realize that the Seven-Star Herbs only grow on rocks, so in the valley, I circle around the scattered rocks, trying to find stalks of Seven-Star Herbs. If my luck hold up, I shouldn’t run into Tyrant of Western Chu’s group.

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Gravity


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