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Zhan Long

Chapter 13- Grass Fruits

With the aid of the system help menu, I found the alchemist instructor to be located at a small forest, just outside of Ba Huang City.

With my Bramble Thorn Sword, I jogged to the location of the alchemist instructor, but when I got there, what should have been a small forest was only an empty field.

What’s going on here? I pulled up the online forum for <<Destiny>> and searched for posts regarding alchemy. Soon, I found a post that was tailored to my need –

[Question]: Where is the alchemist instructor? Why can’t I find him?

[Answer]: Motherfucker, I searched for the alchemist instructor for an entire morning and found out that the alchemist instructor isn’t at the place where the system guides you. Instead, the alchemist instructor is in the forest, outside to the northern gate of Ba Huang City. There are at least 11 spots where the instructor can be found and every 15 minutes the instructor goes to a different spot. Ridiculous!

So that’s why I couldn’t find him.

I went around to the small forest, and searched there. It took about 10 minutes before I finally found the instructor napping under a Ginkgo Tree. The name displayed on top of his head was [Alchemist Mi Fu].

I walked up to him and respectfully bowed, saying: “Hello there. I would like to become an Alchemist!”

But after I bowed, he didn’t reply to me. Trying to stay respectful, I decided to keep my eyes to the ground and keep bowing, after all, I didn’t want to displease the instructor. But after quite a while, he still didn’t reply, confused I looked up. What the hell? He left.

I had thoughts of quitting alchemy but reason won and so, I kept on searching for the instructor. After another 10 minutes, I found the alchemist under another tree. I walked up, this time with a bit of force, I said: “Hi. I would like to become an Alchemist!”

Mi Fu looked up and glanced at me before saying: “Kid, do you really want to become an alchemist?”


“Okay!” Mi Fu smiled: “In order to become a great alchemist, one must have a sharp mind. If you can correctly answer my three questions, I’ll give you a task. Only after you have completed the task will you be able to become a full-fledged alchemist.”

“Okay, please begin!”

Mi Fu’s smiled became even wider: “What kind of wheel can’t move around?” (The question is actually asking what kind of car can’t move around and the answer is a play on Chinese words which unfortunately can’t be expressed in English)

I paused, this was a riddle! After a few seconds, I got the answer: “A wind-mill”

“Correct. Next question, how can you use a single leaf to cover the entire sky?”

“Use the leaf to cover your eyes.”

“Last question, there’s a caterpillar and he wants to cross a river, but there is no bridge. How can he cross the river?”

This was a hard one. I thought about it for a full minute before tentatively answering: “He metamorphosis’s into a butterfly and flies across the river?”

“Yup, not bad…” Mi Fu finally sat up. Looking at me, he asked: “Do you really want to become an alchemist?”


“Alright!” Mi Fu took out a miniature shovel from his pocket and said: “Alchemists must be able to collect herbs by their own power. To the south-east, there’s a Grass Fruit Forest, go there and collect 10 Grass Fruits. If you can do this, I’ll let you become an Alchemist.”


Do you accept the quest – [Alchemist’s task]?

Of course, I accepted. The quest description matched what Mi Fu said, collect 10 Grass Fruits. This shouldn’t be too hard, but the only difficulty is that I don’t know what level the monsters are in the Fruit Forest.

With my miniature shovel, I left the alchemist instructor. After about 10 minutes, I arrived at Grass Fruit Forest. At the edge of the forest, countless butterflies flew up and down. It’s quite breathtaking.


I tightened my grip on my Bramble Thorn Sword, even though the forest looked peaceful, there might be extremely strong monsters in it. Right after entering the forest, a green Bat that was resting on a tree came flying at me.

[Blood Sucking Bat] (Normal Monster)

Level : 12

Attack: 55-62

Defense: 24

Health: 400

Skills: [Transfusion LV-1]

Description: A low level monster in <<Destiny>>. These Blood Sucking Bats are skilled in leeching away health. They often destroy nearby fields, making farmers and hunters very wary of them. In fact, many lives have ended at the hands of Blood Sucking Bats.

Looking at the clumsy actions of the Blood Sucking Bat, I couldn’t help but laugh. This is too easy!

I thrust my sword at the approaching Bat. It was simple yet effective. Puchi. I hit the abdomen of the Bat. Instantly the Bat, which was about the size of a small rubber ball, cried out in pain. My strike caused 97 points in damage.

Instead of backing away, the Bat flew into my chest, opened its Bloody mouth and bite my exposed shoulder. The Bat turned 50% of the damage into his own health –



I didn’t bother looking at the wound on my shoulder and instead, focused on slashing at the Bat. With a couple of hit, I ended the life of the Bat. After I killed the Bat, I gave myself a hemostasis and recovered 100 health. After dying, the Bat left behind 2 items, one of them was 5 copper coins and the other was a dark green card. After I picked it up, I was shocked –

[Blood Sucking Bat Illustrations] – Illustration type item. After finding the Illustration of a monster, a player can tame a monster to become a pet.

“A pet?”

I was shocked. Even though I knew that there are 3 slots for pets for each player, of the thousands of players that I passed since arriving at Ba Huang City, I hadn’t seen anyone with a pet.

Well, might as well use it. Shua, the [Blood Sucking Bat Illustration] was transferred to my Illustration Book. After opening my Illustration Book I was able to understand the process in taming a monster. What I had to do was find a level 1 monster that I had the Illustrations to and use some Sealing Cards to tame it. The chances for sealing varied with each monster and only level 1 monsters could be tamed.

Right now, I don’t have any Sealing Cards so there was no point in trying to find a level 1 Blood Sucking Bat. So I continued forward. After a few steps, I found what I was looking for. In front of me were some light green shrubs, they were the level 1 herb, Grass Fruit!

Each stalk had quite a few fruits but when I tried to pick the fruits, they wouldn’t come off, so I took out my shovel and carefully dug the entire stalk out of the ground. When I finished digging and pulled out the Grass Fruit Stalk,


System notice: Congratulations, you have collected [Grass Fruit] * 1!

With renewed vigor, I looking for other stalks of Grass Fruit, luckily there was one right beside me. In a couple of moments, I had 2 Grass Fruit Stalks tucked in my inventory.

With my Bramble Thorn Sword, I continued forward. Soon, I encountered more Blood Sucking Bats. A few meters in front of me were 2 Blood Sucking Bats. Looks like I’ll have to 1v2…

My lips curled into mocking smile, it’s time to fight!


My bare foot slid across the grass. Raising my sword, I slashed at the closest Bat with my entire strength. Peng. It was a critical strike! A 178 floated above my strike. After the Blood Sucking Bat took the hit, its body flew backwards. At the same time, I noticed that, in <<Destiny>>, once a hit lands, the opponent falls backwards or tenses up for a slight moment which affects the counterstrike used by the opponent, at least that was the case for these Blood Sucking Bats. Anyways, this momentary pause gave me a chance to land another hit on the Blood Sucking Bat before the Bat could even react to the first strike.



Taking advantage of the slight pause in the Bat after landing the second hit, I slashed at the Bat from below. As a result, the counter attack that should have happened after the first hit and had been delayed to after the second hit was now delayed to after the third which killed the Bat. Bramble Thorn Sword’s attack speed was quite slow. It took about 1.5 seconds to perform a normal attack, but with the lag between my attacks and the counterattacks of the Bat and my impressive damage, I was able to kill the Bat without taking a single hit…


While fighting the second Bat, I began thinking, for the first Bat I attacked, I started off with a critical strike which caused a slight pause in the Bat, hit the Bat again which postponed the counterattack once again and finally before the Bat’s counter strike could connect with me, I finished it off. Is that… a combo? Wait, since I devised it myself, could this be what legendary use – a compiled combo?


Hmph, things are about to get interesting.



Soon, I had collected 9 stalks of Grass Fruit, and when I dug up the 10th stalk of Grass Fruit, a familiar sound rang out beside my ear.



System Notification – You have learned the skill – [Herb Collection]!


In nearly every game that I have ever played, [Herb Collection] is a skill essential to Alchemists and Pharmacists. I couldn’t believe my luck. To have gotten such an important skill this quickly, great! Compared to my [Turmoil Sword], [Herb Collection] didn’t take long to learn at all. The main difference between Pharmacists and Alchemists was that Pharmacists specialized in making health potions while Alchemists specialized in making mana pills. Even though the products of the two professions are quite different, they are both professions that guaranteed a huge income. At least I hope that’s the case.


From my observations, I realized that every time a player raised their level, they would get a 10 point boost in mana. But the skills that the player uses would also become stronger and take up more mana. For example, my Hemostasis took 5 mana at level 1 and would take 50 mana at level 10. But this is only a low level ability, for players who get to level 50, a high tier skill at level 1 would use up 20 mana and 200 mana at level 10. A swordsmen who only puts all of his stat points in Strength and not Spiritual Power would only have 550 mana to use at level 50. Once he uses a couple skills, he would be out of mana. If he doesn’t use any mana pills then he’d be stuck using basic attacks. This meant that the need for mana pills was limitless, as long as there were people playing, there would be a need for mana pills.


My goals to making money are quite simple, first of all, I need to give money to my sister for her college fees and secondly, I need money to rebuild the Zhan Long team in <<Destiny>>.  All I have in my savings is 8000+ RMB or 1300 USD. A single headset for <<Destiny>> costs 10,000 RMB, which is why I desperately need to find a method to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.


Alright, Alchemy, my first step to riches. Even if my overall level becomes low, I won’t hesitate to spend time on Alchemy’s level.



After returning to the small forest, I found the alchemy instructor Mi Fu and gave him the 10 stalks of Grass Fruit.


“Oho, young man, as expected, you completed this tough task. From now on, you are one of the smart and courageous Alchemists. You will go to the extremes of Earth, explore places that have never been seen by the human eyes in order to find the rarest herbs and create the most precious pills…”


Mi Fu patted my shoulder. With his hand came a beam of light. After the beam of light disappeared, the title of “Trainee Alchemist” appeared under my name. In addition, I learned a new skill – Alchemy! My hard work was not in vain!



Mi Fu looked at me and continued: “Now, you are an Alchemist, but… hmm, young man, since you’re an adventurer of Ba Huang City, why didn’t you go to city’s lord to receive your city emblem?”


“City Emblem?” I had never heard of that before.


“Hmph, you really aren’t the brightest, are you?” Mi Fu patted his forehead, as if it was hurting: “As an adventurer of Ba Huang City, you should go to the lord’s building, find the city’s lord and become recognized as an adventurer of Ba Huang City. The lord might even give you a gift…”




I ran back to the City, leaving Mi Fu alone under the Gingko tree. What the heck? The system help never told me about this! Looking through the help menus and forums there weren’t any posts about the emblem and gift either! I’m guessing not many player in Ba Huang City know about this either.

Author: Shi Luo Ye
TL: Gravity


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