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Zhan Long

Chapter 16- The Mortal Scroll

“What the hell? 20 Gold Coins?!” The Tyrant of Western Chu was obviously angry, but he done anything to me. It seems like he really wants this Silver Feathered Bird.


On the side, Run Quickly Little Pig whispers: “Ying brother (common name for friends in chinese), we must buy it, you said it before, if we want to stand at the top of Ba Huang City, we need to be one step ahead of others. Look, the number of people under us, our equipment and levels are quite impressive, but we don’t own a pet. This is the first pet to appear within Ba Huang City, so if we buy this Silver Feathered Bird, we would be the first ones to own a pet in Ba Huang City.”


The Western Tyrant gnashes his teeth, saying: “But…But 20 gold coins is too expensive, this guy is clearly trying to take advantage of us!”


Run Quickly Little Pig gave a small laughter: “Brother, with your position and status, do you really care about 20 Gold Coins? Hmpf, I’ll take care of this…”


Tyrant of Western Chu purses his lips and nods: “Mm.”




Piggy quickly spins around, looks towards me and smiles: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, we will accept your price, 20 Gold Coins, for this Silver Feathered Bird. But, give us 10 minutes to gather the money, as you know, everyone at most carries a few silver coins, and 20 Gold Coins is no small amount.”


I nod, “Alright, I’ll wait for 10 minutes, go!”




At the same time, my phone rings. Like before, it is forwarded into <<Destiny>>, looking at the number, it’s Wan Er’s…


“Li Xiao Yao. I’m hungry you know…”


“Currently I can’t leave the game, give me 10 minutes okay? I’ll come to the girl’s dorm in 10 minutes, wait for me, okay?”


“Hurry up!”


Ending the call, I continue waiting. Before the 10 minutes are up, Quickly Run Little Pig comes running back. We exchange goods, 20 Gold Coins for me, 1 Silver Feathered Bird for him. Waa, the dazzling sparkle that the Gold Coins give off is really gorgeous. Taking advantage of others whenever I can, damn, that was a vicious deal.


With the trade complete, I no longer have anything to do.




After the Tyrant of Western Chu got his pet, he wanted to kill me. But since, this is a city safe zone, no matter how little IQ he has it can’t be that low. So he glares at me with killing intent before picking up his sword and bitterly walking away. He’s probably going to level up his new Silver Feathered Bird pet, because a pet without levels is undoubtedly weak.


My situation is a lot easier. Before, there were plenty of Silver-Leafed Herbs in my bag for me to use, the only problem was that I had no Alchemy Furnace and thus no way of refining the herbs. But, now that I have money, I can buy as many Alchemy Furnaces as I want. Every Alchemy Furnace costs 20 copper, and every bottle of Refreshing Water costs 10 copper. I rush to get my Alchemy level up to level 3 before doing anything else. Level 2 potions can sell for 50 copper, so that’s a profit of 40 copper, but that amount of profit is nothing. Level 3 potions on the other hand can sell for 5 silvers at the NPC store, this is the way to earn money!


Remember that 1 Gold Coin = 100 Silver Coins = 10000 Copper Coins




Kneeling at a corner of the plaza, I used [Alchemy] 300 times, and finally, my bag is full of level 2 Silver-Leafed pills. At the same time, a “Ding” sound appears, after spending 120 pieces of silver coins, I finally reach level 3!




System Notification: Congratulations! Your Alchemy level has risen up to LV-3, and because you are the first LV-3 Alchemist, you receive a reward: Charm +1!

Another point in Charm, nice!


Even leveling up rewards you with charm, this is wonderful. Who knows how much Charm Lang Wan has, she would probably enter the game and have a message pop up:


System Notification: Congratulations! Because you are more beautiful than others with a 34D attractiveness, you receive a reward: Charm +5!……

If that happened then I would would definitely quit!






The surrounding sound immediately drops, and within the crowd, a young girl fiddling with her dagger suddenly stops, and glances towards me. Her look trigger a familiar melody, “Only because the crowd looks at you for a split second more, they will never forget your face. I can only dream if one day we can meet again, I will miss the loneliness…”




The young girl walks forward, awakening me from my musical world. She looks at me, with a strange glare, “You are quite strange, do you not want to do business? Are you really selling level 2 potions for 30 copper coins each?”


I focus my eyes and look up. Wow, this girl is quite the beauty, although her equipment are all white tiered, and the ups and downs of her body is very charming. Her dagger looks like a Black Iron, and her face is really beautiful, mm, it’s a minimal of 8 points, at the same time, there are words floating on top of her head, almost trying to say, “Do not anger her”… This is a rose with thorns———


ID: Yue Qin Qian [LV-19] Trainee Assassin



Level 19 assassin, she probably has no difficulty in killing the my level 16 healer that only has cloth armors. I can’t anger her, can’t anger her, I must improve my attitude!


A radiant smile appears on my handsome face, I lower my head to look at her and ask, “Yep, 30 copper coins per potion. How many would you like?”


Qing Qian smiles, “That’s good, I’ll take as many as you have!”


I look into my bag. I have a total of 300 bottles, but I need 50 for personal use, so I say, “I have a total of 250, do you really want them all?”


“Yes, give them all to me!”




I open the trade window, put in 250 bottles of potion, and Qing Qian also quickly puts in 75 silver coins, and says with a sweet smile, “Thank you!”


“You’re welcome!”


I turn around and prepare to leave, but she stops me, “Wait, where are you heading?”


I turn my head and ask, “Hm, why?”


Qing Qian tilts her head while looking at me, and smiles, “How about this, add me as a friend, and in the future if you have any high-leveled potions, tell me and I’ll buy them. I will always need them.”


I am a bit surprised, “You are an assassin, do you really need this many potions?”


“Oops, I forgot about self introductions. Actually, I am a manager level personnel from Prague Guild.  My Position is Deputy Chief Officer. Prague’s Guild, you’ve heard of it before right?”


I nod my head, “Mm, I’ve heard of it, in <<Conquest>> there’s also a guild called that, it was one of the top 10 guilds in the country.”


“Mm, that’s good. ” Qing Qian looks deeply at me, “If you created that many level 2 potions, your alchemy level must be level 3 right? Sooner or later, we will have a great need for level 3 potions, how about…how about you join our guild, and become our head alchemist? We…”


She smiles shyly, “We have a lot of benefits~”


I breathe deeply to fight against the temptation, “No thanks, I like running around solo, and I don’t like having restriction from guilds. Especially a big guild like yours, where I need to follow orders from above. I am a person who enjoys going around solo.”


Qing Qian pouts her mouth, with a regrettably-looking smile, “That’s fine, I won’t try and force you, since we are friends from now on. If you have anything you want from my guild, feel free to contact me!”


“Mm, thanks!”


“OK, then I’m off…” Qing Qian turns and walks a few steps, then suddenly turns around and whispers, “Xiao Yao, I will remember you, from now on we’re friends….”






I stand there with my heart pumping dangerously fast, and silently cursing myself for being useless, then I start to do my own things.


The Prague’s Guild, they certainly know what they’re doing, using such a beauty to draw people in. Who knows how many players were charmed and joined the Prague’s Guild. It must not be a small amount. Sadly, it is ineffective against me since these days I’ve been following the out-of-this-world beauties Ling Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue around. Because of that, my immune level against these powerful beauties have been greatly increased!


Looking at the time, 10 minutes has passed already! Crap, disconnect quickly!


As I flew towards the girl’s dorm, from far away, Ling Wan Er looks at me and stomps her feet, “Arg, Li Xiao Yao, you useless **** had us standing for 11 minutes!”


Dong Cheng Yue smiles lightly, “He must have had something busy in the game right? Or else he wouldn’t have let you stand around…”


I walk up and say, “Sorry I’m late, I was busy in the game!”


Lang Wan mocks, “Oh? You just reached level 10, what could you have been busy with? Were you trying to get a girlfriend by guiding level 1 girls around?”


I cough, “Oh you think too much. I was just creating some level 2 mana potions and doing business…”


“Creating potions?” Wan Er had her eyes wide open looking at me, “You finished the starting quests for being an Alchemist?”


“Ohh? What about it?” I look at the beautiful Miss, “Have you not finished it?”


Wan Er’s face became red, a rare expression, and doesn’t look at me anymore. Even my own heart wavers by this little girl’s behaviour. It would be great if she kept this face.


Cheng Yue teases her as well, “Wan Er wanted to become a pharmacist, but when answering the instructor’s questions, she answered all three of them wrong, so now she has to wait until tomorrow to try again…”


I tighten my face, since I’m afraid if I laugheout loud I would probably get killed by Wan Er.

War Er faintly glanced at me, “If you want to laugh then laugh, we wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself, would we?”

I wipe away some tears, “Nothing of that sort! I just thought that m’lady is so smart, the system must have been bugged for you to get the answers wrong….”


Ling Wan Er: “See, even he knows. Like I said, there must have been a bug…”


Cheng Yue says, “Ah…I feel like my IQ will get dropped by you two, let’s go and eat….”




With a table full of food, the three of us sit around it and eat.


“Li Xiao Yao, how are the monsters around Ba Huang City, is there anything special about them?” Wan Er looks at me, and adds another sentence, “Oh, I’m not talking about the monsters above level 15, only the ones under level 15, since I know you can’t possibly beat anything past level 15…”


My mouth twitched slightly, “…I’m already level 15…”


Cheng Yue’s mouth opened slightly, “Wow, your level is increasing pretty fast! You already reached level 15 after this short amount of time!”


I laugh a bit, “I haven’t been to the other cities, but I would guess it’s probably the same right? The special thing about Ba Huang City is the city badge, which is <Let the Blood Spill over Ba Huang>, attack and defense +3%.”


“Ah? There’s a city-wide buff?” Wan Er opened her attractive small mouth.


I was shocked, “Don’t tell me that you’ve haven’t went and gotten a city badge?”


“We really didn’t…”


I opened up my cellphone, searched around for a bit, and said, “Ah, Fan Shu’s city emblem, every player receives an undroppable <Mortal’s Scroll>. <Mortal’s Scroll>’s effect is absorbing your online time’s energy, converting it into EXP and gives it to the player. In other words, players from Fan Shu should be leveling up the quickest.”


Wan Er silently eats her rice, whining, “When we get back let’s get the <Mortal’s Scroll>. I’m so pissed. I was wondering why that barbaric knight that we just pk’ed had a floating scroll on his arm…”

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Gravity


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